garssa85, to programming

what rules do you use to name your functions in javascript, python or php? that's the way I use it ;-)

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so, I learned that can not only get your posts, even if you blocked them (via different servers that didn't and that store your posts cus people there may follow you or interact with you), they can also monetize those posts by showing ads next to them. Thus making money off of you. Put that together with all the genocidal and fascist and other harmful activity. It makes me think that the of the has begun. The cycles seem to move faster and faster. I love it here and I've had many elightening convos and beautiful connections. Today I read that 41% of servers have blocked threads. Maybe there is still hope.
Esp. the neurodivergent community on here is the best I've ever experienced.

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The good solution is a total defederation of the fediverse. It's letting threads be its own bubble. It's highly unlikely that it will happen. The other answer could be to break the fediverse in two with on one side the federated and threads in one bubble and the defederered in another.

@actuallyautistic @ophiocephalic

tchauhan, avatar

@samid @actuallyautistic @kissane That was very informative, thank you.

Susan60, to actuallyautistic avatar

Thought. I have always run warm. I do feel the cold, but not as much as most people. I hate (detest?) overheated department stores. This got worse with the onset of perimenopause, & I was unable to wear jumpers for years, because I couldn’t get them off quickly enough during hot flushes, which threatened spontaneous combustion. This settled somewhat after finally going on HRT.

I’ve noticed a change since going on ADHD meds. I now wear winter pjs on a “cool” summers night, & a nightie on warmer ones & am more likely to don a jacket of an evening.

I’m wondering whether this is a consequence of the meds, & overheating is related to ADHD. #ADHD #ActuallyAutistic @actuallyautistic #Menopause #HotFlushes #WomensHealth

KitMuse, avatar

@Susan60 @actuallyautistic Interesting. I always blamed my bad temperature regulation on my fibromyalgia, but my hands and feet are cold and within the past few years, if my hands get cold doing farm chores, then they HURT SO BADLY like stabby hurt. I keep the heat down and especially in my office cabin, on days like today (45ish) if I get cool and stay cool then I get stomach aches. I can't do heat at all anymore, but too cold is not good either. I'm like an M class planet, I guess.

PixysJourney, avatar

Before I got fibro, I was always warm. Except for hands, feet and lips in winter as I have Raynauds.
But since the fibro I do feel the cold sooner and find it harder to warm up. Still, 18 degrees in winter (in the home) I wear a sweater, 18 degrees in summer, I wear a t-shirt.
Haven't been on adhd meds very long so don't know yet if they will make a difference in winter and summer. 😊

DaniES, to random avatar

Had a nightmare today that I got fired. Not cool.


@DaniES yo he soñado que tenia 8 horas de reuniones por dia a la semana por alguna razon

DaniES, avatar

@gabboman Prefiero que me despidan, la verdad.

Olcia95, to random Polish avatar

W tym roku było wiele, ale „Fizyka smutku” w czołówce. Gospodinov bierze znany mit i robi z nim co chce, wykorzystuje go do rozmyślań o dzieciństwie, samotności, wojnie. Dekonstrukcja, zobaczenia mitu od innej strony, zobaczenie go w innych realiach.
Właśnie, wojna, to jak o niej pisze jest jednym z najlepszych i najbardziej poruszających wątków o wojnie.

Sięga do filozofii, innych pisarzy, historii, tradycji, języka. Podziwiam intelekt i wiedze Pana Gospodinov.

Tłumaczka, Małgorzata Pytlak zrobiła cudowną robotę.

Na koniec garść cytatów

  • „ Płacz wymaga powietrza, płacz jest długim dźwięcznym wydychaniem strachu”
  • „Mój ojciec jest wegetarianinem i weterynarzem. Po prostu nie zjada swoich pacjentów”
  • „Odfiletowal je, wycięli mu pytające żądło”
  • „Śmierć przychodzi, kiedy to coś przestaje na nas patrzeć, odwróci od nas twarz”
  • „Mogę powiedzieć i tak- śmierć była moim pierwszym elementarze. Martwi nauczyli mnie czytać”
  • „Ja jestem książkami”
Olcia95, avatar

@emill1984 @ksiazki Dzięki, będę ja zawsze zapomnę xD
Chyba muszę najpierw oznaczać, a potem pisać treść

emill1984, avatar

@Olcia95 nie wiem dokladnie jak w aplikacjach mobilnych, ale wersja przegladarkowa ma opcje usun i przeredaguj (zwykla edycja moze nie zadzialac, to znaczy bot grupy nie podbije takiego wpisu) - ale jak klikniesz usun i przeredaguj to bedziesz miala cala wczesniejsza tresc zachowana, dodasz tylko tagi i gotowe ;)


theautisticcoach, to actuallyautistic avatar

A holiday tip for my comrades

You’re allowed to spend time by yourself in another room during family events.

