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Did. Sale was limit: 2. At least normally I can pile 8 or so into my cart and process them in batches of two, not so much with rain cheques.


It’s not about the soda, it’s about the corporate hypocrisy, gratuitously fake goodwill, rampant greed, and bait-and-switching of hard-working Canadians.

If you’re going to be defending Galen West in any way, I strongly suggest you find elsewhere to be licking those boots.


PC Cola is a house brand. No-one else carries it.

And the rain cheque limits you to two. I like to use the self-checkout and stock up by making multiple checkouts.


Except in this case, the store was out of stock 24hrs a day from the day the sale started. It’s now the sixth day of the sale, it ends on Thursday.

Those shelves usually have about 48 rows of 7 bottles across 5 different flavours of PC Cola. It tends to have some stock at all times, the only time I ever saw it totally out of stock was during the first COVID lockdown. Never before, and for the first time since.

I had talked to the store manager, who confirmed ZERO DELIVERIES since the sale started. Not one delivery in any of the five days, and I’m betting this sixth day will be more of the same.

That isn’t just gross incompetence - it’s intentionally malicious.

rekabis, (edited )

And they want to privatize it such that you need to PAY for the privilege of having said healthcare. They’ve taken a hard look at the American for-profit model, and have realized just how profitable holding people’s health and life in ransom for their money can be.

With or without any wealth, you will still get processed by the current system. And with the way we triage, a billionaire with the same medical issue could be right after you, and you would still get processed before them regardless of how poor you are.

In a for-profit system, you’ll only get processed if you can pay. Can’t pay? Go die in the gutter outside like the freeloading scum you are. Your ability to be treated and the speed at wich you will be processed rests entirely on how much money you can throw at them. With a large enough donation, you could even get a stubbed toe moved to the head of the triage line, ahead of people on the threshold of death who will die without immediate attention.


If I was building an industrial facility in a small town

You’ve never held a battery in your hands?

They make no noise.
They produce virtually no smells.
They would be inside featureless buildings.

I don’t know what grid storage you’ve been looking at, but battery storage is usually even more unobtrusive than distribution substations. We’re literally talking about some warehouse-looking building that is eminently forgettable.


Well, they’re men and therefore disposable.

Reminds me of one report I saw that covered all missing and killed indigenous people in Canada. Over two thirds were men.

Two. Thirds.

And yet, we don’t hear a peep about that. Only about missing and killed indigenous women. As if they’re the only ones who matter.

Sorry, but in many mitigation strategies it is taught that you attack the largest or most intractable problem first, in order to achieve the greatest lasting effect. Doesn’t matter if you’re talking about first aid or personal finance or economic strategies or any other problem space.

I don’t mind paying equal attention to both genders even with a lopsided mostly-male victimology, but focusing exclusively on the smallest group of victims (and often the smallest by a wide margin) is nothing more than a kick in the nuts and spit-in-the-face confirmation that men don’t matter.

Chris Rock was right. Men are only [valued] when they produce something of value. Bring nothing of value to the table? Fuck off and go die in the gutter.

The premise and promise of society is becoming less and less attractive to men all the time. It may have even reached negative-value territory for men. No wonder more and more men are just turning their backs on societal expectations and going their own way.


I don’t want to do overtime, I don’t want to go above and beyond for the company, I don’t want to play office politics, I don’t want to jockey for higher roles. None of it.

Because doing those things is no different than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

This ship floating among the stars is going to go down in a very bad way during the next 15-35 years. We are going to see the planetary ecosystem collapse, with devastating effects to the human population. There are some very conservative estimates by climate scientists working together with demographers and climate-aware economists that are suggesting that mass famines trigger cascading infrastructure collapses throughout our civilization by the 2040s, with a commensurate drop in human population of at least 40%, and up to an 80-95% drop by 2070.

Populations don’t experience overshoot-related drops of that magnitude without running a very real risk of total extinction. It may take another century beyond 2070 to finish us off, as small populations are bound to linger on in the remaining habitable regions near our poles, but I would be very shocked if humanity still existed in the year 2200.


