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I Tested an HDMI Adapter That Demands Your Location, Browsing Data, Photos, and Spams You with Ads (www.404media.co)

An iPhone to HDMI adapter was discovered that, when plugged in, runs a program prompting users to download an app. This EZ Cast app collects extensive personal data and sends it to China for ad targeting. It requires location access, photos, and installs tracking cookies. The adapter appears designed to mimic official Apple...


It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.

It is by the juice of sapho that thoughts acquire speed, the lips acquire stains.

The stains become a warning.

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion

Simultaneous device use-case sync question.

I would like to use my laptop for note taking in class, and use an android based e-ink tablet for handwriting and diagrams. What are your recommendations for delivering the tablet’s notes to the vault? Obsidian on the tablet with first party sync looks like a possibility. What about another app that can use SyncThing or...


I do the same thing, using a home-grown Git sync solution to keep my vault synced between my desktop, laptop, and Android phone. Free, and easy to setup on the computers, needed some additional SW on the Android side to get the sync to work.

How do you personally use Obsidian?

I go against recommended practice and have different vaults for different things in my life. The academic note vault is separate from the personal vault is separate from the creative projects vault. I have also committed sacrilege by not having many notes linked to each other. I’m trying to migrate a lot of notes from Google...


I’ve a single vault with everything in it - personal journal, research projects, writing projects, random notes, all of it. I separate it all in a folder structure when I can, and use tags for finding the random notes and files otherwise. I’ve got notes from Kindle and Zotero books that get pulled in when necessary, as well as Fleeting Notes. I keep my vault synced on my desktop, laptop, and Android phone via a home-grown GitHub sync script.

I have a large collection of stuff in a OneNote notebook, which stays there until I need it. No sense taking the time to move over stuff I may not need right now.

I do a lot of my writing in it using Longform, as well as just in a note for shorter pieces. Those include some crappy creative writing and slightly less crappy technical articles.


I use these too, and Fira Code and Hack for coding.


My EndeavourOS (and the prior Manjaro distro) had all of them installed.

All. Of. Them.

I am so tired of having to scroll through hundreds of Noto fonts to get to the later ones, but I’m afraid, if I uninstall one, something will break on reboot.


+1 for btop - so much easier to find and kill runaway processes.


emacs with doom FTW.

Looking forward to learning how to get tree tabs in FF.


Not sure if it counts, but obsidian for notes and my daily journal, and latte-dock to replace the stock KDE app bar.

Oh, and emacs with doom for general text editing and most coding tasks.


Define “buggy”. I’ve still got a problem where occasionally when I mouse over the dock, it redraws the icons, but I’m living with that until it hurts enough for me to figure out why.


I moved from a major metro area to middle of forking nowhere several years ago. I kept my library cards from the metro area, which still work for Libby ebook and magazine downloads, while the local rural library is tied into a regional system for the occasional dead tree book.


I just hopped both my laptop and desktop from Manjaro to Endeavour - so far, so good. I’m still restoring files from backup and installing stuff, so it’s still early days, but already things are feeling better.


There was a story once that said if you put an infinite number of monkeys in front of an infinite number of typewriters, they would eventually produce the works of William Shakespeare.

So far, the Internet has not shown that to be true. Example: Twitter.

Now we have an artificial monkey remixing all of that, at our request, and we’re trying to find something resembling Hamlet’s Soliloquy in what it tells us. What it gives you is meaningless unless you interpret it in a way that works for you – how do you know the answer is correct if you don’t test it? In other words, you have to ensure the answers it gives are what you are looking for.

In that scenario, it’s just a big expensive rubber duck you are using to debug your work.


Fair point, and thank you. Let me clarify a bit.

It wasn’t my intention to say ChatGPT isn’t helpful. I’ve heard stories of people using it to great effect, but I’ve also heard stories of people who had it return the same non-solutions they had already found and dismissed. Just like any tool, actually…

I was just pointing out that it is functionally similar to scanning SO, tech docs, Slashdot, Reddit, and other sources looking for an answer to our question. ChatGPT doesn’t have a magical source of knowledge that we collectively also do not have – it just has speed and a lot processing power. We all still have to verify the answers it gives, just like we would anything from SO.

My last sentence was rushed, not 100% accurate, and shows some of my prejudices about ChatGPT. I think ChatGPT works best when it is treated like a rubber duck – give it your problem, ask it for input, but then use that as a prompt to spur your own learning and further discovery. Don’t use it to replace your own thinking and learning.

Cleaning build plate (was How hot is too hot for FDM printing?)

