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it’s Kremlin propaganda. Is China behind all of this?

The well-known Kremlin outlet the New York Times. Nothing but Putin talking points from them.

Yazidis, led by Nobel winner, sue French cement maker over ISIS support (

Lafarge pleaded guilty in U.S. court in October last year to a charge that it made payments to groups designated as terrorists by the United States, including Islamic State, so the company could keep operating in Syria. Lafarge, which became part of Swiss-listed Holcim (HOLN.S) in 2015, agreed to pay $778 million in forfeiture...

Revealed: more than 160 representatives with climate-denying track records got Cop28 access (

The World Health Organization prohibits tobacco companies and lobbyists from attending its summits, yet the UNFCCC (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) has no conflict of interest policy allowing organizers to ban bad-faith actors from registering as observers....

US police agencies took intelligence directly from IDF, leaked files show (

On the scope of the latest revelations, German said: “At a time where there’s much more public sensitivity to foreign influence in domestic affairs, having a foreign country’s security services aligned with the beat cop on the streets of American neighborhoods is concerning.”

The Indigo 11 and Toronto Police’s dubious hate crime narrative (

Contrary to some of the coverage, the Indigo 11 have not been charged with anything hate-related. The Criminal Code does contain certain hate-specific provisions, including prohibitions on the communication of “hate propaganda.” The Code also specifically prohibits hate-motivated mischief, but the provision only applies to...

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