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What's the deal with "keen sense of justice"? I am not sure what it's called in English, but I keep reading that it's an autism thing and I definitely have been accused of an "exaggerated" sense of justice or having too much of it. Why do we have that?

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@FrightenedRat @punishmenthurts @Vincarsi @snoopy_jay @HaelusNovak @actuallyautistic Reminds me of Banfield's The Moral Basis of a Backward Society:

I've lived in a society like that and it was so miserable and hopeless. They also saw every interaction as zero sum, which was mindbogglingly frustrating.

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@FrightenedRat @punishmenthurts @Vincarsi @HaelusNovak @actuallyautistic
While I remember how horrible it was for me as a kid that everyone around me told me the rules were meant to be broken and I'd just have to keep quiet about it, I also wonder how much of my question got lost in translation. The German term I keep reading is "Gerechtigkeitssinn". This doesn't necessarily mean adhering to current laws, it can also mean to find current laws and rules to be unjust.

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Morning Mastodonians!

Here we are, trying to make do on a rainy Monday morning. I had a pretty good weekend. Nothing super special, but got plenty done, including finally buying a Christmas tree. It's a little short but very well-shaped. We'll decorate tonight. I did not, however, get my big project even started - cleaning out the garage. I really need to do it before the snow flies, but there's no sign of it in the 10 day, so I'm safe.

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@stevewfolds @bookstodon at least when you read it back then, you probably thought "at least it couldn't happen here". Today, it is terrifyingly easy to imagine

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@actuallyautistic When I put on my profiles that I am , it is not to boast or get attention. It's a way of reminding myself that I'm different and telling others that's why I may seem strange to them. In no way does it mean I'm going to change anything about myself.

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@bughuntercat @actuallyautistic Very well said! I use the hashtags so that I can be a member, and participate in, the autistic community.

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@bughuntercat @actuallyautistic For me, it also means that I'll do my best to make Autistic people safe with me. And it means that if someone sees themself in me, they may also be Autistic, and that's not only okay, it'll help them make sense of their life.

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Fascinating piece on Masdar City as a failed urban experiment as no one wants to live there

In though and behind a - DM me if you want a PDF copy

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He estado probando a jugar por la calle a los juegos en nube de xbox en XBPlay, una app de terceros para android de pago, y esto es perfectamente jugable. Y a cerca de 60 fps. Entiendo que con 5G ya podrás en mayor resolución y tal, pero esto es la hostia. El vídeo es de Jusqnt, un escalar & sentir game que pinta rebonito.

Vídeo del moñeco escalando, nibes bonitas de fondo, piedras y restos de civilización abandonadas a este lado.

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@gabboman otro por aquí que odia a @Paroxia por gastarse 11€ no previstos esta mañana

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@gabboman 🤦😂😂😂

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@gabboman World War 1 (colorized)

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More buds on the winter clematis. Don't think they bloom until January, & I really can't wait. @gardening

Another view of buds.
A third group of buds.

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@dvdhaven @gardening clematis napaulensis. The flowers are small but really beautiful.

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Here's my choir, @chronosvocalensemble, performing "Only in Sleep" with some Sara Teasdale text set by Eriks Esenvalds.

Teasdale was known to be a lonely person, and this wonderful setting of her text is sublime.

I'm fourth from the left in the back row.

"Time is forgotten."



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@chad @chronosvocalensemble @classicalmusic

Beautiful. And so good to see you all masked too.

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For those of my comrades who don't recognize themselves as being in Autistic Burnout -

Is it possible that you actually may be masking your Burnout?


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@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic clearly I was masking it and when realized I get sooo much worst despite everything I quit to rest.

CynAq, avatar

@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic I certainly have in the past, but what I’m doing right now is more like denying it.

My circumstances don’t require me to mask anything these days but I’m having a hard time acknowledging that the lack of energy and motivation I’m experiencing is due to autistic burnout.

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Carl Nielsen - The Concertos

  1. Violin Concerto
  2. Flute Concerto
  3. Clarinet Concerto

Danish National Symphonie Orchestra
Fabio Luisi

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@folfdk @Boerps @classicalmusic True, that! We know from Nielsen's Wind Quintet that he wrote great music for those instruments!

Boerps, avatar

@folfdk @classicalmusic
Wait, may bei, he ist not ready yet.

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Christmas also means having to think about the right outfit for job Christmas parties, pre-Christmas get-togethers with friends and celebrations with the family - the Christmas jumper is not always appreciated everywhere. Also had to think about how to dress themselves. (1/3)

@histodons @historikerinnen

emdiplomacy, avatar

Whereas in the era there was no fixed official dress for , but rather their clothing depended on contemporary fashion & the respective ceremonial, uniforms were introduced around 1800, first in France in 1781.

" uniforms generally followed 19th century court fashion and usually included a tailcoat with standing collar, breeches or pantaloons, a sword and a two-cornered plumed hat ("bicorne").” (2/3)

@histodons @historikerinnen

emdiplomacy, avatar


The bicorne had been part of military officers' uniforms since the 1790s. With the introduction of uniforms also in civilian areas, the bicorne was probably adopted and is still part of the gala uniform of in some countries, - including women.

So we see that hats were central to () , before the introduction of uniforms as part of fashion, then as an integral part of the dress code, in which a little of the period lives on until today. (3/3)

@histodons @historikerinnen

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"Polak natomiast swą polskość realizować może tylko w opresji, ciemiężonym będąc i gdy polskości mu się odmawia. Bez zewnętrznych zagrożeń bowiem gnuśnym się staje i na pośmiewisko innych narodów jest wystawion, ku uciesze tychże".

(Philippe Beauvois "Narodów Wschodu opisanie i tychże klasyfikacja humoralna ", XVIII wiek).


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@bartoszpopadiak @htkszt @ksiazki to, albo Tuwimem też trochę zajeżdża!

bartoszpopadiak, avatar

@kasika @htkszt @ksiazki no to fajniutko że budzi takie skojarzenia ^ ^

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porridge for breakfast
version 2.1
with oatmilk

#DailyHaikuPrompt - porridge



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@MarjoleinRotsteeg @dailyhaikuprompt @poetry

Porridge? It's just slime!
I'm afraid I will be old
And I can't say: NEIN!

The First in the Bible of Disgust


P.S. Don't take me seriously. It's a free world. You can enjoy what you want ;-)

And it's bed time downunder. Good night!

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@MarjoleinRotsteeg @dailyhaikuprompt @poetry I've just sent my second recipe today - version 2.1😉

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I feel like I'm really getting into autistic spaces in the past couple of months. It feels very different from the past couple of years, not to say the rest of my life.

Being able to express my feelings without constantly being told they're invalid is a completely new concept for me. Relating to people and them relating to me.

Not sure what to make of it rn but I kinda like it. I don't fully trust it yet but I try to.

Anyone else?

waiting, avatar

@haui @actuallyautistic How about we nurture each person in their spot on the neurological spectrum? Each of us has the capacity to contribute when, how, and to what extent we can. Just a soft old teacher’s perspective.

undefined_variable, avatar

@haui @actuallyautistic I had that initially when I started to search for autistic peer support and such after my diagnosis. But lately I've dropped out of from those places online. Just started to find them dispiriting and exhausting. I do go to a meatspace peer support group still, I find that still gives me something.

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