You’re allowed to self regulate.

There is no shame in this.


Urban_Hermit, avatar

@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic
Also, you are allowed to let the time you leave be indefinite, and then leave early.

lightninhopkins, avatar

@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic for sure. Find a chill space. I do that shit all the time. You are loved always. Take a break whenever.

theautisticcoach, to actuallyautistic avatar

When adults begin their journey of unmasking and honoring their autistic selves there will often by those pushing back and trying to keep us down.

Don’t let them. Keep going.


daedalousilios, avatar

@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic This very thing ruined one of my relationships when I learned that I was autistic. I made every effort to salvage it, but it was very clear that they didn't like the change in my behavior. I am fortunate that I had the wisdom to know that it was not me who ruined the relationship, but their inability to see that I am still me, only that I am now a more authentic me. It hurt greatly to let them go, but I knew in my core that it had to be done.

It will hurt to face this kind of opposition from people that were your friends, but being true to yourself is worth it. I promise you, it's worth it!

GreenRoc, avatar

@theautisticcoach I am definatly happier being my genuine autistic self.

I definitely lost friendships, and whole communities, because they refused to accept my genuine autistic self. I cried myself to sleep many nights, having many nightmares as a result of their defiance, and the loss... but I am, overall, happier.

I gained friendships afterwards, who like me as I am.

Please be yourself.
Be kind to yourself.
Keep going.
Road is rough but I feel better overall, everyday.

g_agung, to random avatar

Novel: The Ocean Tells A Story (#1) By Leila S Chudori

"Dad, Mom, Asmara, Anjani, and friends... listen to my story..."

JonathanMBR, to random avatar

I really don't understand Abiy Ahmed, he is unpredictable and doesn't have his own stand, FANO was helping his fight against TPLF and today he is fighting against FANO.
We’re Still Breathing: Amhara Genocide In Ethiopia – OpEd – Eurasia Review

testing, avatar

it's the classical kautilyan way > see

emdiplomacy, to historikerinnen avatar

You always wondered, how -negotiations looked like? The highly recommends ’s Westphalia! It almost certainly must have taken place like this 😉 (20/24)

@histodons @historikerinnen

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eeyam, to random avatar

One of the worst comments I hate is that “people shouldn’t test for Covid so they could still go to work.”

These thinking literally can kill people.. 😒

cydonian, to random avatar

My Son: Natarāja with South East Asian characteristics lies next to bombshells from 1969. Huge craters lie next to where the ancient Champa kingdom - that ruled these parts from 8-14th centuries - built vast temple complexes comprising of Sivālayas and much more.

But the forest, the temples and bombed craters are all protected by UNESCO, and are being restored with an international team consisting of archeologists from India & Vietnam and funding from Germany and Netherlands.


agenderfox, to random avatar

wait, how did Jake go from like 4 years old to 12 in only 3 years???

also I can no longer watch the opening of without hearing Ransom saying "just circle around and pretend we're in awe of the pylons"

agenderfox, avatar

the first thing I do when I get a new phone is turn off audio and haptic feedback ... the scene where O'Brien is trying to move the space station made me realize that would be hell for me @actuallyautistic

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, to gaming avatar

I literally just opened Geometry Dash and was met with a terms of service pop up.
"…Why are they showing me this? Did my data get wiped or something?"
And then I see the Tower and realize that 2.2 just released.

Glad to finally see it here. Played through Dash (which is really easy for an insane imo, beat it much more quickly than usual), and it was mostly great! Only issue is that I REALLY don't like the swing copter. It's not fun to use at all.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, avatar

Can't say I'm great at it either. Honestly, platformer game type is a weird concept for Geometry dash, but I don't mind it. The way different game modes are incorporated into it is really fun though

sour, avatar


theorytoe, to random avatar

I post so much cringe I should be banned from the internet

Sabata11792, avatar

It's containment. We can't leak out to the real world.

theorytoe, avatar

@Sabata11792 give this man a true

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