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#Meta production engineer working on #Linux userspace, longtime #Fedora contributor, #Debian maintainer.

#Midwest #USA transplant, mostly harmless.

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michelin, to linux
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Now that both #Twitter and #Reddit have been short-sighted enough to burn through the goodwill of many users and communities, I wonder if it's time for distributions like @fedora and @centos - who were latecomers to the #Fediverse - to embrace #Lemmy ?

Let's see if I succeed in posting this to @linux as well - to see if Mastodon<->Lemmy interop works as well as it seems to do with another Lemmy community

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@fedora @centos @linux that seems to work - similar to how @guppegroups works in that on the Mastodon side posts tagging the community address appear to get boosted, with a difference that you can read it in a Reddit like interface (with good threading 🧵!) if you have a Lemmy account as well.

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@fedora @centos @linux ooh thank you!

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@fedora @centos @linux should that be tagged on every official toot? That way you cross publish at zero cost

rakyat, to cafe
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Souvenirs to buy in Malaysia

We Malaysians might not be aware but apparently, we’re famous for our chocolate. Every day, an endless stream of buses filled with China tourists make their stop at chocolate factories that locals don’t even know exist haha.

Other must-buy Malaysian products according to this China YouTuber: Milo powder, instant white coffee, instant teh tarik and instant cooking bak kut teh.



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@rakyat @cafe durian-flavored chocolate! I've only seen it in Malaysia and Singapore

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@rakyat @cafe I ... can't remember seeing it in Indonesia. When I brought back durian chocolate as souvenirs when I still worked there my coworkers seem really excited

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