I have friends who are climate scientists, and man, the amount of data they cannot yet publish because it isn’t complete or fully analyzed is crazy.

And that data pretty much points in one and only one direction: humanity is fked. Like, either stone-age fked, or full-blown extinction f**ked.

We are accelerating past 1.5℃ of warming. That goal is in our rear view mirrors already. 2℃ of warming is similarly inevitable. We are now looking - at the most conservative - at least 5℃ of warming.

So what does +5℃ of warming look like? Chaotic weather, which largely prevents any significant amount of industrial agriculture. And no, backyard gardens cannot pick up the slack, otherwise agriculture at scale would have never replaced it. Droughts that massively impact the 82% of agriculture that is rainfall/watershed dependent. Lethally high wet bulb temperatures that essentially make large parts of the planet uninhabitable for multi-week to multi-month portions of the year. And no - AC cannot help there. Beyond about 50℃, any consumer/commercial level AC becomes increasingly inefficient and unable to keep buildings cool. And only first-world countries have that infrastructure - it is largely absent from the 4.2 Billion people who live between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

We are going to see the migration of Billions as they move to still-habitable regions of the planet. Can Canada take in 500 Million new residents inside of a decade, while still maintaining its infrastructure like housing and food distribution and sanitary systems? Because that’s what is going to happen by the 2050s - hundreds of millions eyeing Canada as a climate refuge, even from places like the southern U.S… How will we protect our own citizens from our infrastructure getting overwhelmed and collapsing? Eventually, something will shatter - either that infrastructure will collapse, bringing a nation-wide famine to our country, or we hold that famine off by putting our own citizens first, and deny entry to others via bullets and extermination pogroms.

When you combine ethnography and economics with climate science, things get truly terrifying. Our civilization depends on a fragile web of trade. Just look at what happened when a virtually-insignificant virus with a piddly 2-3% fatality rate (with modern medical support, 12-18% without) hit us back in 2020. Entire supply lines were disrupted almost to the point of collapse, and we are still feeling major effects three years later. Almost nothing you use or consume is produced entirely within 1,000km of you, which means when trade collapses, the food supply will also vanish almost entirely. That tin of peaches in your pantry has a supply route that likely involves 8 different processing points across 6 different countries, and all the elements of that can of peaches travels an aggregate average of 15,000km to reach your table. And almost 100% of the food you eat has a similar profile.

Now think what will happen when something truly disruptive, such as multiple climate disruptions hitting multiple sectors of our production and trade systems, happens at the same time. Things will collapse when people become desperate enough to tear apart the existing infrastructure in a bid to survive another day.

I have seen some very realistic (to the point of being almost ridiculously conservative) projections that see humanity’s population contracting by 40% before 2050, and 80-95% by 2070. And this was based on a 4℃ change in climate. We are currently pointing at 5+℃ of change.

There is no chance of anything approximating a high-tech civilization surviving a plunge of this magnitude. We have been leveraging technology to massively exceed the planet’s carrying capacity since the 1920s, and thanks to climate change, that bill is finally coming due.

And because we have effectively exhausted all surface deposits of natural resources - those that can be accessed and processed without modern tech, at least - humanity will become permanently stuck in a low-tech, possibly even stone-age form on a planet that is uninhabitable (cannot live year-round in most places) outside of the polar regions, and therefore can only support a few million of us at the most.


The fact that they are anti-nuclear, when safe nuclear reactors that produce almost no radioactive waste exist, make the Greens a complete non-starter for me.

Solar and wind are great, but they still don’t hold a candle to nuclear’s reliability and consistency of power output.


Fucking capitalists

Fucking vulture/vampire capitalists.

Timmies is now owned by what amounts to a vulture/vampire capitalist group.

And out of a good 12 Timmies in my region, there is only 1 that I willingly patronize, because they actually fill the cup up to the top. No-one else in the area does this, they leave a good 20-25% empty headspace in the cup.

