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They don’t have those remotes at HyVee. Only BB&B

@JoMiran@lemmy.ml avatar

Can you pick one of those remotes up for me too?


I see that your wife and my wife have the same remote on their wishlists


This is super wholesome and I am here for it.


Liptons Chicken Noodle, extra noodles. 2 packages for one serving. My mouth is watering.


Gimme that sodium packet 🤤


Hold the extra noodles, but that’s the real MVP. Sustained me for a week when I got COVID two years ago.


What’s y’all’s favorite sick soup? I’ve been using Nongshim Shin Black ramen. The spice kicks it up a notch and helps clear out the airways.


We are much more basic. Always have a box of Lipton chicken noodle on hand for when a bug hits.


Nongshim Kimchi ramen. Shew-ee


Relevant XKCD


Spaghetti and mac and cheese are terrible sick foods.


The best sick foods are whatever you can stomach

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Mac & Cheese doesn’t really fit that bill right? It’s carbs, salt and fat. A desert in terms of nutritional value. Barely any vitamins or fibres. Though I do agree with the “anything you can stomach”. I’m also ill and a few days ago I barely ate anything. I just wasn’t hungry and couldn’t really get any food inside. But I did have a huge craving for sweet stuff, so I ate absolutely abysmally but it was better than nothing.


Hell yeah


cough drops generally barely work for me and make my mouth feel and taste disgusting. sore throat numbing spray is where it’s at


My colleague gave me one of hers this week. She told me they were the good stuff. They were so strong I wasn’t sure which was worse: the cough drop or the sore throat. Checked them out at the store today and they have 20mg menthol! The ones we call “the good stuff” only have 7.5mg.


I hate the menthol ones, but the ricola herb drops are the shit. Obviously they aren’t going to numb you up as hard as the menthol ones, but they feel helpful without being overpower.


46 oz. Beecher’s “World’s Best” Mac & Cheese

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