recommendations for lightweight window managers for an old netbook

Hi, I’ve got an old netbook from Samsung that has an old Intel Atom CPU (Intel Atom N455 1.66 GHz). I installed Arch on it and am now thinking of a suitable window manager. I tried Hyprland (kinda expecting it to not work really) whick didn’t start at all. Before I had Debian with Gnome, which technically worked, but...

Is it possible to flash a new OS onto an old iPad 2?

I bought an old iPad2 for the purpose of viewing a Home Assistant dashboard via a web browser. My thinking was that the ability to browse the web was the sole requirement for a tablet for this purpose, but I was wrong: Home Assistant’s web pages apparently require a newer version of javascript than iOS 9.3.5 can handle, but...

I can't get my linux system to run properly

I chose to use opensuse tw kde based on some vm tests. The installation was easy but for some reason the video playback on youtube is terrible. It stutters. First thing I did after install was to use opi to install codecs. Then I used Yast to get the Nvidia repo. Lastly, I used the software manager to install the video g06...

Titles like "This game mix [game] and [another game] to give a [appreciation words] challenge" are really getting that annoying?

To me, honestly, no much. I can see the SEO efforts: if you have to talk about a game called “suckass” probably… very few people will click on the title. But when they put [GTA] and [BALDUR’s GATE] for a generic fantasy game where you steal stuff, you can see the magazine publisher is that hungry for click....

Does this exist anywhere?

It’s there a site or resource where, as a Canadian, I can pay an American to buy something for me and ship it to me? I know there are lots of international shipping resources, but the item I want isn’t sold online, so I would need someone to physically purchase it before shipping it to me. Sorry if this is a stupid question!

How often do you use "AI" to reply to your messages, if at all?

The recent chat bot advances have pretty much changed my life. I used to get anxiety by receiving mails and IMs, sometimes even from friends. I lost friendships over not replying. My main issue being that I am sometimes get completely stuck in a loop of how to formulate things in the best way to the point of just abandoning the...

Looking for Linux SFF PC Post

Apologies if this isn’t the correct forum. A couple of days back, maybe a week, someone made a post asking if a certain pre-built SFF PC would run Linux. Several people responded that they run that same PC and that it works great. I’m planning to build a PC for my mother and this would be perfect for her needs. However, I...

Has a date, or ETA been announced, or rumored for the release of Lemmy 0.19?

I hope that this post doesn’t come across as impatient, or demanding – I fully understand that Lemmy is donation funded, and is created out of the benevolence of the devs. I am merely curious if any announcement has been made in regards to a specific ETA. I am certainly excited for its release, but I also completely...

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