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NSFW content in the sidebar random posts (kbin.social)

Hi, I was just browsing kbin on my work pc which is not signed into my account. While scrolling down there was a very nsfw picture (female genitalia) in the random posts sidebar. This nsfw content was, for some reason, not even blurred. I've seen this a couple times previously and am not sure where a good place to report or...

RaineVixen, (edited )
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NSFW filtering was supposedly fixed a month ago, but it either isn't working or the instance hasn't updated to the latest changes yet.

As a workaround, I've been hiding the sections with a uBlock Origin filter.

Just add these lines to the "My filters" page in uBlock Origin. The first line hides the "Random Posts" section, and the second line hides the "Random Threads" section. (Replace "kbin.social" if you're on a different instance)


I also hide the "Active Users" and "Related Magazines" sections.

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