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Old, white, male, Dutch, geek, long recovering network and Solaris sysadmin, ops guy, he/him.
Currently working with a complex mesh of APIs

Gall's law has been my guiding principle for some time now.

Father, husband. Three sons and four cats. Love devops teams, Science, Science Fiction. And I digress, with even more space here.

Also https://mastodon.social/@hlangeveld

#devops #sre #reading #sf #fantasy #fedi22
#DevopsDays #NL #adhd #neurodiverse #cats

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PossiblyAutistic, to test
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@PossiblyAutistic @actuallyautistic

Q1... Define "do things".
Q2 id
Q3 The word is 'structure' with distinct visual components. Def no 4k HD.
Q4 Used to.

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@Adventurer @PossiblyAutistic @actuallyautistic

Two sons have their birthday on the same day of the month, four months apart.

My eldest son's birthday is two weeks after mine.

These things definitely help me remember them.

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@Adventurer @PossiblyAutistic @actuallyautistic

Roughly 1 in thirty between the two of them.

Plus 29/30 * 1/30 again?
So any two sharing a birthday (ignoring month) roughly 1 in fifteen.

Assuming 30 day months etc.

There's some combinatorics involved for which I forgot how to read or calculate.

So I go back to first principles.

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@Dr_Obvious @Adventurer @PossiblyAutistic @actuallyautistic that's an easier way. I love the 30/30... First one has a birthday, but we don't care which

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