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That’s not an empty double barreled shotgun, fired twice in the air from his doorstep to frighten away any would-be intruders


Man I didn’t know Saab made a V8 corolla, I’ve only ever seen the diesel inline 6


Apparently “So I can show my friends” is the wrong answer. As a bonus, you may receive violence instead


How many Republicans do you know? Pretty broad brush you’re painting with. I find that Democrats are more than generous… with other people’s money.

Can we PlEASE stop pretending these political “memes” are anything other than pro left propaganda? I get that the majority of Lemmy is packed with left leaning, if not hardcore far-leftists, but sometimes someone who just wants liberty might want to chuckle at something, and comrade Earnhardt isn’t funny.

Now I’ll just sit back and watch the hate pour in.


Please tell me Hannah Montana Linux is based on arch…



At least show us the neofetch


rug_burn, (edited )

#1 1st app installed is neofetch and some sort of screen capture software

what budget 3d printer would you suggest for a beginner?

so im a teen with not alot of money but i want to get into 3d printing, another community suggested the ender 3 original. it looks like a solid printer but who know im a noob after all. my budget is around 100$ or less. im looking into making mini figures and painting them or whatever nerdy thing i find. i know the budget is...


As someone who owns an Ender 3 v2, a Bambu p1p and an Anycubic Mono 4k, here are my thoughts… If your goal is to print and paint tabletop minis, you do not want an Ender, SV06, or even a Bambu labs printer. Even if you swap out the nozzle for a smaller one, paint and washes WILL absolutely show layer lines, unless you’re willing to do hours of post processing, filling, filing and sanding. FDM is not your friend in this regard. You can, by all means, get acceptable quality prints if you’re willing to spend months calibrating, tuning, failing and burning through filament with printers in your price range, especially once you start upgrading / fixing your printer (ask me how I know). If, on the other hand, tabletop minis aren’t your main goal and more functional parts, or larger decorative pieces are what you’re after, I cannot recommend an FDM printer enough. Cost savings on filament vs resin, speed (kind of), selection and community support are light years beyond the SLA / resin printers. I would try to avoid the cheaper Ender printers however, as other have stated and I can attest, you will be spending a lot of time calibrating and troubleshooting, and eventually throwing money at it.


Fuck, I always thought this was a myth, but I guess not… from my extensive three minute Google search, turns out it’s 100% real


“If you keep doing that, you’ll go blind”


This cracked me the fuck up, thanks for that!


Ding dong, you’re wrong.

I have an older retired mother who uses a cane and can easily move about once she gets into the store by using the cart to stabilize herself. Taking public transportation is a no-go where she lives, because the one thing that I haven’t seen mentioned here yet, is crime. As an older woman with a walking aid, she’s the prime target for criminals, who also know old and elderly tend to not trust banks and use cash.

I do what I can to help and support her, however this is not always feasible, and in her words, she’d “be damned if she wasn’t able to get out of the house and do her damn shopping herself”.

And she’s able to drive just fine. But I guess she should give up her car, her freedom, so you can feel better about, whatever the fuck you think it is that getting rid of cars will fix.


I don’t mean this the way it’s going to sound, but…

I’m happy it works for you, and you’re happy with it. It doesn’t work for everyone.


Cities could be so much better, and we know this because there ARE cities that are better. It just takes effort and time.

And eminent domain, to take the land to build that infrastructure. And money. Lots and lots of money. And way more time than you think. Effectively having to level homes for miles, grade the surface and then, finally getting to build this utopian vision of public transportation, which will then need to be fed, sorry, maintained, by taxes that will shoot through the roof. Then, the displaced will need a place to stay, so enter yet more eminent domain to take more property to build vertical, because there is a finite amount of land. And this would be jn just one small to mid sized US city.

Look, I’m happy for anyone who’s happy in how they do their daily. You chose it, and it works for you. Some people don’t chose that life, and it doesn’t work for them. I respect your way of life, it should only be fair that you respect mine. I’m not driving a 3500 turbo diesel that gets 12 gallons to the mile, stomping on the gas “just because I like the sound” and throwing cheeseburger wrappers out the window.

Difference is, I’m not trying to force my way of life on others…


Walkable isnt “walkable” for someone who has trouble walking. Brainwashed? Hmm. Explain. And twat? There’s two reasons you’d use that word, you’re either European or Australian, and if that’s the case, I’ll take twat and wear it as a badge of honor. The other case is you’re American and around my age or older where that word would be in our vernacular, in which case, at least you didn’t call me a cunt, because then I’d be really sad.


