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Is Ubuntu deserving the hate? (

Long story short, I have a desktop with Fedora, lovely, fast, sleek and surprisingly reliable for a near rolling distro (it failed me only once back around Fedora 34 or something where it nuked Grub). Tried to install on a 2012 i7 MacBook Air… what a slog!!! Surprisingly Ubuntu runs very smooth on it. I have been bothering all...

Follow-up for surround sound config.

well it’s less about surround and more about sinks in general. I have 3 hardware sinks. My headphones, my monitor and my mic for some reason has a headphone jack. When I pick the virtual surround sink as default it works perfectly. However the device I’m hearing the sounds from is uncontrollable. It likes to choose my...

Any Advice? Ubuntu on Panasonic Toughbook. (

Hi everyone, Linux noob. I am installing Ubuntu on a Panasonic Toughbook CF-33. I was wondering if anyone had advice regarding drivers as the toughbooks have quite a few I/O ports, dual cameras, cellular antennas, and attached keyboard etc. Any advice is appreciated or even resources on where I could go to learn more about...

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