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Does "Rock music is evil / of the devil" have racist roots?

As a Christian most of the circles I’m around are pretty chill…no stone-cold fundamentalists. But I have been around people (and even had family members) who are 100% convinced that rock music is evil and will lead people to engage in witchcraft and draw pentagrams all over their home....


How has me working here financially impacted the company? What can I do to help the company become more profitable?


It’s a blessing to be at a company where you can share that info. Looking for work now, but that’s one thing I’m looking for…a company that’s open enough to share how I’ve impacted the overall business.

PlanetOfOrd, - cell phone number without the need for ID verification.


I’ve found stretchly to be pretty good. AFAIK it’s cross-platform and has a pop-up window for short breaks and longer breaks.


Cutting taxes, removing frivolous programs, making it easier to start a business, making it easier to run a business, removing unnecessary restrictions to spur innovation, reducing the military budget…there are a lot of ways.

As an AHDHer how are receptionist jobs for you? Anyone got stories? I'm needing to step outside my comfort zone and asking folks who have been there before

I’m in tech and working with a guy on a very small project, but I’m definitely not able to make ends meet (thankfully family & friends have pulled me out several months lately). I’ve also been looking for a stop-gap job until I find a tech company that actually knows how to hire. But even that seems to be really difficult....


Thanks! Valuable insight.

I’m definitely a proponent of using my downtime to find ways of making the job better, but I realize I need to be careful. During a fulfillment job I had during quiet times I usually cracked open the Windows PowerShell to see if I could improve processes with any programming scripts. Not sure if it’s what got me fired, but I’d imagine it didn’t help things. 😆


Yup, try the tag on Twitter or Mastodon. I’m trying to raise interest.

So far there’s a call, but nobody’s taking action.

On my part, still trying to find work to afford groceries, so I don’t have much energy to spend on anything else.


Everyone here is providing some great suggestions, but if I may, I’d like to challenge you to think of it a different way…

How can you set up your life so that work becomes a distraction from your phone?

Anytime I’m distracted it’s usually because I’m not engaged enough. This might mean asking my employer for more challenging work, switching jobs, or creating a side hustle to become my new job.


As a (as of yet) nonprofessional photographer I take a “yes, and” approach.

99.98% of people will just take a picture of the thing and move on.

0.001% of people will say, “What’s the point? I can just look up the picture on Wikipedia.”

What do I like to do? I like to take a picture of the thing, but tell a story surrounding it. Is there a mom with a cell phone grinning seeing her kids run around the statue? Take a picture of the moment. Is there a couple with their arms wrapped around each other? Such a precious photo.

This can also help show scale. When I visited a volcano in my area that’s a tourist trap, most people stand at the viewpoint, and take a picture of the gray and brown bump on the horizon with steam coming out. But I purposefully tried to get people in the shot. The result showed how impressive the volcano truly was.


Yes! Especially since I’ve been under/unemployed for the past 2 years weekends are killers! If I had a job I’d be able to spend money on going out and dating (gas is super-expensive if even groceries are outside your budget). But I basically just have to sit on my hands and wait until Monday when I can continue the job search in hopes of some income.


While proponents of the new method have theorized it would be painless, opponents have likened it to human experimentation.

Isn’t that how we’re doing the death penalty anyway? We’re trying to find a “painless” way to kill someone, but is there ever really a painless way to do this? I’d imagine even if I’m sitting in a massage chair with classical music playing it wouldn’t matter if I knew that half an hour from now I wouldn’t be leaving the room.

And we can’t really ask doctors because doctors have taken an oath to “do no harm.”

The death penalty is just a punishment no one wants to do (well, okay, I’m sure there are plenty of people that have no problem with it), but we’ve told ourselves that we have to do it.




Thanks! Sorry to hear you don’t get any weather action. It rains a lot where I live, but rarely thunders. And they’re typically “blink it and you miss” type storms.


Nice! Keep it up! I love the vignette around the edges and the hint of color in the foliage (I mean, besides the obvious green). One thing I often like to do is have a dominant color (or gray) and have a hint of a color in the image to give it some intrigue. Good job.


Story telling 10/10! It’s almost like I can hear the person’s accent, hear them telling me a story, all the while lighting the lantern. I can hear the bustling of the crowd. All with a single image.

