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Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

It's an interesting article though the headline is a bit of a misnomer, as some of these shows were actually hits in their original runs (ie shows which recouped their investments), which went on to become bigger hits when revived, or flops (ie shows which lost money for their investors) which went on to become smaller flops.

Thank you for pointing this out!


(“Flop” is a technical term for a show with a relatively short run that doesn’t make its investment back—and not necessarily meant as a reflection of the artistry of a given work.)

I honestly had no idea, I thought it also got used as "shows that were bad" at least colloquially.

Every Broadway Actor in THE GILDED AGE Season Two (www.broadwayworld.com)

The Gilded Age (or Downton Abbey: New York as I call it) is a fun show, partly on its own merits (it's a high-class "old money versus new money" soap opera set in the 1880s), and partly because it features a long, long list of musical theatre (and straight theatre) performers in its sizeable ensemble, as this BroadwayWorld...


This show sounds so interesting, I love period drama. I also don't keep up with entertainment news outside of m/Musicals, so thank you for bringing to my attention!

(Back to kbin.cafe… the instance I ran away to hasn't worked for a couple days.)


I’m still new enough I can’t make needle recommendations, but my first project was a garter stitch scarf. 10 stitches on size 13 needles… yeah… that wasn’t much of a scarf.

when my mom tried to teach me to cast on for knitting I went cross eyed.

Similar experience to you with learning how to crochet. Right now all I can do is a chain stitch. And nothing else. No adding any height to the chain, just making a single long chain.

Mean Girls Musical Movie Adaptation Gets Theatrical Release Date January 2024 (www.comingsoon.net)

The upcoming movie adaptation of the 2017 Mean Girls musical based on the 2004 movie of the same name based on the 2002 book Queen Bees and Wannabes will now be hitting US theaters Friday, 12 January 2024 instead of coming to the Paramount+ streaming service (as originally planned)....

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

Some of the songs were enjoyable, but the forced stars motif that’s only introduced at the end and the way the musical seemed to beat you over the head with its message in contrast to how the movie did it nice and subtly? The dramatic Bond villain songs for Regina when she was less upfront FUCK YOU BITCH and more sneaky about her cruelty?

I don’t want to see the movie adaptation of the musical. Just stick to the original movie.

But it’s a good thing that proshots are becoming more prevalent, this is great for making theatre more accessible to people who don’t live near too many performing arts venues and people who don’t have the money to afford this tickets.

With 13 Cast Members Out, A Beautiful Noise Associate Director Austin Regan Stepped Into the Show (playbill.com)

The company of Broadway's A Beautiful Noise has had quite an eventful week last week. September 14 saw star Will Swenson, who was out on a scheduled break, having to journey back to the city after his standby, Nick Fradiani, took ill (alongside multiple other company members)....


Not sure how much of this is a real trend and how much of it is just me pattern-matching, but everyone I know has also been getting sick. And exactly 1/5 of the actors in the show I’m doing now got COVID (although thankfully they got better by tech week).


Wasn’t sure why this musical specifically was getting a day. There have been other, more long-running shows that don’t have a day as far as I know. Then I read the article.

WICKED is seen by more people each week than any other show, making it Broadway’s most popular musical, partially due to the fact that the Gershwin Theatre is the biggest theatre on Broadway. The theatre is a full city block with 1,926 seats!

If they don’t mean just the most popular musical running now, but the most popular musical period, yeah, makes sense this one is getting a day.

Admin of my instance seems to have gone inactive, looking to migrate to a small instance with an active admin

I’d like to help out with decentralization, with users not all gathering in one place, so I don’t want to go to kbin.social or fedia.io. I did look at fedidb.org and the list of instances there, but it doesn’t tell me if the admin is active. I could just visit every instance listed there and check the admin’s profile for...



If you click my profile, you can see both my username and the instance I come from!


