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Disgruntled Cloud Engineer Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Intentionally Damaging His Former Employer’s Computer Network After He Was Fired (www.justice.gov)

SAN FRANCISCO – Miklos Daniel Brody was sentenced to 24 months in prison today for a network intrusion and for making false statements to a government agency, announced United States Attorney Ismail J. Ramsey and United States Secret Service (USSS) Special Agent in Charge Shawn M. Bradstreet. The sentence was handed down by...

Threads Software Limited Gives Meta’s Instagram 30 Days to Desist from Using the Service Name Threads (www.businesswire.com)

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--UK software company Threads Software Limited and its lawyers have today (30 October) written to Meta’s Instagram giving it 30 days to stop using the name Threads for their service in the UK. If it does not, Threads Software Limited will seek an injunction from the English Courts....

Scientist, after decades of study, concludes: We don't have free will (phys.org)

Before epilepsy was understood to be a neurological condition, people believed it was caused by the moon, or by phlegm in the brain. They condemned seizures as evidence of witchcraft or demonic possession, and killed or castrated sufferers to prevent them from passing tainted blood to a new generation.

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That is because we want to be free.

Open letter to the Harvard community (docs.google.com)

We are faculty at Harvard who are deeply concerned about the events in the Middle East, as well as the safety of our students here on campus. On October 7th, Hamas launched a premeditated attack on the Israeli population. Hundreds of terrorists infiltrated Israeli towns and houses. Children were killed in front of their parents;...

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Depending on the purpose of the posting. If you are posting as a sales activity, it is better to cast your own vote. If you are posting as a social experiment, the quality of the data will be higher if you leave the voting to others.

Unity Announce MASSIVE Pricing Changes (youtu.be)

After setting the internet on fire with the exceptionally bad Unity Runtime Fee, Unity have been pretty much radio silent while thousands of Unity developers protested in a variety of ways. Today, they have finally announced the new Unity pricing structure and the runtime fee is almost completely gone, replaced by a royalty,...

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