I recently had two print failures on my Ender 3 Neo. In both, it looked like the part came free from the heated build plate after about an hour or so of printing. Both had good starts in the first 15 minutes or so. I had a successful print finish two days ago....


OK, good to know – just did an alcohol/dish soap wipe and restarted the print, will check it in a bit, and do the cleaning after every print.


Heat is ~28C outside (90F or so), more in the shed. I’ve no ABS since I’ve I read it’s tough to work with and I haven’t had an application for it yet. I just did a cleaning on the plate, and I’ll see if that makes a difference.


I’d heard about needing to keep the filament dry, but it hasn’t been an issue for me yet. That said, I’ll get what filament isn’t still sealed into a dessicant loaded container ASAP - thanks!


I’m printing PLA+ at 200C nozzle, 60C bed temp. It’s been fine so far with a few failures I’ve filed under “User Error”.

OK, now I’m curious how I change the bed temp settings after the first layer – something in the slicer? I’m using Ultimaker Cura, and have just recently been digging into the advanced settings.


Not just parents – my wife has an unhealthy mobile game addiction. We’ve talked about it and talked about it, but it’s still a heavy draw for her.


If you want to use gimp as an ALTERNATIVE and go in without the bias, you’ll likely learn your way around a LOT faster.

I think this is the key phrase – do you want an alternative (where you might have to learn new ways of doing things), or do you want a clone? GIMP is not a clone, but an alternative.

I also think this gets to something I was told loooooooooong ago, when I was a young lad asking what was the best computer to buy. Someone told me, “Find all the software you want/need to run, and get the computer that will run it all.”

In other words, if you need to use Photoshop, then maybe you don’t use Linux – maybe stick with Mac or (shudder) Windows.

displaced_city_mouse, (edited )

OK, so no to pulling it all off.

I’ll give this a try, but let’s say I put the filament in the printer cleanly – the filament won’t be tight for long as it gets pulled into the printer, so what’s to keep it from jamming itself up again?

UPDATE: I really need to learn to try things before I start complaining they won’t work.

I followed your advice – as I was tightening up the windings, it became clear that the lead winding was under the next one. I know I wasn’t the most careful when I initially loaded it, so you’re diagnosis was probably correct.

So I pulled the tangle out, cut off the damaged section of PLA, and more carefully reloaded the filament this time. It seems better now – the filament is feeding better now. Time will tell – I’ll post an update when this print either completes or fails.

Which SLA-Printer to buy?

I’m currently tinkering around with the ‘Anycubic Photon S’ to get a first impression. I’m already hooked up and like to buy an SLA-printer for the job. I’m in strong favour for an (Prusa) SL1S because of its speed, the prusaslicer and support. So, although money is fortunetely not a problem, I can spent it only once....


I have the predecessor to that, the Photon Ultra. I’d be very interested in seeing how the anti-aliasing performs on the D2 - I’ve been fighting voxels on the Ultra since Day One, and haven’t been happy with the results.


I did a roll-your-own solution with private GitHub repo and a script to push changes and pull them from other machines. I update things on my main desktop, my laptop, and my Android phone this way, no extra costs incurred.


One thing I’ve found after printing on my Anycubic Photon Ultra for a while is that I rarely need the .010 - .040 layer heights. I do most of my figures for display, not gaming, and I just don’t see that much distortion from layer lines, or difference when printing at different layer heights. Voxels are a much bigger issue IMO, and I spend a lot more time and effort in getting anti-aliasing set right.

Right now I want something with a higher resolution (the Ultra is only 720P IIRC) and better anti-aliasing – even with it dialed in on Chitubox, I have to do some sanding and filling on smooth surfaces.


…there is a big, big difference between calling someone homeless/addict or saying “experiencing homelessness/addiction”

I agree with this – my point in bringing this up was to highlight the differences in the language we use and the images and ideas those words conjure in the reader/listener. Your experiences are much more direct than mine, and I appreciate the insight.

… I don’t think the author intended to degrade people with their wording. … I think we do a disservice to the people directly suffering from homelessness/addiction/mental health by misdirecting our frustrations towards the journalists increasing awareness of the problem.

I see your points. However, had the director of the facility also used the term “homeless”, I would have never posted this. Its the changing of the word from what was said to what was written that gave me pause.

On the other hand, you have also given me some other ways to think about this story and how it was presented. Thanks for forcing me to confront some of my biases.


Look forward to seeing the HiDPI scaling work on my laptop - tired of my login screen looking like crap…


There’s a great dissection of this whole thing by Legal Eagle on YT from last week, if you don’t mind going there.


This is what Cory Doctorow calls “enshittification”, and it’s part of the reason I’m on Mastodon and Lemmy now.

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