I thought I had a friendly tone and was being nice. I really did not intend to come off as aggressive. Rereading this I see how it can come off sarcastic and condescending instead of the friendly informational tone I was going for. Sorry.


Thanks for the correction! In that case, I’ll probably hop on to yours or kbin.run.

Not sure why you being a member of the kbin core development team is something worth a disclaimer, but thanks for the work you do. I definitely recognized your name—I often check out the codeberg even if I don’t really do anything with it.

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

Tried to sign up, didn’t realize I had to give you a real email so I could verify myself. I’m always very wary of giving out my true email, because I’m scared of emails leaking and then using the email to tie my account here to other accounts I have that use the same email.

I also can’t sign up again with the same account name. Can anything be done on your end or do I just have to give up and try again with a new username?

Also, I was going to try again with a throwaway email address. Is that going to be autorejected internally, so I get stuck in the same situation of locking myself out of a username because the account is created even if it’s unverified and thus unusable?


I just used a throwaway email address to sign up under a different username than my current one, and I sadly still have not received the verification email.


It doesn’t have one. Back when I was originally signing up on kbin.social, I had this exact issue with email addresses generated on throwawaymail.com (although the actual email never is [email protected], but [email protected]) and it’s happening again. Maybe kbin has some kind of spam filter that throws away these emails?


Hey, I cannot access kbin.melroy.org or mbin.melroy.org anymore. I have the same username as the one I have here. Both links redirect me to this:

Welcome to nginx!

If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working. Further configuration is required.

For online documentation and support please refer to nginx.org.
Commercial support is available at nginx.com.

Thank you for using nginx.


It works now again!


Why is this tagged as being written in Japanese?

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

This is answered on the Obsidian help page. TL;DR: it automatically updates. Version is in the upper left corner of Settings -> About.


Thank you for trying to think of us, but I wasn’t asking for help at all so I’m not sure why I was tagged with @. I also barely use plugins.


I’m a woman, and although some technological things are interesting I’m not quite a tech nerd and definitely not a Linux one. Linux seems cool but I’m too lazy to make the jump. MacOS and/or Windows serve well enough for me.

I also have several different Threadiverse accounts and try to post frequently in niche communities I’m interested in, although not so frequently I become the only contributor and it feels spammy.

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

I contribute a lot here (on different accounts) as an extrovert who just also happens to not care about celebrities. I used to be on Instagram because I care about my friends who use it, but the platform got enshittified enough to drive me off. Yes, maybe I won’t know that you went on vacation so I won’t be able to bring that up as a conversation topic, you’ll have to remember that yourself and bring it up in conversation. But that’s not exactly a great loss and neither is having one fewer person viewing your pictures and tapping “like” on it. A big part of my extroversion is that I like discussing things. Kbin and Lemmy are places to do that.

I toilet scroll these because it’s something short and engaging I can do instead of just doing nothing while waiting for the human waste disposal process to finish.


If you want to know about or hear discussion around the game or something but are around other people without headphones, quietly reading what Redditors have to say is considered more polite than putting on the sports radio for everyone else to hear.


Taking photographs and using your phone during a theatrical performance is usually considered bad theatre etiquette. These aren’t obscure rules used by a small group of theatre snobs to tell who’s a newbie and who’s a fellow member of the elite. They’re announced to everyone attending the show (sans late arrivals and people using the bathroom). Most shows, including Beetlejuice, have a pre-show announcement that happens right before the show begins. The announcement says something like “the use of any recording device is strictly prohibited” and asks the audience to turn off their cellphones.

I normally wouldn’t do this, but because the Fediverse is small and it’s semi-relevant… !musicals. There’s currently a bug that makes !communityName@instancelinks like the one I just wrote not always federate out properly from Kbin, so here are some alternative links to the same place: @musicals and https://kbin.social/m/musicals.

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

I don’t consciously make these calculations either, but what you just described sounds exactly like how I choose what to click on. Also came here for suggestions!

