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I hope to fucking god this isn’t a spoilery headline and I will be pissed as fuck if it is.

Honestly cannoth fathom a way that this is not a spoilery ruiny headline and I really hate that I’ve read it and that you posted it.

Post this in an Ala Wake 2 community not in a general gaming community.


how did the headline spoil anything

@bogdugg@sh.itjust.works avatar

Doesn’t really seem spoilery to me at all. Alan Wake - and Remedy in general - is very into surreal weirdness and world fuckery. He’s mostly talking about audiences being receptive to pushing creative boundaries.


Who spat in your everything bagel?


I actually just watched the first half of this movie for the first time tonight. Had to pause it to let my dog out and now go to bed. Not sure about finishing it. That’s just me.


That movie is such a rollercoaster you owe it to yourself to finish. It’s just an accelerating spiral of weirdness.

@ivanafterall@kbin.social avatar

It takes a solid 45 minutes before it even begins to get rolling, and by the end it's absolute pandemonium. It's wonderful.


Two words: Chekov’s Buttplug

You’re missing out. It’s a slow boil, but then it kicks into gear. Not too mention that everything else at the beginning makes sense and has callbacks. It’s such a thrilling ride!

@MudMan@kbin.social avatar

Honestly, it's fine. If the humor doesn't click with you it could be a struggle.

It didn't click with me, either. I think it's fine, but it's a weird one to have been the mainstream hit that it was.


Big waste of oscars that one.

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