Public transport simply isn’t suitable enough for them.

Ding dong, you’re wrong. Walkable cities are more accessible for everyone than the carcentric dystopia.

And you literally quoted someone talking about public transport, so there’s that. Can’t wait to see what fun things you come up with to call me this time.


Oh, I see now. Sorry about that. Yes it’s possible to use public transport in cases where you don’t need much and the time necessary isn’t outlandish. I think I was conflating several messages in my head when I responded to yours. Glad to see some people are able to be civil here.


Uh, ever heard of commercial and residential zoning? You can have a Bodega down the street and a big box store 5 miles away. Both can coexist in the same city. Unless you’re talking in absolutes, which seems like pretty poor city planning. Not sure where you’re from, but in the US such things exist.

Loving the insults too, BTW. Keep them coming!


Just some points that I have not seen discussed-

  1. Time to refuel / practical vehicle range 1a. The cost involved in having charging installed on your property
  2. Weather. Snow. Effect of cold on batteries. I know everyone hates those evil SUV’s, bit when there’s 14" of snow on the ground your tesla/volt/insert your favorite EV ain’t gonna cut it
  3. To the “just put in mass transit” crowd, do you feel that eminent domain is justified to take property from someone to fulfill this need?

Honestly not trying to troll, these are real questions that should be answered

And for the record, my vehicle is a compact sedan, getting on average 34-37mpg, so I’m not in that dick-size contest over who’s truck has the bigger lift kit


The discussion was about EV’s, you missed the point. But ill bite.

1/1a. My relatively short daily commute of 20 minutes turns into 1:10. My time is more valuable than money, so no. 2. “Before the SUV” people didn’t have to commute much further than down the street for work, so no. 3. Cool. You first.


I never said you need one. I make do without one, however there are plenty of times during our winters here the larger wheels/greater ground clearance would be extremely useful. Just because it doesn’t work for you or me doesn’t mean there are people it does work for.


Not to argue semantics, but moving people from cars to public transit keeps the same people on the roads, but fewer vehicles. While i get your line of reasoning, accuracy counts.

If you’re willing to give up what you own to move to denser populated areas that meet your needs, great! I’m all for it. That’s YOUR choice.

On the flip side, who decides who is allowed to operate a personal vehicle? To me, that seems like the opposite of a choice.

But once again, the conversation was about EVs. You want dense vertical growth urbanism, be my guest, but I’m really not interested.


As I’m too stupid and it’s to early for me to do these inline…

Your 1st point, here’s one, had to scroll about 1/8 down the page for. Granted it doesn’t explicitly say it was “okay”, the point stands:

“China/Russia/Europe are largely inhabited by people whose ancestry traces back 1000s of years to the same region. That’s very different from North America, where most natives where killed (either through disease or “policy”).

That’s not to excuse their past behaviour (Europeans started the genocide in North America), but it’s still very different.”

As you also wanted to be pointed to a source for genocides on the same or larger scale throughout history, allow me to search Wikipedia for you:

As to point 3, who exactly determines who is responsible and who will benefit from this paln to raise up America’s indigenous population to their proper station? Are 1st generation immigrants from Ghana going to be required to pay up? How about Natives who’s ancestry dates back to a tribe that exterminated another tribe? Surely that should also qualify as genocide?

And as to point 4, we, in the west, as I did point out I was American, are in a (relatively) peaceful time, which implies that throughout history it has not been, but I guess I need to spell it out for some people.

At the end of the day, you’re not looking to be enlightened or to learn anything, your post was directed to completely discount my points, or to “troll” I will admit I was getting heated reading some of the off the wall bullshit I was seeing, but superlatives aside, I stand by everything I’ve posted. I apologize if you TRULY didn’t know about other genocides, or if your worldview has jaded you to the point where you don’t initially see posts that clearly illustrate what I said, at least in the abstract, and you took the time to go back and reread them and allow it to sink in.

Feel free to pick apart this post, too. Nothing is more entertaining in a meme thread than for 2 idiots, myself included, to argue about genocide.🙂


Ah, the internet…

The phrase “That’s not to excuse their past behaviour (Europeans started the genocide in North America), but it’s still very different” effectively translates to “Even though this happened, this is worse”.