Lighting, focus, and details is magnificent.

What did you use for editing?


Workplace benefits.

Really? What’s the benefit? You’re taking money out of my paycheck to restrict my choices?

And aren’t you a business anyway–you know, an organization whose purpose is to MAKE MONEY, not coddle people.


Yup, BandCamp all the way. Once you buy a song you own it, you can play it anywhere you darn well please. Even if BandCamp goes under, no worries, still got my music.

Same with DVDs. Yeah, I’ve definitely gotten movies I regret purchasing, but I think long-term it’s more economical.


Probably gonna anger both sides here, but I see both private insurance and single-payer healthcare as equally-evil scams. Why not focus on driving down costs of healthcare (i.e. EVERYTHING) so that you throw a couple bucks at the receptionist to cover your surgery then check to see if you have enough for a post-surgery soda?



I just use your neighbor’s garden and blame it on my cat.


I had a hero of a physics professor who figured out that new editions of textbooks just mixed up the number of the exercises, so he advised students that they could just order previous versions of the textbooks and he’d provide the “key” for how the questions were shuffled.



“I’m ready to start Monday. Just need to restart my health insurance with–”

“Oh, we already chose that for you.”

“Um…okay…well, at least I can go back to my gym on Tues–”

“No worries, through our wellness plan we’ve already selected a gym for you. We even pre-signed you up to a spin class.”

“I’m more of a bench-press person any–”

“We’ve started your retirement account, too.”



OK; that’s starting to make sense. Thanks.

PlanetOfOrd, (edited )

I do have a bachelor of science in computer science. Been living paycheck-to-paycheck (or worse) for years, so most certs are out of the question.

I have been keeping my tech skills up-to-date, though. I’m very curious so I like to know what’s hot. I even use modern tech to help in my search for that golden opportunity (like recently I used pandas to make sense of my LinkedIn connections). Not only that, but in order to establish myself as an expert I also put my 2c in for how we can positively innovate and grow. So, yes, tech does move rapidly. I agree. Good insight.

How did you get the contract? Did you apply for a job ad? Was it a human connection?


I used to get more interviews. I’ve had my resume looked over by probably over a dozen professionals and nonprofessionals. My work history is definitely spotty. Early on I got fired from most companies I worked for (unmanaged ADHD & I chose companies I wasn’t a good fit for) so it looks like I job-hopped.

When I did get interviews I wasn’t able to pass any of the coding challenges that companies seem to have a hard-on for these days, no matter how prepared I was for them. I get test anxiety due to a processing disorder, and am unable to perform even at an average level. But when I ask for companies to compensate for that, none are willing to do it. All I can do is just move on.


Yeah, unfortunately most of stuff that makes me unappealing is stuff I have no control over (at least from what I can tell; maybe I’m playing a victim?)

  • As mentioned in another comment, I was fired easily for a lot of my career, and it makes it look like I was job-hopping.
  • I know numbers reign supreme on a resume. I haven’t yet gotten a job where the numbers of my contribution are given. Even for current clients I’ve worked with (gotten a product out successfully and they’re 100% happy with) I get absolutely no feedback whatsoever from a numbers perspective as much as I beg and plead.

I’d love for someone to tell me why they’re passing on me. Literally the only feedback I keep getting is I’m “not a good fit.” And then an eerie radio silence from everyone at the company. Not a good fit how? Culture? Skill? Am I not fitting the company vision? Nobody ever tells me! I’m more than willing to adapt, but I need to know how I need to adapt.

Any ideas here is appreciated. Thanks for the encouragement.


Yes. Seems it’s always a tough market. Except during the lockdown. That was awesome. For once.

Even so, I won’t let that stop me. Unless you can think of an adjacent adjacent-to-tech sector that hires fast?


That’s a strategy I am employing. I’ve messages hundreds of business owners at least half a dozen times in the past year or 2. I’ll keep being annoying.


Regarding the coding challenges. It’s never about the solution, but all about the way to get there.

That must be the problem. I am VERY nonlinear in my problem solving. If you let me go about my task without question you’ll see me come up with a solution (and at least ten ways to improve it), but if you look at me doing it you’ll wonder what the heck I’m doing.

