Empower Your Vision: Fictive Studios - Leading App Developers in Houston

Fictive Studios: Your Premier Destination for App Development Excellence in Houston. With a Passion for Innovation and a Commitment to Quality, We Craft Bespoke Mobile Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs. Our Team of Expert App Developers in Houston Excels in Creating Cutting-Edge Applications That Elevate Your Brand...

Does "Rock music is evil / of the devil" have racist roots?

As a Christian most of the circles I’m around are pretty chill…no stone-cold fundamentalists. But I have been around people (and even had family members) who are 100% convinced that rock music is evil and will lead people to engage in witchcraft and draw pentagrams all over their home....

Question for legal folks: Travel based abortion restrictions

Texas and I believe a few other states have passed anti-abortion laws that attempt to cover people leaving their states to seek safe and legal abortions. The ones I’m familiar with (as I recall) applied to things like traveling on state-owned roads to seek an abortion out of state....

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