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A group of scientists set out to study quick learners. Then they discovered they don't exist | KQED https://www.kqed.org/mindshift/62750/a-group-of-scientists-set-out-to-study-quick-learners-then-they-discovered-they-dont-exist

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@dougpete @oldaily posted a link to this as well

I think this is significant.
Does this not mean, for example, that when we stream maths classes, we need to go back and fill those gaps. Not teach stuff they don't understand more slowly/ with pictures/ ... Just go back, and "catch them up" - identify, and fill in the gaps. True for reading gaps, etc, etc.

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@rspfau @dougpete @oldaily @edutooters
Absolutely. But does that not still come back to the way we structure teaching ("learning design")? The issue is not "slow kids", but poor design of learning? Which resonates strongly with Cognitive Load Theory, which says similar things about design.
And indeed, optimal design will likely always be different for each context (group, subject, topic, teacher, day, etc). But we can design knowing where to focus effort? Baseline assessment becomes critical.

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@rspfau @dougpete @oldaily @edutooters Yes. But is that not where we ideally might change what we measure: not the end outcome, but your improvement? (Although I love "outcomes assessment", vs relative performance!)
So a system change, as much as an individual teacher's?

Was there not a study some decades back about a teacher who let kids set their own passing marks, so long as they upped the number each test? ie - improve.

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#teaching #skillsVsKnowledge

The ever on-point Daisy Christodoulou:
"The point is that you can't teach skills directly."

"Asking what the right balance is between knowledge and skills is like asking what the right balance is between ingredients and cake. "


Just your regular inoculation against the hype of the educational snake-oil salespeople, who have profit as their goal, not #education.

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I'm interested in design for learning -- things like page design, classroom design, and even design of the delivery. Unfortunately, resources I can find are focused on online learning.

Where can I learn about learning design for face-to-face classroom settings? @edutooters

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@mhayesgolding @edutooters I see you have some excellent answers already. Sweller's work on Cognitive Load Theory is all about how to design learning in an optimal way. The difference between intrinsic load (hard content) and extrinsic load (distractions, etc)
His review of the topic in this link is useful, even though the paper focuses on the evolution of the theory.

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This just dropped into my mailbox
Thanks to Adam Grant (and Larry Cuban for reposting).
To fairly judge student learning is tricky. And even trickier if you set a time limit testing…

@edutooters @edutooter @education #test #pressure

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@sarahjelm @edutooters @edutooter @education pure gold on understanding timing of assessment. If the people setting SATs are understanding the difference between fast and good, all assessors, at every level can, and should.
Related to syllabus writers cramming in too much content.

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Picking up a reference from @jeffgreene this article gives a really good overview of the current state of , () embedded in a reflection on the process to develop good theory.

Any @edutooters wanting to get a quick, solid grounding, this might be a robust starting point.

I shall be working through the nuances of split-attention and redundancy for a while!


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I got a class of 14 year olds teens through two's complement, so, having finished their spinach, in the last lesson of the week I got them to make a Mondrian-like piece in processing, to use as a logo for the Teams


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@MrBerard @edutooters The best bit is in the intro: "so who can tell me what 1 + 1 is?"
When you show that x + -x = 0 in 2s comp, there's generally this "oh, wow" moment, which is a small payoff.

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@edutooters So my new school has 3 reporting periods every 8 weeks! Yr 7+8 grades only and P+T interviews week 4-5, year 9 written reports week 7, year 10,11,12 grade reports in week 7 and 11+13 P+T evening in week 8. Cycle rotates every 8 weeks so all groups get a written report. What the actual F.... Anyone else got a crap cycle?

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@jellycrystals @edutooters You mentioned earlier that this is a more affluent boarding school? Does that maybe come with parent expectations? I teach at a private school here, and the fees are steep, just to maintain pay parity with govt funded schools. The communications are seen as part of that 'value add'.
How big are the classes?

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Whenever I explain my at Google into mobile text editing, I'm usually met with blank stares or a slightly hostile "Everyone can edit text on their phones, right? What's the problem?"

Text editing on mobile isn't ok. It's actually much worse than you think, an invisible problem no one appreciates. I wrote this post so you can understand why it's so important.

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@scottjenson @edutooters When looking at the use of tablets and phones in class, we need to factor this in. There are many benefits, but there are some significant use-cases where tablets are not the solution.

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I’m really struggling with where I want to be socially in the post-Twitter eduverse.

Obviously any question asked directly on a platform will be biased toward people ON that platform, but still I want to know: where are you finding engaged teachers these days?

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@BrentGWarner Follow @edutooters
@oldaily also posts good reviews of articles.

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@edutooters Daisy Christodoulou and team have done some very good work around and
There current take is not positive:

"Being good at language and bad at accuracy is a toxic combination. It basically means that LLMs are really good at educationally & socially harmful things like cheating, but really bad at educationally & socially useful things like aiding instruction, assessing accurately, etc"

Worth the read:

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