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MikeDunnAuthor, to bookstadon
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Today in Labor History December 15, 1973: The American Psychiatric Association voted to remove homosexuality from its official list of psychiatric disorders, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. In the 1950s and 1960s, some therapists used aversion therapy to "cure" male homosexuality. Like in Anthony Burgess’s, “A Clockwork Orange,” they would show patients pictures of naked men while giving them electric shocks or drugs to make them puke. In the 1973 vote, 5,854 members voted to remove homosexuality from the DSM, while 3,810 voted to retain it. In a compromise, they agreed to remove homosexuality from the DSM, but replaced it with "sexual orientation disturbance" for people "in conflict with" their sexual orientation. They did not completely remove homosexuality from the DSM until 1987.


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@MikeDunnAuthor @bookstadon
What an insane world that 5,000 PhDs got to 'debate' and determine what's 'curable' and what's not; but I guess letting a bunch of elected Libertarian wallies make regressive choices is just as nuts
In the Aotearoa New Zealand the people who voted for 'parental choice' and against removing conversion therapy as a 'treatment' are part of NZ's Coalition of Chaos
#nzpol #conversiontherapy #mentalhealth

Lsquare28, to bookstodon
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@Lsquare28 @bookstodon
For those who haven't started, think it's best to read them in 'purist' order - the order of publication. The original trilogy 1951-53 jumps around quite a lot in time - TBH - I thought Prelude was very much an afterthought definitely not ****.

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@Lsquare28 @bookstodon
1st Trilogy read was one of those couldn't put it down moments. Read them again during lockdown. I think Asimov is an amazing mystery writer with complicated plots that span centuries and philosophies. The TV series seemed more time-bound and character-driven

frankejames, to bookstodon
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Do you judge a book by its cover? I'm thinking of changing the cover of our already-published book!!! 😮
Tell me which cover you would click on: the new one in sunny yellow or the existing cover in sandy beige?
The yellow reflects @TeresaHeartchild's love of life -- and the urgency of getting her freed. It should attract the eye for Amazon clicks.
But the beige may be some book-lover's sophisticated fave. 🤔 What do you think? @bookstodon @bookgaga

Franke James' book cover in sandy beige for "Freeing Teresa: A True Story about Fighting Ableism." The book is sitting on a striped, multi-hued couch.

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@frankejames @TeresaHeartchild @bookstodon @bookgaga
Have no idea wht it is about but
The yellow suggests something exciting and possibly dangerous is going to happen! The beige - possibly a story about family and struggle for independence inside the family, As an aside the yellow makes the ocean seem nore inviting

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@frankejames @TeresaHeartchild @bookstodon @bookgaga
I just read what the book was about - important - I'd go with the cream. A friend's daughter just found out she had an aunt that no one spoke of - I think you'll find her story interesting
The Ones We Sent Away
Jennifer Senior The Atlantic September 2023

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@frankejames @TeresaHeartchild @bookstodon @bookgaga
Wonderful to hear that - Jennifer's aunt's story was heartbreaking, though after a horrific beginning, in the end her aunt seemed to have had a good life.

jda, to movies
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Well, can't say I'm a big fan of Aftersun. Slow moving and a bit weird. I'm usually a big fan of father daughter movies but this one lost me. I recommend Murina instead


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@jda @movies
Very weird, such an unreliable narrator and so (too?) much left unsaid my co-viewer and I felt like we'd watched two different films. That said, both actors carried the moodiness of adolescence - and the pain that comes with leaving it - off perfectly - even in one of them was meant to be the adult.

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