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Running for US Congress IL District 11 Human Rights Lawyer • Author • Dad Jokes • Host of The Qasim Rashid Show on Sirius XM Channel 126 Sundays @ 10am EST

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The head of Israel's Metula Council is calling to send Gazans to refugee camps & make Gaza 'resemble Auschwitz.’

Netanyahu invoked Amalek to launch the destruction of Gaza & is boasting about blocking a Palestinian state.

1.9 million Gazans are displaced, 20,000 are dead, IDF is snipering Christians in church, bull dozing refugees in tents, bombing hospitals, & killing Palestinians in the West Bank.

I just don’t get how anyone can see all this atrocity & conclude the answer is More war.😓

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In the last 24 hours journalists out of Gaza report:
•IDF killed another journalist named Samer Abu Daqqa
•IDF killed 3 Israeli hostages who were shirtless and waving white flags, named Yotam Haim, Alon Shamriz, and Samer Talalka
•IDF killed two Christian women at the Latin Church in Gaza, named Nahida Anton & her daughter Samar
•IDF bulldozed over a refugee camp, killing people inside

Jews, Christians, Muslims — all murdered. I am horrified and aghast. None of this is self defense.


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Texas is banning Kate Cox from getting a life saving abortion—claiming her fetus has rights.

Simultaneously Texas is fighting a lawsuit by a prison guard who was 7 mo pregnant, had pains, was denied a break, & the fetus was stillborn—arguing a fetus has no rights.

It was Never about life. It was always about control of women.

Vote the GOP out.

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Gaza death toll tops 12,000—of them 5,000 are children

USA spent 21 years & $3T bombing Afghanistan to destroy Taliban—instead killed at least 50K civilians before leaving Afghanistan w/Taliban in power

You Can't Bomb For Peace.

We need human rights law & justice

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@JosephSmith3130 yes, I’ve condemned Hamas loudly and publicly for well over a decade as a human rights lawyer. Glad you finally caught up in 2023.

Where are your comments about the illegal occupation, illegal settlements, illegal blockade, or that IDF killed nearly 250 Palestinian civilians in the first 9 months of 2023?

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Polling shows:
•66% of Americans & 80% of Democrats demand ceasefire—yet they aren’t being listened to.
•73% of Palestinians in Gaza demand peaceful resolution contrary to Hamas—yet they aren’t being listened to.
•76% of Israelis demand Netanyahu resign—yet they aren’t being listened to

John Oliver perhaps said it best in his last episode—we need new leadership if we expect peace and Justice to prevail over war and death.

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I posted that no Pakistani American has ever been elected to Congress & I’d be the first ever.

A not insignificant number of people responded upset that I ignored Rashida Tlaib—the first Palestinian American in Congress.🤔

So—to clarify—Palestine & Pakistan are 2 different nations.


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Need to point this out.

As a murderer stabbed a Muslim woman named Dr. Talat Khan to death, witnesses report that 17 Texans pulled out their firearms and WATCHED. 17! The murderer stabbed her, stopped to check her pulse, confirmed she was alive, & went back to stabbing her to death.

And 17 "good guys with guns" did nothing but WATCH.

A reminder that the "good guy with a gun" myth is a propaganda point to sell more guns. It does nothing beyond an anecdote to save lives.

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My God. A Texas man stabbed to death a Muslim woman named Talat Khan (52) in broad daylight as she sat in a park with her dog.😳

Police have arrested & charged him w/murder. No motivation determined yet. I am getting horrific deja vu of Wadea Al-Fayoume.

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MAGA Logic:
-Abortion: Ban it
-Marijuana: Ban it
-Drag shows: Ban it
-Immigration: Ban it
-Public Schools: Ban it
-Dialogue on racism: Ban it
-Books by Black or LGBTQ authors: Ban it

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I wrote this 11 years ago about Israel & Palestine. I'm deeply pained that it is just as relevant today.

Anyone who claims Hamas is acting "per Islam," is ignorant or lying. Prophet Muhammad's (sa) rules of war reject killing civilians for any reason—ever.


