I can't get my linux system to run properly

I chose to use opensuse tw kde based on some vm tests. The installation was easy but for some reason the video playback on youtube is terrible. It stutters. First thing I did after install was to use opi to install codecs. Then I used Yast to get the Nvidia repo. Lastly, I used the software manager to install the video g06...

recommendations for lightweight window managers for an old netbook

Hi, I’ve got an old netbook from Samsung that has an old Intel Atom CPU (Intel Atom N455 1.66 GHz). I installed Arch on it and am now thinking of a suitable window manager. I tried Hyprland (kinda expecting it to not work really) whick didn’t start at all. Before I had Debian with Gnome, which technically worked, but...

Does this exist anywhere?

It’s there a site or resource where, as a Canadian, I can pay an American to buy something for me and ship it to me? I know there are lots of international shipping resources, but the item I want isn’t sold online, so I would need someone to physically purchase it before shipping it to me. Sorry if this is a stupid question!

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