Hope that the behavior is enum and indexed. …and that the table doesn’t have to many columns …and there aren’t many nice people …god damn it just select only what you need and use limit


This actually gave me an idea. Over break I wanted to practice dB design and entity framework. Designing a database and interface for santa to track kids naughty or nice could be a fun/interesting way of doing it.


But is naught/nice a binary value?


I think you would have a table of “activities” with a value of how good/bad each is. So like cleaning your room would be +5 but crying in a store because mommy wouldn’t buy you a toy would be - 15. Then you have a table for children and each child starts with 0 in January and then for each activity the child does there naughty/nice value gers adjusted. December 24 Santa runs a query on the dB and gets a list of every child with a positive value.

Keep in mind I currently feel sick and put about 5 minutes of thought into thus.


Actually I think there should be a intermediary table as a history of activities of each child. Like child table is I’d, name, age, address, and naughty/nice value, activities would be Id, description, and good/bad value. Then a history table of ID, child_id, activity_id. So santa can recalculate a child’s naughty/nice value to “check it twice”

@sawdustprophet@midwest.social avatar

This is starting to sound like The Good Place with extra steps…


Just FYI, LinqPad is a really neat tool for messing around with EFCore. I use it all the time for testing ideas or doing quick tasks that I don’t want to spin up a new project for.


Good way to get yourself on an FBI tracker too.


What if the ignorances of the plenty curled up within the masses. But if the time was taken to count, in the end all that is forced will become infinity.

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Santa’s clause will bring the DB down


the sheer longevity of some xkcd comic in-jokes is really impressive.

edit: this one is over 15 years old (xkcd 327 - ‘Exploits of a Mom’ - 10/10/2007)


A true holiday classic

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