And I’m a sucker for their French Vanilla, it’s the only reason why I even patronize them. I always reach for that when I want to play a game of chicken with my blood glucose.


I am a larger man with broad shoulders. I have trained myself to only sleep on my side due to breathing issues arising from my oversized uvula and the tendency for my tongue to join it at the back of my throat when on my back. Even when I’m awake, breathing on my back - much less speaking - is difficult due to my uvula in particular, as I can’t consciously control how it drapes back against my throat.

So I built my own pillow, so that my head doesn’t hang from my shoulders like an afterthought – no normal pillow is tall enough to support my head while I am on my side. It looks kinda like a particularly narrow and deep parking curb, vaguely saddle shaped, only it’s not made out of concrete. It’s literally a tiny showroom-demo mattress on top of a very stable wooden base, with an actual pillow secured on top of it and everything wrapped up in a custom pillow case.

Looks strange AF, but it keeps my spine straight and the crinks out of my neck.


Luckily I don’t need anything like a bumper belt. I have trained myself to never end up on my back; to always turn a full 180° from one side to another no matter how deeply I am sleeping.

I’m able to do a number of nifty things like this in my sleep. Such as being able to wake up within 2-3 minutes of a set time, without an alarm or even a clock, so long as I get more than 4-5hrs of sleep. I’ve even been able to do it with less sleep, only with less than perfect reliability.

It’s a form of mental feedback that I do before falling asleep, and across enough days it ends up being trained in such that I don’t have to reinforce it every night.


Wow. This is two shakes short of full-blown Fascism.


past 13 September

Yes, but will that be a Friday??


Fun fact: infinities can be different sizes, such that one infinity can be larger than another.

They’re still infinities, with no end. Just of different absolute sizes. Fun stuff to rabbithole down into if you want to melt your brain on a lazy afternoon.



Early 80s b-grade movie. Absolutely laughable from a modern cinematic perspective, but I haven’t touched it in over a third of a century due to how it scared the fark out of young-teenaged me. I have also taken a disliking to horror movies (in general) for that same reason.


From someone who needs an emotional connection to make sex palatable, I absolutely agree. Never saw the point of porn, engaging with it always made me feel dirty and hollow on the inside. One-night stands are much the same, which is why I have never had any - I’ve backed out every time. No puritism anywhere here, I’m an atheist dude.


The Parasite Class can WFH all they want, and the company will be no different, but woe if even one healthy worker gets to fully WFH.


Problem is, communism has never been successfully employed, anywhere.

In places like current Venezuela, you have cronyism. In places like the old USSR, it was an autocratic variant of plutocracy, where a tiny cadre of political elites ruled over a powerless underclass. Modern China is pretty much the same system.

All so-called “implementations” have been a thin veneer of “communism” covering up something toxic and horrible that most definitely was never anything even close to communism. Much like how Easy Germany or North Korea were/are “Democratic” simply because that word was/is in their name.

About the closest we got was with Cuba, which could have seriously shaken up the world had it been given half a chance.

But Cuba is also what you get when the world’s largest economy bullies the rest of the planet into making a country a trade pariah simply because of ideological differences. Had Cuba been allowed to trade, it would have been an economic powerhouse, and would have likely exported worker’s collectives worldwide and seriously threatened the hegemony of the Parasite Class that rules capitalistic economies.

But of course, the Parasite Class couldn’t allow this to happen, so Cuba’s experiment was strangled and starved nearly to death. And yet, despite the deprivations and Western malice, it has achieved more per unit of resources available to it than any other capitalist economy out there. It’s doctors are world-renowned, and it’s medical research - especially with cancer - is groundbreaking. Imagine what it could do if it wasn’t brutally suppressed by western trade blockades.


Respecting employees, giving them legitimate and material opportunities, and not wasting their time or insulting their intelligence is one of the strongest ways to retain them.


housing nods sadly from the shadows

affordability in general grins maliciously and backs out of sight into the hedges


So the solution here is to even further impoverish and brutalize those too poor to afford to get off the street?

What could that possibly hope to accomplish?