I’ll say that I’ve looked up hobbies I enjoy but don’t think about much so I can boost my engagement on the Fediverse. Normally I wouldn’t bother, but I want to help this place grow, so I’ve let in things that I have a milder interest in as well as my usual interests. This is also how I get variety in the posts I see, as I usually stick to /sub. When I wander out, it’s on purpose and to a specific known community, because /all usually has some depressing political news or ragebait that would get me to outrage-click. I’m here to have a good time, not to doomscroll or get angry. Kbin has no algorithm intended to keep us scrolling on it, but those things do generate the most engagement, so it’s only natural they end up on /all frequently enough (though not as frequently as they’d appear on the popular page on Reddit) that I feel a desire to avoid /all.


What pattern is this? I figure I should learn how to cable sometime, and if you used this as your intro to cabling it’s probably alright for people new to it.


Merrily We Roll Along broke my heart and I love it so much. Wonder if this revival will get a soundtrack, I don’t quite like the existing ones for this show.

To be honest I only read the September one, but as a casual jazz enjoyer Strayhorn sounds cool. Gutenberg! the Musical makes me think it might have Something Rotten! vibes.

Also, just by skimming, it looks like some punctuation from the article got turned into question marks on Kbin.

Found knitting patterns for charity: Warm Up America!

I had no idea what to knit so I asked some people on this community for some help in this thread. Someone suggested I knit for charity, and look up what the charities want for inspiration. Actually found something that the rest of you might want to know about, especially since it comes with patterns! They’re for the 7 x 9 inch...


Started on a rectangle today. Trying to figure out the gauge. At my tightest I still expanded past the 7 inch mark with size 7 needles and yarn that’s probably a lighter weight than asked for (bought it forever ago and do not have the label). Started over with 30 stitches instead of the suggested 35 and it seems okay now.


If you’re on mobile, go to the end of the crochet pattern. Under it will be a rectangle saying Crochet Patterns and another rectangle sating Knit Patterns. Click the rectangle saying Knit Patterns. There you will find eight patterns, one of which is garter. I intend to do all the patterns. I started with garter stitch.


I had no idea this was made into a musical!


Glad to hear it’s growing. I’ve noticed you’re pretty much the only contributor, aside from my question the other day that pretty much duplicates an introduction question from your welcome post. I’m not too sure what to post as I don’t spend too much time staying up-to-date with the latest Broadway news—I mostly exist in my own little theatre community where I spend most of my time working on our current show.


Something Rotten!

I feel like the only humor the show has is sex jokes and theatre references. As someone who enjoys both, as someone whose favorite line in the show is “don’t be a penis, the man is a genius,” it gets grating. The references are especially grating in “It’s a Musical”. In that song, a few references are done elegantly, but most just sound like someone took random clips from their favorite musicals and set them in sequence with no regard to how well they flow together.

Also, the vocal music in the back of the libretto has some mismatches with the piano/conductor score. Incredibly irritating.

All the songs are catchy, though, and the Keyboard I part is pretty easy for me.

I try to contribute to the Fediverse for communities I care about, and am doing my best to post frequently without being annoyingly spammy.

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

Yes, I'm also music directing! I really enjoy doing that. I actually wanted to make m/MusicDirectors and m/TheatreKeyboardists, but the community for both of them on Reddit is already so tiny I figured I'd be the only user of them at all on the Fediverse. I also private messaged the owner of r/MusicDirectors and the owner of r/TheatreKeyboardists on Reddit about possibly migrating to the Fediverse and neither of them ever got back to me :(

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

Honestly, I didn’t care about the loss of 3rd party apps. My experience on the official Reddit app was always smooth. What I didn’t like was the way Reddit treated the protesting subreddits, mods, and users; and how blind users were going to be affected by the loss of 3rd party apps. I know Reddit said something about how they would work on accessibility features and leave 3rd party apps open if they were accessibility-focused. Here’s the reply to that on archive.org.


