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Ha! That’s amazing. You just made my day!

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Joplin I think, or Trillium but that one could be less user friendly.

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Install proxmox on a computer with plenty of RAM and CPU and you’ll be able to create VMs which you can give out or rent out to anyone.

In regards to access, ipv4 is not a good idea. Especially not residential IP addresses., You should get ipv6 addresses maybe from a tunnelbroker. But anyways, first you need the server with the hypervisor (which is what you’re looking for) and then you can slowly run tests, learn and eventually figure out networking.

Btw, it might be cheaper to simply rent a server, which would solve the issue of ip addresses. OVH has cheap servers and a proxmox install wizard.

Just please don’t use it for anything sensitive until you can find someone to give a quick check up in regards to security to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Unlike a regular PC, this one is expected to receive inbound connections which has its risks.

But don’t worry about that too much now. Find an old computer or rent a server, install proxmox and start testing, playing around and learning.

Edit: chatgpt is good when wanting to learn this stuff. Especially gpt-4, but even gpt-3.5 will do. Just don’t trust it blindly as it still messes up about 20% of the time. But it’s often better than googling for tutorials since you can’t often find what you’re looking for.

Edit2: the setup I propose will allow you to divide a regular computer into 100s of virtual ones limited only by the total RAM, disk and CPU. If you only want a web server on dedicated hardware get a raspberry pi, because my proposal would be overkill. But it’s the closest to “being your own cloud provider”.

Wander, (edited ) to selfhosted
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The future of selfhosted services is going to be... Android?

Wait, what?

Think about it. At some point everyone has had an old phone lying around. They are designed to be constantly connected, constantly on... and even have a battery and potentially still a SIM card to survive power outages.

We just need to make it easy to create APK packaged servers that can avoid battery-optimization kills and automatically configure an outbound tunnel like ngrok, zerotrust, etc...

The goal: hosting services like , , !? should be as easy as installing an APK and leaving an old phone connected to a spare charger / outlet.

It would be tempting to have an optimized ROM, but if self-hosting is meant to become more commonplace, installing an APK should be all that's needed. can do SSH, VPN and other tunnels without the need for root, so there should be no problem in using tunnels to publicly expose a phone/server in a secure manner.

In regards to the suitability of home-grade broadband, I believe that it should not be a huge problem at least in Europe where home connections are most often unmetered: "At the end of June 2021, 70.2% of EU homes were passed by either FTTP or cable DOCSIS
3.1 networks, i.e. those technologies currently capable of supporting gigabit speeds."

Source: https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/library/broadband-coverage-europe-2021

PS. syncthing actually already has an APK and is easy to use. Although I had to sort out some battery optimization stuff, it's a good example of what should become much more commonplace.

cc: @selfhosted

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Am curious. Are you able to run a modern windows 10 virtual machine / virtualbox vm on XP?

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Yes. If your country is authoritarian use cryptocurrency such as Monero. Even Bitcoin can be much better.

The bank would know the amount, the merchant and other details even if it’s a merchant from abroad. The bank might have a duty to report certain transactions or could be forced to give out a record. Other international payment process or foreign banks will generally not refuse a request if it comes from a country government you are a citizen of.

You can use crypto to buy gift cards to shop at regular retailers. This is your safest bet if you’re concerned about a state surveillance of your transactions.

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Is that the extended version of strip poker? Where if you lose a hand you need to put on a bondage element until you end up like that on the table?

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I would say “a lot”. Granted I don’t have too many irl friends, but I think it does matter to me that I can be myself among trusted friends and I feel it helps if they’re furries as well.

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Yes, please! They’ve been waiting for a name since June!

Yeeff? Yinna ?

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Update: I’ll create a poll in a few days with the options that have been mentioned in this post.

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Use insular to install it on your work profile

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I’m planning on bringing a spare phone only on my trips to the US.

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Dealing With Abuse on The Fediverse

I found this academic paper from Stanford's Internet Observatory that's actually brilliant! It not only addresses rampant predatory behaviour on certain parts of the fediverse, but proposes a federated solution to automatically reporting CSAM to NCMEC. I would absolutely implement this in a heartbeat! ​:vlpn_happy_heart:​


What do you guys think? I'm sure there's some caveats to this approach, but I can see minor issues being ironed out pretty quickly.

cc: @chat

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Apologies, but what is NCMEC? I’ll have a look to see what we can implement.

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Yes, good observation. I’m sure she’s safe and it’s a windy day.

An admin deleted all my uploads and I have no clue why (lemmy.world)

I have been uploading comic art images by Moebius for several weeks almost daily to the !eurographicnovels community, where I´m a moderator myself. All those images have disappeared. Modlog says the images have been deleted by “admin”. Modlog gives no reason for this but says the images were later restored by “admin”...

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Actually you weren’t wrong. If you’re a Lemmy.world user your images are stored at Lemmy.world

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Hello! Apologies for not seeing this earlier.

In case anyone’s wondering my position on this matter, it’s this:

  • There is 0.00% chance that yiffit.net or packmates.org will implement any sort of ID verification system. I’d rather host the site in any other different jurisdiction than to jeopardize the privacy of our users or contribute to a version of the internet that’s riddled with surveillance nightmares.

In the worst case scenario the site would even change owners (if my physical jurisdiction played a role in the matter) or I’d find any other way. This is not something I’m worried about since we have no shareholders, no need to be profitable in any way, and don’t report to anyone but to ourselves.

Furthermore, if the internet continues going down such a path and there is a legal way to help people circumvent draconian restrictions by offering services such as a VPN, I would definitely look into hosting such a service. If there’s anything I’m afraid of, it’s the amount of time and effort I know I’m capable of recklessly sinking into privacy-oriented projects just to spite anti-queer, authoritarian and surveillance-state political initiatives :P

So, rest assured that Yiffit and Packmates will not make such ID a verification ever a requirement and I’d even encourage you to find ways to avoid any sites that make such requirements.

PS. We’re now hosted in Germany by the way!

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Thank you for the offer. It’s super appreciated. Right now I don’t think it’s necessary, but who knows what the future of the internet holds. If you have any idea or suggestion yourself, don’t hesitate in letting me know!

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