If you bothered to look at that list, you’ll note the mention of the California Genocide of 1846. Reported casualties between 9,492 and 16,094, with other estimates as high as 120,000. Absolutely fucking horrible and a black mark on American history indeed. However, there are 31 other genocides on that list that are higher in number, with three of those even happening prior to California-

Dzungam 1755, 480,000-600,000 Taino 1492, 68,000-968,000 Albigensian 1209, 200,000-1,000,000

I guess it depends on how you define “genocide”, but since Wikipedia is generally using the accepted definition, I feel pretty safe in going with what they say.

And I did lay out proof, you’re just too caught up in whatever ideology to see it. Feel free to rebut, down vote, cry or whatever makes you feel better, but my point was the world is a horrible place, and terrible things happen to all kinds of groups of people. The “meme” that started all this IS a cherry picked reference to people who were wronged (I’m not disputing they were wronged, but so were… insert any other group of people here). Throughout history, most civilizations are founded on the conquering of another. As horrible as that is, it’s a fact. And after the fact, many of the remaining conqured are treated horribly. Also a fact.

Lay out some real numbers, cite an authoritative source (sources) and then we can talk. Until then, I hope the best for you and really wish we could get past this bickering bullshit. Life is too short, and trying to pin the sins of one’s father on the current generation isn’t solving shit. Work toward bettering peoples lives without having to exact revenge from people who didn’t have fuck all to do with it.


So by that logic, the Turks should give Constantinople back to the Romans?


Oh, I stand corrected. A link to a Google doc. Should probably submit that to the Wikipedia article I linked as clearly thier information is flawed. You win an internet today.


And it’s written by a person, with an agenda and bias just like everyone else. Have a tough time taking anything seriously from someone affiliated with Ward Churchill.


Citing one book by someone with a clear agenda isn’t a good look either. You picked the fight, feel free to drop it at your leisure.


You don’t have to apologize to me. If he’s someone who would collaborate with Ward Churchill, he’s got a clear agenda. My source for that was looking him up on Wikipedia, as I had no clue who he was. I’m not going to do the effort of sending you a direct link to the article, so feel free to do it yourself. And grant us all the fact that someone who writes a book has an implied agenda to sell the book.

And every time you start a post with “Source?”, it’s a bad look.



I’m going through the sourced materials in the American Holocaust book, (great title, by the way! not divisive at all!), and considering the sources, it’s pretty obvious Stannard has an agenda, he’s a “cultural materialist”, an offshoot of cultural Marxism. But you knew that, you just didn’t think I’d look 😉

Anyway, with as far as I’ve gotten, I can surmise the sources, the majority of them at least, point to textbooks published by “Berkley; University of California press”. Seems a lot of anti-American sentiment comes out of Berkley. Just to appease my curiosity, I’m going to look deeper into this fellow, who, funny enough, cites his own works as well. That’s pretty douchey


It’ll be a while before I can read further but I do intend to read all of it. In my biased opinion so far, i reads like a propaganda piece, the words seleceted in some of the passages are used to elicit a response, but maybe I’ll see differently as I continue. I do have a question, when you say “genocide”, are you also including open conflicts? It’s my understanding of the word that it would not, but I want to make sure, especially when numbers are involved, that we’re using the same metrics.


Explain. How is it a false equivalent? Romans controlled the city / region for over a thousand years and were later conqured, and their land stolen, to use the vernacular of this thread.


Oversimplifing an empire being overthrown. Seems legit.


People. On a land mass. Wiped out. People. On a land mass. Wiped out.

Yeah, I guess I see your point.

rug_burn, (edited )

Oh wait, my fault. I was responding to your comment “We are still here

Wasn’t sure which part of my anaolgy you weren’t getting. Now we can peacefully argue about that instead.



You too buddy! Would enjoy having rational conversations, even note elsewhere in this thread that I’m taking the time to read American Holocaust, as I told myself “why should I ask someone to do something I’m not willing to do myself?” Granted, being close to 50 years old, it likely won’t change my mind, but I reason that if I do read this book, maybe I can better understand other’s worldview, and maybe, just maybe we can have civil conversations instead of the stupid fucking bickering that’s been going on in a… wait for it… meme thread!


Lol pretty sure it’s fake, but it makes me laugh

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