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“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.” - Rich Feynman

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You nailed it!! I’m thinking they are basically trying to neuter the proposal so they don’t have to veto it again while still keeping Lockheed and friends happy…

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Are you trolling or should I explain international politics?

Unmasking Media Complicity: The Urgent Call for Truth in Gaza (dissidentvoice.org)

Western media has the potential to be a catalyst for change. We have seen the impact of unfiltered reporting during the Vietnam War when journalists chose to reveal the truth, irrespective of government constraints. There are the equivalents of the Tet Offensive and the My Lai Massacre currently being in Gaza by Israel. Any...

Panama’s Supreme Court Declares Mining Law Unconstitutional (progressive.org)

Panama’s Supreme Court declared a controversial copper mining project in the Latin American country unconstitutional. In a unanimous decision against the Canadian mining company First Quantum, the court suspended the extension of the mining contract, which had generated months of protests from citizens....

$6 Billion in PhRMA Network Grants Flood the Non-Profit World, Muddying the Advocacy Landscape (www.commondreams.org)

A new report by Public Citizen has uncovered that the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and its member pharmaceutical companies — the PhRMA Network — have showered the nation’s largest patient advocacy groups, universities, professional associations, and more, with at least $6 billion in grants.

U.S. Empire Humiliated at the UN: The World Stands with Palestine! (www.liberationnews.org)

Disgusted by the United States blocking a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, an emergency procedure was used at the United Nations General Assembly yesterday to force a vote. By a margin of 153-10, the countries of the world called for an end to Biden and Netanyahu’s massacre....

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The thing about carcinogenic compounds, which are also toxins, is it’s entirely about dosage. Pesticides being toxins and carcinogens makes the comparison nearly apples to apples with ethanol. The human body can handle a lot more ethanol than pesticides, as the latter are often either highly toxic or highly hazardous. If ethanol was even in the same ballpark as pesticides, the history surrounding its consumption would look quite unfamiliar. With ethanol concentration remaining overall the same, yet the pesticide concentration increasing as well as incorporating additional pesticides, the chances of ethanol resulting in uncontrolled cell growth is becoming a secondary issue. As the article identified, “50% fall under the category of ‘highly hazardous pesticides.’ Furthermore, 45 of these are carcinogens, 25 act as endocrine disruptors, impacting hormone systems and leading to birth defects, developmental disorders, and infertility.” Not only are many of these pesticides highly hazardous and carcinogenic, but the fact some are endocrine disruptors is quite distressing. Microplastics cause many issues within the body’s endocrine system, and this is already a massive problem. Now there’s another avenue facilitating interference with the body’s communication between different organs/tissues. Basically, cancer from ethanol consumption shouldn’t be much of a concern. Especially when issues from ingesting even small quantities of highly hazardous pesticides include neurological damage, reproductive disorders, difficulty breathing, immunosuppression, increased risk of cancer, seizures, and even death.


shreddy_scientist, (edited )
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There are no biopesticides which fall into the highly hazardous category, so those aren’t very applicable here. While organic options may help side step this problem, thats only an option for those able to spend more during the holidays, which is becoming increasingly rare. As far as the cancer from ethanol quote, that’s just half the full thought. The following sentence highlights why it’s without question the lesser of the two evils.

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Yep! Since the Nexus phones, big G has kept dev’s in mind when designing their devices. This is why there’s so much control available on Pixies and previously on old Nexus phones.

The ‘Brain Drain’ is a Symptom of How Capitalism has Failed the Healthcare Sector (peoplesdispatch.org)

As a healthcare professional whose experience is rooted in the public healthcare sector of South Africa, I can sympathize with healthcare professionals who choose to leave the continent, in order to pursue their career overseas. The phenomenon of ‘brain drain’ which is the emigration of highly skilled professional, from...

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I know a cat that loses it’s mind for Nutzo, the one with a bunch of different nuts. I’ve seen it even get the classic dog and peanut butter mouth situation going on too lol

Netanyahu Says He Appreciates US Veto of UN Gaza Ceasefire Resolution (news.antiwar.com)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday said he appreciated the US vetoing a UN Security Council resolution that called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and vowed to continue his war in the besieged enclave, which has killed at least 18,000 Palestinians....

