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  1. usually ~/.config/PROGRAM_NAME/

You probably want to look into $XDG_CONFIG_HOME and the freedesktop spec documentation if you are interested in more of where these standards come from:

(and more generally)


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To Audio and Back Again [using video and audio codecs for unintended purposes]



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obviously good for the bit, but the serious reason why this exists is likely because it's a modern gtk app -> it's meant for gnome users / made by a gnome users -> gnome is all in on freedesktop/flathub -> these users can all expect to have flatpak availability as a common method of distribution -> therefore, release it as a flatpak, so these users who already have flatpak can more easily manage their appimage-only programs

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Zig Build System & How to Build Software From Source - Andrew Kelley



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what if we labeled juice, soda, tea etc with % sugars by volume like how we do with ABV? (kbin.social)

I picked up 24 oz "Green Tea" from the convenience store earlier. I forgot to check how sweet it was, 60g added sugars in the 706.8ml beverage. So this is like 8.5% sugar (g/ml). Obviously that's napkin math but this is showerthoughts, not theydidthemath

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while I'm all down for shaming the food industry into maybe not stuffing everything with added sugar, some of us need the amounts too.

As someone with type 1 diabetes, I need to know how much of everything (but especially carbs and kinds) to best guess how much insulin I need to dose before eating. Certainly there is a whole world of deceptive nutrition packaging to break down that doesn't help here, but the specific things you must report help to keep the labels honest enough to be workable.

I think the real issue is consumers have no idea what half of the ingredients are, or why they might or might not care about certain aspects of food. Nutritional science in general is very poorly researched. It's hard to get accurate data about what a diet does to people. Aside from locking someone in a room, feeding them everything they are to eat and controlling their activity (which paying volunteers in studies of that intensity is too costly for more than like n=1 studies), everything else is very unreliable. Many studies are backed up by surveys asking participants for what they ate for breakfast 6 months ago. As you might expect, no one remembers this crap, much less in useful detail.

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Wizard's Rule


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@Wild_Mastic yes, this is someone replying from mastodon. By default it adds ats for the thread and all comment parents to my post, but I can delete them.

I got here by finding this comment on the lemmy.world website and copying the URL into my mastodon client manually. If I wanted to spend time here specifically, I could get a feed of all your posts by following @Wild_Mastic, follow all posts from this sub magazine as if it were a user reblogging all content in it by following @main. I think there is also a way to follow any post to the instance but that would be something of a firehouse of information.

Regrettably, there is no great way to easily post with a nonlocal non-lemmy/non-kbin account to my knowledge currently outside of subscribing to these places prior to the post being made that you want to comment / interact with. But that could be done either with improved apps on desktop / mobile, integrations from existing apps or even something like a web browser addon perhaps.

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@Gawanoh Do you mean with an account on a mastodon instance, or from Lemmy? In the web UI for mastodon, there is an explore tab that can show you what people on that server are boosting / favoriting the most, that can at least give you some users and threads to click on (to click on more users) and potentially follow them. You can also check the federated timeline, which will probably be way too much to read everything but if you are fishing for content you might find something good if you happen to look at the right time. A local timeline can show you good people too if you picked an instance with reasonable people on it (your definitions / millage may vary).

If that doesn't work or you are looking for accounts to follow from Lemmy / kbin, you could try using the https://fedi.directory website or hashtag to find people recommending accounts.

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idk, how many people who just joined during the big kbin / Lemmy hype train know about activitypub?

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