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ActivityPub 1.0.0 for WordPress has officially been released! 🎉

One of the biggest additions is the ability to set up blog-wide "catch-all" accounts, which is a fantastic new feature. It provides more flexibility compared to the previous account setup.

In terms of adoption, the plugin has already been installed on an impressive 42,831 WordPress blogs! It's amazing to witness how ActivityPub for WordPress is gaining popularity day by day.

But here's the news that truly gets me pumped up: ActivityPub support for Wordpress.com (also known as "Dotcom") is on its way! This means millions of WordPress.com users are going to join the Fediverse. Just imagine the possibilities! Currently, there are around 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments made on WordPress.com each month. The addition of ActivityPub will open up the Fediverse to a whole new level!

While Threads joining the Fediverse has sparked a lot of discussion, I believe the inclusion of WordPress (both self-hosted and Dotcom variants) could have an even more significant impact. It's an exciting time indeed! 😄



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@atomicpoet @fediversenews I upgraded to 1.0 and it broke… mostly everything important and we’re not federating properly anymore. If you’ve been using previous versions maybe hold off. I suspect it has to do with my blog living in a subdirectory off root. There’s also an open issue involving subdomains.

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@maegul oh hells yeah, bring 'em back!

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We did humanity a disservice when we created 24-hour television services that valorized the ability to keep talking over the ability to think before speaking


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@IAmDannyBoling @kenryan @adamrice @scalzi That was very explicitly not the point. He was saying that women are stupid ("soft") and make stupid ("soft") decisions like not being brutal enough, and the smart woman exception he came up with "thinks like a dude" implying she's not really a woman.

The core of this wave of fascism is absolute hatred and loathing of women. When the incels and the fash merged, they had big arguments - online, even, not hidden - about whether oppressing against race or against gender was the bigger priority, and the incels won that fight. I suspect since it implicitly includes queers. Gutfeld is expressing that outcome.

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The first beta of #Mastodon 4.2.0 is now available for testing! There are too many improvements to count. See the extensive changelog and upgrade instructions here:


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Breaking relay.fedi.buzz - particularly with ZERO notice - is a crushing negative for hashtag games and follows on small instances. Ad hoc group activities like monsterdon and tcmparty and hashtaggames itself are largely possible on small instances because of hashtag relay services like fedi.buzz, and whole-instance relaying is not a solution for us.

(Imagine small instances trying to relay all of mastodon.social, come on. No.)

It’s also prohibitive against other uses on small instances like emergency tracking. If you want to try to do that, you’d better be on a big instance like mastodon.social.

This is a massive kneecapping and it’s going out without consideration or notice.

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@AimeeMaroux @MastodonEngineering They're calling it "scraping" which is... what they're calling it. >:/

But yeah, it makes things much harder for creatives, it's breaking up small communities, it's making small instances much less able to participate in the ways I described. (Unless and until fedi.buzz implements around it, of course, which they could do various ways and pretty certainly will. And those ways aren't better.)

I have suggested that it should be left up until there is a replacement tool for this critical small-instance functionality, but I kind of doubt they're going to do that. I also suggested only exposing posts with hashtags, as hashtagged posts are clearly intended to be discovered, and this is discovery. So.

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The Place Where Nothing Will Grow gets more attempts at a few kinds of moss (some planted properly, some transplanted with mild care, some frankly just tossed to see what happens) since the ferns are doing fine and the first moss attempts are actually spreading a little.

hopefully at some point it will not be terrible!

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the top layer isn't actually bad. Down a bit and you get retaining-wall-fill though. And below that actually is concrete.

It's literally a slope fill over concrete. It's not going to get good no matter what. The better answer is hard terracing with gravel (like the rest of the area like it) and planters, but I can't afford that right now.

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