From my instance on kbin I already had two clickable links. Did they not work on lemm.ee?


I feel like I learned this difference at some point but totally forgot about it. Thank you for your explanation, I’ll definitely remember this time!


Thanks for posting the article text!

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

I’m fine with being active in the place, doing lots of advertising, doing my best to get the place off the ground, writing up rules, etc.

I’m not fine with being the first line of defense against some troll posting gore. I also know that I tend to be pretty oversensitive and might use moderator powers to remove replies that really should have stayed up. Hence “I do not have the… thick skin needed to be a moderator”.

So yeah, this is totally self-serving. Don’t feel like putting myself through the gore, putting others through unfair reply removals, or of putting myself through “oh my god fucking powertripping mod” criticism (whether warranted or unwarranted), better stay out of that position of power in the first place.


Are you saying that you think I have zero chance of getting a magazine off the ground so I have more posters than just myself, or zero chance of finding someone else who is willing to moderate? I’m not entirely sure I understand your reply.

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

m/savedyouaclick. It does exist at @savedyouaclick, but that won’t federate over to kbin for me. I tried multiple times to get the magazine over here, multiple times entering @[email protected] in the search bar and it’s still not here so might as well remake it. I’m guessing the reason for this is the same reason behind this issue about a magazine from a specific instance not federating over on kbin’s codeberg: something that is fixed in later versions of lemmy. Not sure if lemmy.nrd.li is running a version late enough that it fixes this issue or not.

I also intended to make a couple other magazines that did not have any equivalent I could find on the lemmy.world community search (since it’s one of the biggest instances I figure it’ll show me the most communities, including communities that are not on lemmy.world), but they now have an equivalent!

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

Remember the eleven separate times (and two HobbyDrama posts) where people leaked classified military details because they didn’t like the inaccuracy of the military vehicles in the video game War Thunder? It happened again.

Probably going to do a writeup on this, including both this new leak and the old ones that the two HobbyDrama posts didn’t cover. Right now it’s breaking drama so I need to wait.

How do you personally use Obsidian?

I go against recommended practice and have different vaults for different things in my life. The academic note vault is separate from the personal vault is separate from the creative projects vault. I have also committed sacrilege by not having many notes linked to each other. I’m trying to migrate a lot of notes from Google...


Part of my creative projects vault is ideas for a homebrew D&D campaign! What's yours like? I need to flesh out my world a little and add a few spicy situations before it's ready for players.


Here’s the text!

Social media can feel like a giant newsstand, with more choices than any newsstand ever. It contains news not only from journalism outlets, but also from your grandma, your friends, celebrities and people in countries you have never visited. It is a bountiful feast.

But so often you don’t get to pick from the buffet. On most social media platforms, algorithms use your behavior to narrow in on the posts you are shown. If you send a celebrity’s post to a friend but breeze past your grandma’s, it may display more posts like the celebrity’s in your feed. Even when you choose which accounts to follow, the algorithm still decides which posts to show you and which to bury.

There are a lot of problems with this model. There is the possibility of being trapped in filter bubbles, where we see only news that confirms our pre-existing beliefs. There are rabbit holes, where algorithms can push people toward more extreme content. And there are engagement-driven algorithms that often reward content that is outrageous or horrifying.

Yet not one of those problems is as damaging as the problem of who controls the algorithms. Never has the power to control public discourse been so completely in the hands of a few profit-seeking corporations with no requirements to serve the public good.

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, which he renamed X, has shown what can happen when an individual pushes a political agenda by controlling a social media company.

