Certified thrall
I'm ivy and I'm the admin of fedi196.gay
I'm also https://cutie.city/@ivy

cottagecore Sapphic trans demigirl
some flavor of bi idk

I'm the opposite of a high functioning individual. a low functioning person? non functioning? idk that's too much work to figure out

currently in university for computer science
rust has quickly become my favorite language

hrt 29 Dec 2022

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What is your favorite cleric spell?

I’m new to playing DnD 5e and I’m looking to find some fun spells I may have overlooked for my level 11 light domain cleric. Throwing out fireballs and summoning spririt weapons is a blast but I want to know what other beloved cleric spells I may be overlooking. So lemmy dnd players what are your favorite spells for our...

ivy, to 196
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str(ule)aight 😔

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huh, didn't expect that

Meta Just Proved People Hate Chronological Feeds (www.wired.com)

Meta conducted an experiment where thousands of users were shown chronological feeds on Facebook and Instagram for three months. Users of the chronological feeds engaged less with the platforms and were more likely to use competitors like YouTube and TikTok. This suggests that users prefer algorithmically ranked feeds that show...

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it's because they aren't talking about users, it's shareholders. shareholders don't stand to gain near as much ad revenue from the endless algorithm induced scrolling. executives and shareholders hate chronological feeds, not people

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I'm on glitch soc instead of mastodon and I've liked it a lot
it pretty much fixes most of my biggest gripes with mastodon and I hide the counters anyway because the number isn't very important to me

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I'm not sure, but I'm running my own instance at https://fedi196.gay and I have already put threads.net into my defederate list

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it's just because the mod tools aren't where they need to be yet and beehaw does a lot of work to protect minorities. the mods weren't really happy with having to defederate and they plan on refederating once the tools are better or we get settled in

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mindustry is my fav

it's a crazy good combo of resource management, tower defense, rts, and sandbox creativity

added bonus that it's open source and even has multi-player

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is the guy in the first pic the one who went to the bottom of marianas trench?

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dang same I'm way more engaged here and I spend less time it's a huge win win and it just feels healthier

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I think a more finished kbin in the near future and apps for it installation and maintenance is still an absolute nightmare for it, and it's lacking support for non amazon s3 out of the box I'm still trying to fix federation but it still eludes me

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so if I understood this article properly, this is proposing a model where the universe is not expanding but just exists infinitely. also this seems to neatly fit everything together eliminating dark matter and energy

if so, that's crazy! it would be really cool to see some research on this in the future and hopefully see some new developments because of it

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found the min/maxer :3
but yeah, if you play the game proactively you can prevent a bunch of the hard choices
I found just playing the game at normal speed with no pause can definitely spice it up and made me feel like a desperate administrator just trying to make everything good enough

The Guardian view on danger at sea: The contrast between the frantic hunt for a missing submersible and the failure to save migrants drowning in the Mediterranean is illuminating (www.theguardian.com)

A massive operation is under way to find and save a stricken vessel and its passengers. As time passes, anxious families and friends wait with growing fear. The US coastguard, Canadian armed forces and commercial vessels are all hunting for the Titan submersible, which has gone missing with five aboard on a dive to the wreck of...

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I'm so tired of governments bending over backwards to help billionaires while ignoring average people

I'm so tired of valuing people based on their net worth. these double standards are disappointing and honestly disgusting. I'm disgusted by our current politics and economics

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I wasn't aware that it worked
I am working on an app myself but it's going to be about a month
kbin still doesn't fully have an api so any apps are going to have to wait until it's development is underway

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