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(Rollen-)Spieler, Leser, Musizierender und Musik Konsumiereder, Backender, Sport interessierter, Katzenliebhaber. Deutsch / Englisch.

Ich übersetze derzeit Produkte für das Cthulhu Rollenspiel für den Pegasus Verlag.

Wer irgendwelchen Schrott von MidJourney, ChatGPT und Co postet, der wird konsequent geblockt. Sowas kommt mir nicht ins Haus.

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fedithom, to obsidianmd
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Ok, trying this thing out.

First off: Can you hear me?

If so, can someone help me with trying to turn an vault into propper so I can put it on some website and have other read them? Links includes, of course, all that stuff.

I've toyed with but all it outputs is ok-ish looking text, zero html functionality, particularly no links.

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Ok, turns out
works very well for what I need.
THAT's great

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@bob_wiley thanks. I had seen this already, but I'm kinda not in to pay $8 a month to publish some stuff that in all likelihood 2 people will glance at and go 'neato' and never give it a second look. ;)

Besides, I do already own a few domains and servers, so self-hosting feels natural :)

jwildeboer, to random
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Added threads.net to the blocklist on my instance. I have no interest in federating with Facebook/Meta services.

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Might his be helpful?
I'm not running my own instance, so...

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