Since Mr. Musk bought the platform, he has repeatedly declared that he wants to defeat the “woke mind virus” — which he has struggled to define, but that largely seems to mean Democratic and progressive policies. He has reinstated accounts that were banned because of the white supremacist and antisemitic views they espoused. He has banned journalists and activists. He has promoted far-right figures such as Tucker Carlson and Andrew Tate, who were kicked off other platforms. He has changed the rules so that users can pay to have some posts boosted by the algorithm, and has purportedly changed the algorithm to boost his own posts. The result, as Charlie Warzel said in The Atlantic, is that the platform is now a “far-right social network” that “advances the interests, prejudices and conspiracy theories of the right wing of American politics.”

The Twitter takeover has been a public reckoning with algorithmic control, but any tech company could do something similar. To prevent those who would hijack algorithms for power, we need a pro-choice movement for algorithms. We, the users, should be able to decide what we read at the newsstand.

In my ideal world, I would like to be able to choose my feed from a list of providers. I would love to have a feed put together by librarians, who are already expert at curating information, or from my favorite news outlet. And I’d like to be able to compare what a feed curated by the American Civil Liberties Union looks like compared with one curated by the Heritage Foundation. Or maybe I just want to use my friend Susie’s curation, because she has great taste.

There is a growing worldwide movement to provide us with some algorithmic choice — from a Belgrade group demanding that recommender algorithms should be a “public good” to European regulators who are demanding that platforms give users at least one algorithm option that is not based on tracking user behavior.

One of the first places to start making this vision a reality is a social network called Bluesky, which recently opened up its data to allow developers to build custom algorithms. The company, which is financially supported by the Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, said that 20 percent of its 265,000 users are using custom feeds.

On my Bluesky feed, I often toggle between feeds called Tech News, Cute Animal Pics, PositiviFeed and my favorite, Home+, which includes “interesting content from your extended social circles.” Some of them were built by Bluesky developers, and others were created by outside developers. All I have to do is go to My Feeds and select a feed from a wide menu of choices including from MLB+, a feed about baseball, to , one that picks up keywords related to disability or UA fundraising, a feed of Ukrainian fund-raising posts.

Choosing from this wide selection of feeds frees me from having to decide whom to follow. Switching social networks is less exhausting — I don’t have to rebuild my Twitter network. Instead, I can just dip my toes into already curated feeds that introduce me to new people and topics.


“We believe that users should have a say in how their attention is directed, and developers should be free to experiment with new ways of presenting information,” Bluesky’s chief executive, Jay Graber, told me in an email message.

Of course, there are also challenges to algorithmic choice. When the Stanford political science professor Francis Fukuyama led a working group that in 2020 proposed outside entities offer algorithmic choice, critics chimed in with many concerns.

Robert Faris and Joan Donovan, then of Harvard’s Shorenstein Center, wrote that they were worried that Fukuyama’s proposal could let platforms off the hook for their failures to remove harmful content. Nathalie Maréchal, Ramesh Srinivasan and Dipayan Ghosh argued that his approach would do nothing to change the some tech platforms’ underlying business model that incentivizes the creation of toxic and manipulative content.

Mr. Fukuyama agreed that his solution might not help reduce toxic content and polarization. “I deplore the toxicity of political discourse in the United States and other democracies today, but I am not willing to try solving the problem by discarding the right to free expression,” he wrote in response to the critics.

When she ran the ethics team at Twitter, Rumman Chowdhury developed prototypes for offering users algorithmic choice. But her research revealed that many users found it difficult to envision having control of their feed. “The paradigm of social media that we have is not one in which people understand having agency,” said Ms. Chowdhury, whose Twitter team was let go when Mr. Musk took over. She went on to found the nonprofit Humane Intelligence.

But just because people don’t know they want it doesn’t mean that algorithmic choice is not important. I didn’t know I wanted an iPhone until I saw one.

And with another national election looming and disinformation circulating wildly, I believe that asking people to choose disinformation — rather than to accept it passively — would make a difference. If users had to pick an antivaccine news feed, and to see that there are other feeds to choose from, the existence of that choice would itself be educational.

Algorithms make our choices invisible. Making those choices visible is an important step in building a healthy information ecosystem.

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