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Shame on you for not guessing which 3-letter acronym was used! /s


I had a cat which responded vocally with “mrrr” when hearing his name. Saying the name repeatedly had an 80% chance of summoning my cat, and a 20% chance that he would come running and jumping up into my hug. I loved that cat so much. Smart loving bastard who liked to also chew on my wife’s foot on her way to the bathroom at night, and lovingly hump his towel when he was bored.


5 babies and parts of their bodies hidden by other babies are all accounted for.

Has anyone ever tried mulled coffee? (

I know that it’s the middle of summer (northern hemisphere). I know that even the thought of adding fruit juice and mulling spices to coffee is probably horrifying. I do not expect it to taste good. And yet, I had a thought about it and found that it seems to be a thing and so… has anyone tried it?...


I’ve enjoyed coffee that was roasted with cinnamon. I’ve mixed in cinnamon with ground coffee myself (in the upper part of the espresso puck only) for a similar effect. Tastes great. Would recommend.

I’ve had coffee with orange juice, which was weird but ok.

As long as you mix in good ingredients, you get something good, that individual taste would judge if it’s likeable.

After all, what’s so objectively likeable about bitter bean juice in the first place?

How do you personally use Obsidian?

I go against recommended practice and have different vaults for different things in my life. The academic note vault is separate from the personal vault is separate from the creative projects vault. I have also committed sacrilege by not having many notes linked to each other. I’m trying to migrate a lot of notes from Google...


I have a work environment, which has a symlink to my private notes. Then I use it for some other stuff too with separate, tinier vaults, but I found that unless it’s accessible in my primary vault, it will be ignored and forgotten.

But it does get annoying when is search I find both Linux notes, interview notes, and D&D notes.


Some stays in Turkey do very well. However I’ve seen plenty of cats in need of medical attention (swollen limbs, covered in their own feces, etc) and some people actually harassing them. Same in Greece according to my cousin who was doing some charity work on an island to improve cats conditions.

Stray population needs to be small enough for them to do well with the help they can get from people. The best thing that Turks do for cats, is too neuter them.

Help me choose automatic espresso machine

Hello coffee lovers, Im brewing my coffee in moka pot for 10 years already. Im dreaming coffee machine with bean grinder after I tried delonghi magnifica, but didnt have room for one. Soon Im moving to a new place where I will have more space so Im finally...


Consider a compromise between traditional espresso machines and button to cup ones, in the form of Breville Oracle. It’s only a bit more effort than just a button, but what you get is better coffee than similarly priced automated machines, the opportunity to use it as a traditional machine if you wanna, and the ease of cleaning.


Not really. I adopted a stray kitten which cost 0$, a couple of vet visits set me back maybe 200$ for most of his life. Cat food isn’t expensive, car toys, and the environment was easy to supply and make it interesting. Later in life he got a tumor, and regular vet visits did cost a couple of thousand bucks and he eventually had to be put to sleep. But that was the most amazing cat, who gave happiness and love to 4 people, and a kitty friend.


If you wanna achieve 9 bars of pressure with a constant coffee beans amount and varying beans type (medium roast, dark roast, different varieties within the same brand, etc) you will need to finetune the grind size setting quite a lot. Even tiny grind size differences have a big influence on your brew.


Turn on my Lelit Kate, go take a shower, weigh 24.2 grams of my locally medium roasted Arabica beans, grind with a finely tuned grind setting (to get 9 bars is pressure), comb a bit and give it around 8 careful taps to get a level fluffy basket. Tamp it hard, with the priority being to stay level. Put a steel mesh on top, drive it in, push the button and wait for 27 seconds as the 2 glasses get a significantly caffeinated and flavorful coffee. Add some whole milk and ice, and serve to me and my wife, with a Belgian waffle or croissant.

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