Letter by Academics Across the Globe Raises Concerns Over the ICC’s Inaction on Gaza (peoplesdispatch.org)

At least 184 scholars, lawyers, and experts of international law and politics have expressed grave concerns over the integrity of the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) of the International Criminal Court (ICC), in a joint letter on December 6....

'Shocking' Discovery: Electricity from Electric Eels May Transfer Genetic Material to Nearby Animals (www.nagoya-u.ac.jp)

The electric eel is the biggest power-making creature on Earth. It can release up to 860 volts, which is enough to run a machine. In a recent study, a research group from Nagoya University in Japan found electric eels can release enough electricity to genetically modify small fish larvae. They published their findings in PeerJ -...

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It definitely has the potential for being used in vaccinations, but DNA vaccines have never worked well in humans. When compared to the other delivery mechanisms, it makes very little sense. There’s also risk associated with the process as adding this DNA sequence may result in a recombination event within the host genome. Additionally, there’s possible issues with expressing tolerant T cells due to DNA vaccines. This would make the immume response less effective. The finding is more surprising as it demonstrates horizontal gene transfer taking place across different eukaryotic organisms, or at least that’s my take on it.

US Asks Israel to Avoid Killing Gaza Civilians, Sends More Tank Shells (new.thecradle.co)

The White House has used an emergency authority to allow the sale of about 14,000 tank shells to Israel without congressional review, as Israel continues to kill large numbers of Palestinians amid its continued assault on the city of Khan Younis in southern Gaza....

Landlords for Israel’s Arms Trade Shut Down, LondonMetric’s Mayfair Offices Re-decorated (www.palestineaction.org)

The offices of property firm ‘LondonMetric’ have been shut down by Palestine Action, with activists targeting the firm for their complicity in Israel’s arms manufacturing in Britain. The company owns the land and building of Elbit Systems’ UAV Tactical Systems drone factory in Leicester, from which military technologies...

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With the original Beeper app you made an Apple ID through Apples website to use for setting up iMessage. This does require folks having the email in order to use iMessage, so definetly worth setting up an alias. It still works, while Beeper Mini doesn’t apparently.

Soundwaves Harden 3D-Printed Treatments in Deep Tissues (pratt.duke.edu)

Engineers at Duke University and Harvard Medical School have developed a bio-compatible ink that solidifies into different 3D shapes and structures by absorbing ultrasound waves. Because it responds to sound waves rather than light, the ink can be used in deep tissues for biomedical purposes ranging from bone healing to heart...

It’s a Christmas Miracle — You Can Now Use Raspberry Pi OS in Dark Mode (www.raspberrypi.com)

It’s now been a little under two months since the release of the Wayland-based Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm. Whenever we do a major version release like this, we invariably spend the next few weeks fixing all the bugs that real users have found but our pre-release testing didn’t, and then make a bug-fix release with them...

Israel has just given BP licences to drill for gas off the coast of Gaza. So, people blockaded its head office (www.thecanary.co)

On Wednesday, 6 December, dozens of activists from Fossil Free London assembled outside BP’s London headquarters to protest Israel’s approval of 12 new licences for natural gas exploration off the west coast of Gaza to six companies, including BP....

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While it didn’t stop business as usual, it did bring awareness to the situation plus voice frustration with it as well. When it’s David vs Goliath, David should take the small wins whenever possible.

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You should have posted it here to fill the rest of us in! Like what the hell? lol

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Wait, how THE HELL were you cabable of hearing “it weeks ago” when this took place less than 48 hours before the post?!? Shit like this is what makes heads second guess actual truth online. Folk like you care more about how cool they seem vs helping spread truth, disgracing it in the process…

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My bad, please excuse the ignorance, you’re referencing it being announced while this is discussing the finalized deal.

Anti-fascists in Italy Protest Police Attack on Turin University Students (peoplesdispatch.org)

Progressive and anti-fascist groups in Turin, Italy mobilized to condemn the police action on students at the Einaudi Campus of the University of Turin. On December 5, students who had protested the campaigning of right-wing student group University Action on the campus were brutally beaten up by a big group of police....

Palestinian Resistance Organization Masar Badil Calls on Workers to Block Israeli Ships Amid Gaza Genocide (orinocotribune.com)

The Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement (Masar Badil) has urged labor activists, trade unionists, and workers’ organizations around the world to block Israeli ships from sailing as protest against the genocide in Gaza....

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Ya, implying recommending FOSS options is an involuntary action was tongue-in-cheek.

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