Dad, old-time low-level dev, white-hat hacker. Melting metal for pleasure, servers (usually) by accident. He/him/they/∴.

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BZBrainz, to actuallyautistic
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At work, we had a designated quiet space. Today I learned they reverted it back to a conference room though we have many, mostly unused. It was an emergency decompression space. When I spoke up about this loss, I was told, “If someone has a problem with bells & whistles they probably don’t belong in a hospital.” They didn’t realize it was me. “Of course you belong here—you’ve been here forever—we all have to suck it up. We’re all burned out.”

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@BZBrainz @actuallyautistic ...and the reply to that, in my head, goes: "just fekkin restore the quiet spaces, will you?" 🙄

PossiblyAutistic, to test
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@roryreckons @actuallyautistic @PossiblyAutistic "uh sir? I know it's Question 1, but you may stop right there and I can give you a diagnostic right away." 🤣

kacey, to actuallyautistic en-gb
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@cavyherd @kacey @actuallyautistic @memes "Following the wrong traditions"

autism101, to actuallyautistic

Some autistic people find making phone calls extremely stressful and unpleasant and will avoid them at all costs.

Please don’t try and force your communication preferences on others.

image: anon

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@JustusWingert @dcrooks @miaoue @autism101 @actuallyautistic yeah but you can slap ChatGPT in the marketing material somewhere! I'm sure it'll compensate for the lack of blockchain. You can still add that later when you're rich. 🫠

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@PetitPas @theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic Ha! Had one French teacher in my undergrad studies, he kicked out a student on the first day, for daring to bring a pizza slince in class and eating it. Class started at 11:30.
Set the tone for the whole year.
Also him: "I don't make coding mistakes/write code with syntax errors." 😂

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@PetitPas @theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic I guess his unconditional admiration for "les cousiiiins!" had evaporated by the time he taught us... 😅

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@AlejandroP @PetitPas @theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic I guess that one was easier to swallow for first-year students, or the general population in the early 90s... 🤡

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