At some point we need to start treating our elected officials as the undiagnosed sociopaths that they are.

rekabis, (edited )

You need to act while they are still clam and happy.

clam and happy

So: roast or boil them while they’re still in their shell. Got it!


It’s wild to consider that $130k combined income can’t even get you on the lowest rung of the housing ladder.

Now consider that the average wage - half of all people make less - is only $48k in Canada.


I think the better comparison would be the number of billionaires per capita. Say, per million people. Not that this isn’t a good infographic - keep the overall count. But include the per capita as a frequency-of-occurrence stat.


I still have the same mechanical pencil I bought over in Germany during a student exchange in 1988. Absolutely bulletproof, and - as typical - I didn’t see it’s thumb-click design (lead advancer right behind the tip, where the thumb usually sits when writing) being sold in North America until about 10-15 years later.


Then you should vote with your feet, and go to a private school that requires you to pay 100% out-of-pocket.

The Parasite Class wants you to fight and argue in favour of school vouchers and private schools. It’s how they de-fund the entire system to force kids into religious indoctrination that promotes ignorance and bigotry. It’s the perfect Conservative Voter creation engine.


As for search engine captchas, I never get them with Mullvad.

That has nothing to do with VPNs, and everything to do with how your browser “leaks” your user behaviour history.

Captchas go through your browser behaviour history and examine the clicks and pages you have gone through, how long you were on each one and how you scrolled through each page. Stuff like that. If that browser behaviour history reaches a minimum threshold of “human-like behaviour”, there is no test to pass. If it doesn’t, or there is no history to go after, you get a test.


Because I have been using the same web browser, in terms of ideology, heritage, and codebase, for the last 30 years.

I mean, it’s hardly perfect. But it’s far better than the alternative (Chrome & derivatives). And now that Tab Mix Plus is available again (albeit in a somewhat unstable non-webstore XPI that requires you to hack Firefox to successfully install), I’m loving Firefox & LibreWolf all the more.


I was referring to NCSA Mosaic, back in 1993, but yes. Netscape was forked off of Mosaic, and I started using Netscape myself with v2 when I first saw someone else using it.


Never put a bean counter in charge of any company whose primary business isn’t counting beans. They will eventually destroy the company through their obsession with maximizing the number of beans counted.


Canada should not engage with countries who commit assassinations on Canadian soil, full stop.


Ohio is also the state which has the highest per-capita production of astronauts, with only New York and California producing more in terms of raw numbers.

I wonder, what is it about Ohio that encourages people to flee the planet with such zeal?


Considering it has a scatological sexual act named after it, do I really want to?


Agreed, but the Greens are problematic for various reasons, and the NDP is “terrifyingly socialist/communistic” for far too many people, even though it is solidly centrist, and nowhere near left of centre much less leftist in any significant manner.

With all three other major parties either full-derpy alt-right (CPC, PPC) or small-c conservative (Liberals), none of whom would dare negatively impact their big-business, business-as-usual obsessed donors with climate legislation, who else do we have to vote for that can actually implement meaningful progress?

rekabis, (edited )

Not just deep rural. The entire Okanagan Valley - over a third of a million people - is redder than pee-pee’s arse after a good paddling in his S&M dungeon.

This comes from oodles of boomers and older people who have been indoctrinated on the “communist menace” of the 50s and 60s, and who think that anything not conservative is evil.

We also have a fairly decent white supremacist population, and the largest chunk of domestic financial support for the TruKKKer QUANONvoy also came from here. All in all, a cesspool of alt-right Fascism and degeneracy.

Edit: sigh… this event happened right about the time as I first posted this comment:…/sikh-student-attacked-kelowna-1.6966142

Stay classy, Kelowna. Stay classy.

B.C.'s health-care crisis: First look at massive markups by 'parasitic' staffing industry (

The contracts between the province’s health authorities and 16 for-profit companies detail massive markups for the provision of health-care workers – from nurses to X-ray technologists to occupational therapists – who are now propping up the faltering public system. Sources tell CTV News anywhere from a quarter to nearly...


allows such companies to charge health authorities $75.62 for that same nurse for each hour they work, as well as any travel expenses for those working more than 50 kilometres from where they live.

