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barista OP Admin ,

Good question! By and large, some of the following would count as a "strike":

  • Poor moderation

  • Excessive spam

  • Most importantly: Making non-backwards compatible changes to the ActivityPub specification that may lead to the classic "Embrace, extend, extinguish" situation

  • Probably more...

Kbin Cafe Official Mastodon Account

I've created an official Kbin Cafe Mastodon account, for cases of slower federation, server migrations and other redundancy. Later today, I'll sort out links on the homepage so we can verify ourselves. For now, if you've been enjoying your time here or want to keep updated, give us a follow at

barista OP Admin ,

I've been trying to optimize for the potential influx of people moving off of Reddit in the coming days, and this was one of the steps I took. I doubt Cloudflare will remain permanent, especially with the above concerns in mind.

When I moved us, I also updated our Privacy Policy detailing the use of Cloudflare.

Either way, I haven't seen any underlying federation issues, just slowness in receiving all activity on a post, which has been a hallmark of a lot of servers lately with the Lemmy 0.18 bug and queues being inundated.

I'll continue to keep an eye on the situation and adjust as necessary. Disabling the CDN is only a flip-switch in our domain registrar. ;)

barista OP Admin ,

I reverted the website to use the generic Kbin logo for now. Please let me know if this resolves it for you! (Real logo coming soon.)

barista OP Admin ,

There have been quite the number of bugs beyond our control with federation, which in turn have effected some of the local magazines. I've been working on a potential fix and I'm collaborating with folks in the /Kbin Matrix space to try and resolve. I'll be posting an announcement very shortly -- thank you for your understanding, and your patience.

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