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That’s a bad idea because it could help police in surveillance and identification of protestors. As someone said, get yourself AND people around you involved in local community groups.

How do you organize resources for a given topic?

I am researching a few topics, like AI and work from home, and I am trying to figure out what system would be best. E.g., I may find some news articles, or journal papers, or reports, and so on, on a topic I am interested in. One option would be to create a note with the topic name, say "AI, and then just put the links into the...


Sorry for my english. Here’s what i usually do:

  • kanban as read-list and task tracking
  • introductive note to a topic with backlinks to other notes (subtopics)
  • a directory with all the subtopics notes, backlink to index note.

I don’t like atomic notes or Zetelkastenn methods enough, but be sure to check these methods. If you’re more visual, then you may use the canva plugin.

The best system is subjective, try different things and find what works for you.

fedithom, to obsidianmd avatar


Ok, trying this thing out.

First off: Can you hear me?

If so, can someone help me with trying to turn an vault into propper so I can put it on some website and have other read them? Links includes, of course, all that stuff.

I've toyed with but all it outputs is ok-ish looking text, zero html functionality, particularly no links.


I’m using Quartz 4 for publishing my notes, it supports every feature because the author made it for Obsidian.

How do you personally use Obsidian?

I go against recommended practice and have different vaults for different things in my life. The academic note vault is separate from the personal vault is separate from the creative projects vault. I have also committed sacrilege by not having many notes linked to each other. I’m trying to migrate a lot of notes from Google...


I use both Obsidian and Anytype right now. I find Anytype better for things like journal, networking, notes on the fly, habit and idea tracking, reading list, literature notes and so on.

I use obsidian as knowledge base for IT stuff and university notes. I also have a kanban because to keep track of what i learned and where to go next.

I also have another vault that i use for D&D, since i’m usually the DM i use Obsidian to world building, design campaigns, keep track of new ideas or requests from my player and what other players do.

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