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An appeals court has ordered a Black venture capital firm to stop grant apps supporting Black women founders b/c Fearless Fund—a right wing org—alleged racial discrimination for only helping Black women
•They wont pay Black people reparations for slavery
•They wont pay Black people reparations for Jim Crow
•They wont give Black farmers the COVID19 aid white farmers got
•Now they wont let Black people use their own money to elevate Black people
White supremacy—alive & well

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As we face yet another Govt shutdown I reflect on these absurdities. In the United States:
•1 Senator can block all military confirmations—but it takes 60 Senators to overrule him
•1 Speaker can shut down the entire government—but it takes 218 House Reps to overrule him
•1 bought SCOTUS Justice can strip away rights for hundreds of millions of people—and it's virtually impossible to remove him

This is not a functioning democracy. It is GOP exploitation. Vote GOP Out. Reform our government.

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Wow!😳 Texas teacher fired after assigning an illustrated Anne Frank book

Censoring one of the most important works documenting the Holocaust and punishing the teacher who dared teach it is pretty much in line with what fascists do. Horrific antisemitism.

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Auto workers are demanding a 40% raise to match the 40% pay increase CEOs of the Detroit automakers got over the past 4 years.

CEOs are calling this absurd, but they couldn't be more wrong.

THIS IS A COMPROMISE. Why? Because worker's real wages have fallen 30% over the past 20 years. They're foregoing 16 years of wage theft for 4 of equity, and consistent equity going forward. That's basic justice.

Pay workers. Unionize workers. Tax billionaires. Save our economy.

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Justice Alito is refusing recusal from a SCOTUS tax case where the lawyer—David Riven—just interviewed him for WSJ & represents billionaire Leonard Leo—known for buying SCOTUS seats.

Previously, Alito:
•Refused to recuse from an Exxon case—while owning Exxon stock—boosting Exxon value $23B
•Refused to recuse from billionaire Paul Singer's cases—while taking undisclosed $150K trip w/Singer
•Likely leaked Dobbs decision

This is overt corruption. SCOTUS needs ethics reform to maintain legitimacy.

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Today, tell your kids about Ruby Bridges—the first Black child at all-white public elementary school in South.

Today Ms. Bridges turns 69.

She's younger than both my parents. And more importantly, she's a reminder of the courage of our youth, of the ever present reality of systemic racism, and of the need to lead with anti-racism to counter this hate.

Let us look to leaders like Ms. Bridges, and build that more perfect union for all people in this country—grounded in true Justice for all

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The Reaganomics trickle down scam has redistributed $50T from bottom 90% to top 1%.

If the minimum wage increased with inflation & corporate productivity it’d be $26/hr today.

Corporations annually steal $15B from workers and face zero meaningful accountability.

Think about these facts next time you hear an exploitative CEO of a blue collar retail store complain “People just don’t want to work anymore.”

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Repeating this. I’m Muslim. I don’t feel attacked when people condemn Taliban b/c Taliban do not rep Muslims & I proudly take the lead in condemning Taliban terror.

If you’re MAGA white & feel personally attacked when we condemn white supremacy terror—you’re telling on yourself.

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Black & Latino ppl arrested 6-9X more than white ppl

Cops not charged for killing unarmed Black kids

Inmates die in prison due to horrid conditions

Trump arrested for trying to violently overthrow Govt
•GOP: Two Tier System!!

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The man who called to execute 5 innocent Black & Latino kids is now himself indicted, arrested, and disgraced—while the kids he tried to condemn are instead exonerated, respected, and embraced.

Just wanted to put that in writing.

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5th circuit MAGA judges banned Mifepristone because the “FDA failed to address concerns about whether the drug is safe for women.”😐

Mifepristone reports 5 deaths for every 1M people who use it—a death rate of 0.0005%. Viagra has a 10X greater death rate.😳

So…when do MAGAs ban Viagra??🤔

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BREAKING: Illinois Supreme Court finds the IL assault weapons ban constitutional.

It’s no accident that Blue states have a 40% LOWER murder rate than do Red states. Gun safety laws work in reducing gun violence.

A win for freedom & justice today.✊🏽

Well done to IL Democrats and Governor Pritzker for keeping us safe and upholding justice.

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“US suicides hit an all time high. A main driver is the growing availability of guns. Suicide attempts involving guns end in death far more often than those with other means, and gun sales have boomed — placing firearms in more and more homes.”

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BREAKING: Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected Amendment 1 tonight.

So to recap:
•Red KS—Citizens vote to protect access
•Red MT—Citizens vote to protect access
•Red KY—Citizens vote to protect access
•Red WI—Citizens vote to protect access
•Red OH—Citizens vote to protect access

72%+ Americans SUPPORT access. GOP runs on culture wars because they can't win on ideas. Vote Republicans out permanently.

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