Programmer/Geek/UX Enthusiast. @recursecenter alum. Takshashila scholar #TeaOps. Doesn't have Aadhaar. He/him. I run endoflife.date, https://tatooine.club/@tertracker and https://tatooine.club/@dykindia

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srijit, to mastodonindians
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The presence of Indians, from India, in Fediverse is insignificant as on today. Most of us are happy with X and social media tools from Meta. Even the number of posts from existing users, in India, is very low though many of them seem to be active in the above mentioned social media sites.

What can be done to improve the situation? There are no carrots here.

#MastodonIndians #MastIndia #India

cc: @mastodonindians

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@srijit @mastodonindians Network effects are too strong imo. It might happen if enough Indian orgs started a move (media mainly).

nemo, to random
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Someone build a device that listens via a mic, counts the number of horns blared, and keeps a daily running counter.

I would like to deploy a ton of these in Indian roads.

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