Not sure how that can be trained out. Or faked. Or explained. Any thoughts?

And, yeah, I’m not sure what compensation would help. In college when I was diagnosed with ADHD (during like my last year) and got additional time on tests, but still struggled to pass them.

I think the compensation would just need to be a crazy messy situation–like a problem the company has been working on for a long time and can’t find the answer to, or an open source bug in the wild. Maybe my ADHD brain just get bored in the sterile interview environment. Anyone else have any take?


I have over 10 years experience. I am senior level because a few years ago I started to get jobs labeled “senior,” so I’m like, “okay, guess I’m senior level now.” And freelancing I usually manage the entire project.

I’m located in a major city that has a lot of major tech companies. Got hardcore ghosted (again, with no explanation) by the majority of them years ago, though I will occasionally check back in with anyone from the company who will give me the time of day to see if they need any help.


That’s what I’m scratching my head about. I’m a white guy, as plain as they come, so I should have every advantage. The only thing I figure is the fact I’m neuroatypical so I don’t fit into typical techbro culture (who wants to fit in with that culture anyway?). Is that really a minority and a cause to be rejected so much, though? I don’t think it is.

And, yeah, that’s the implication I get for corporate speak.


If you’re not making those connections, something is wrong. It could be the kinds of jobs you’ve taken, eg: if they’re all solo contracts and you don’t interact with anyone on anything other than deliverables. Or you are taking roles where your output is used only by a small sunset of the company or something?

Yeah, that was typically the case, unfortunately. Those were the first companies to hire me. So then I wouldn’t be able to make a strong, lasting connection with anyone. There are very few previous coworkers I’ve managed to stay in contact with. And the ones that do have a replay rate in months.

I haven’t figured out why my relationships aren’t positive. I’m usually very team-oriented and dive in and solve problems, and try to uncover what my coworkers are really passionate about, so I still can’t figure out why I can’t “fit in.”

Thanks for the encouragement, though. Good to keep in mind.


I’ve been trying to network with successful people. I always get ignored or ostracized. And can’t figure out why. During the time I’m not rejected I’ll glean as much as I can.


Yup, reddit never cared about the user. They’re not a nonprofit. They’re a business. So this wasn’t a surprise to me.

What makes a great sci-fi story?

I’m curious what users feel makes a great sci-fi story. What elements do you feel “make or break” the story specifically where sci-fi is concerned? For me, I really enjoyed the Expanse series, as it feels like there’s a sort of “believability” to it all. The authors make everything seem very realistic, even if some...


I’m a feeler so I definitely look for emption. I don’t necessarily have to feel empathy toward a character, but I want to feel something—angry, sad, exhilarated, inspired, motivated.

It seems like so much sci fi focused on whether a story as too much / not enough technobabble, too much / not enough world building. Some of the best sci fi I enjoyed was terrible in the world-building department but was so emotionally gripping I didn’t care. (Spin and The Sparrow come to mind, but I’m sure their are others).

A close second is if there’s a metanarrative about current events or themes. Like how 1984 saw the rise of a surveillance state decades before the internet became a thing. Or Fahrenheit 451, which, ironically, is a banned book.


Basically the guy I was talking to was a grunt worker, so nobody with executive power, though he did say he’d pass my email off; I’m not putting too much hope in them reaching out, but just figured–hey, what the heck, got nothing to lose.

With greens it’s kinda hit & miss. Especially since I can only go there twice a month, so if I do get greens I basically have to eat em (or get REALLY creative with em) within a couple of days.


Dude, that story is so inspirational. Thank you!


Wow! Sounds exciting! Hopefully you got some play time this week!


Yeah, I’ve definitely been trying out various books on Project Gutenberg to get my brain away from opportunity-searching.

Unfortunately restricted on what I can do for free since I’m a tenant. But good thoughts, nonetheless.

Cars are awesome.

Driving is the most comfortable, convenient, and fun mode of transportation. Walking and biking can be OK but only for traveling relatively short distances in good weather. Mass transit is inherently unpleasant. No matter how nice you try to make it (and most mass transit systems aren’t nice) the fact of the matter is that...


I plan on living out the middle of the country, far enough away from the city so I can see the stars and breathe fresh air. How am I supposed to commission my city to extend the train track or bus line out to my property?

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