Offer this to nurses, and watch them flood back into the regular staffing system.

Our current shortage is an exquisite example of a “free market”, where workers are voting with their feet and accepting a better offer with more attractive terms.

To complain about those better terms sucking away workers is to be deeply hypocritical. Either offer even better terms in response, to make it attractive for nurses to return, or shut TF up and take the current conditions without complaint.


I would gladly see those shipping container sized mini nuclear plants scattered around my entire region. Super-safe, impossible to melt down, can be installed into an underground bunker completely out of sight, and good for close to two decades of power. Have them all feed into the same grid with 50% overprovisioning, and such a network could be almost blackout-proof. Even if a major transmission pole goes down, there would be enough units installed within the affected area to keep it energized, even if it browns out. Install smart electrical panels that can communicate with the closest unit, and any brownout can have nonessential circuits in homes get temporarily shut off to lighten the load.


also leaves behind radio active waste for centuries

97% of the waste produced from non-breeder reactors is what’s classified as low-level or intermediate-level waste. The low-level waste in particular is only dangerous for a few decades to a century on the outside. The containers for anything more hazardous (the ‘Type B’ casks) have never seen an accident which have breached it, and are designed to exist in pristine condition for over a thousand years without maintenance.

Modern disposal techniques of the Intermediate-level and high-level waste also includes vitrification. This involves embedding the waste within molten glass, which is incredibly resilient to environmental conditions over several millennia.


Exhibit A on how the poor are criminalized and punished for the crime of being poor - by making them even poorer and more desperate.

The existence of these kinds of shantytowns is a damning failure of that community to take care of its most vulnerable and precarious members.

Any order like this - especially with winter and colder weather approaching - can only come from an inhuman sociopath that revels in the pain and suffering of others.


In case anyone is wondering: this is a consequence of our exploding population combined with steep hill sides.

When the new highway was punched through, allowances needed to be made on those steep hillsides for a much wider road (nearly two and a half times the width of the old 2-lane highway), and a much straighter road (for higher safe speeds).

This means that much more of the hillside needed to be blasted away, at many more locations than previously. The old highway had its largest exposed rock face at about 100ft of height, today’s highway has over 500ft of exposed rock face at its greatest point. This gives many more “points of failure” for rock to spall, crack, and collapse.


The BoC cannot seem to differentiate between consumer-spending-driven inflation (which this is NOT), and greedflation-driven inflation (which this IS).

Unfortunately, higher rates do not affect the latter, it only hurts the Average Joe.

TL;DR: the BoC are economic morons.


Happened to a friend of mine.

Bought a house in North Vancouver, BC, from a very nice widow, and moved into it with his wife. Installed a security system. Eight or nine months go by, until one morning he finds this early-60s VW Beetle in his driveway.

So he checks the security tapes, and it clearly shows the Beetle pulling up at about 3:15 AM, parking, turning off, and then no-one getting out. And nothing changed until the feed showed him finding the Beetle in his driveway. No motion, no movement, and when he came out there was no-one in the vehicle.

After a day or three of waiting, he calls up the DMV (called ICBC up here), but as he’s talking to the rep at the far end to find out who the owner was, they get him to check the plate and the last registration it had was from nearly a decade previously.

And it turns out the prior owner was the husband of the widow they bought the house from. It was his pride and joy, having been his first “new car” purchase.

And when he contacted her, it turns out that the day and even the very hour that the Beetle pulled up was the anniversary of her husband’s death.

Apparently the car was still being stored at some storage place because the widow couldn’t bear to part with it. And the video surveillance at the storage unit had not shown the vehicle leaving. So she had it towed back to the storage unit.

Three years later, other members of the family got back into contact with him. The widow had died, and the Beetle had vanished from the storage unit without a trace, apparently on the day that she had died. Again, with noting showing up on the surveillance video. No-one ever saw that vehicle again.

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