Hospital Mural by Queens Artist Zeehan Wazed Unveiled - Queens Ledger (queensledger.com)

By Celia Bernhardt | [email protected] A new mural featuring soft colors and detailed flowers stretches along the main atrium of NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens. The mural was designed by artist Zeehan Wazed, and brought to life through a community painting party in the hospital. Wazed developed the design with the help...

Saudi Arabia Is Trying to Block a Global Deal to End Fossil Fuels, Negotiators Say (www.nytimes.com)

The Saudi delegation has flatly opposed any language in a deal that would even mention fossil fuels — the oil, gas and coal that, when burned, create emissions that are dangerously heating the planet. Saudi negotiators have also objected to a provision, endorsed by at least 118 countries, aimed at tripling global renewable...

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