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This is very important info. Thanks for sharing.

Anthrobots: Tiny biological robots from human cells (www.techexplorist.com)

The multicellular bots move around and help heal “wounds” created in cultured neurons. Scientists at Tufts and Harvard made tiny biological robots called Anthrobots using human tracheal cells. These tiny robots move and, in the lab, help neurons grow in damaged areas. The researchers hope to use similar biobots made from...

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This is very cool. I hope the development proceeds further.

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There really need to be restrictions put in place mining and sharing of customer data by automakers with emphasis on the principle of data minimisation. Automakers should go back to being hardware manufacturers than wannabe tech companies.

23andMe hackers accessed ancestry information on millions of customers using a feature that matches relatives (www.engadget.com)

Biotech company 23andMe first disclosed a data breach affecting a portion of its customers back in October. The information was obtained in a credential stuffing attack. An SEC filing now reveals roughly 14,000 accounts were accessed, along with information on millions of users participating in the DNA Relatives feature.

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You got no rizz

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Yep, its my third language. I am still up to date with most of the new age lingo, but I am afraid I won't be for longer.

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This entire summit is a farce.

[Work In Progress]: Vosh - a third-party screen-reader for the Macintosh | AppleVis (www.applevis.com)

After getting fed up with the general neglect of MacOS accessibility from Apple, and having wanted to work on something meaningful for quite some time, I decided to attempt something that for some reason nobody seems to have tried to do before: write a completely new screen-reader for that platform. This isn't an easy task, not...

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Sounds like an interesting project. Best of luck!

RTR#30 Monthly Recap and Planned Next Steps (kbin.social)

Today, I added a box of related/random collections - I must admit that the ones you created are fantastic. Collection names can be repeated since they are user-assigned. I added the option to mark a collection as official - those with the highest number of followers in a given topic and with a specific name can be marked and...

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The pace at which you have been improving things and adding new features have been impressive this past month! Thank you and I hope you are taking some breaks in between for yourself!

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Doesn't surprise me. They have been pretty bad at data security so far.

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Daniel Kerr's response to this article. Dude sounds a bit unstable, especially with that last line..

This is a reply to https://www.theregister.com/2023/11/24/opencart_vulnerability_dispute/

The Register seems to suffer from what many in the media do, which are lazy reporters. The register has not done its own research or even asked questions about what is being claimed.

“He who makes the claim carries the burden of proof!”

Should the question not have been asked, if the hacker has access to the admin and permissions to modify the security, then is it really a hack?

Same with the CVS report. They don't check that what is being reported is actually a vulnerability.

I don't want to link to this guy's site because he's a conman trying to get recognition for his fantasy.


I don't even want to have to reply to this nonsense as I’m busy actually doing work!!

0xb120 even admits this:

“In OpenCart versions to, authenticated backend users having common/security “access” and “modify” privileges can write arbitrary untrusted data inside config.php and admin/config.php, resulting in remote code execution on the underlying server.”

He's saying that for this vulnerability to work access and modify privileges. So why would you give permission to a low level user the ability to rename a directory? Another point is that said functionality to rename the directory is removed once you click the move storage directory!

Reasons that Authenticated Static Code Injections in OpenCart (CVE-2023-47444) not can be carried out:

Hackers need to know the admin name - If the default admin folder name is admin then when the user visits the opencart dashboard a security popup comes up telling the user to rename the admin directory.

Hackers need access to the admin - So first your hacker will need access to the opencart admin by having the username and password. There is also the optional 2 factor auth also that can be enabled.

Hackers need permission to view or modify - So not only does the hacker need a login but also needs a login with permission to modify the security popup.

Security popup - The security popup only works if the installation directory exists, storage path is in the web root or if the admin is named “admin”. If you have just begun to set up an opencart site then you would need to follow the security popup instructions to make your site secure. The security popup should not show up on a production site if you have followed the instructions.

It is quite clear that the security popup tells you that your site will be vulnerable to hacking if the opencart installation admin is not renamed, that the installation directory is not deleted and the storage folder is not moved!

It was also reported that I later merged a fix that fixes the alleged hack:


If you haven't followed the security instructions then there's a lot more security issues like the storage directory being exposed.

The fact that this guy claims he worked on the vulnerability for a month yet still can not pull it off without the end user giving him access to the site shows that opencart is very secure or this guy is completely useless at his job.

I got called a narcissist but I'm not the one making up claims. 0xb120 is trying to craft a narrative that makes him look like a hero! Who's the narcissist ! I didn’t contact him!

What a clown!~

OpenCart is currently at 298,000 Live sites! We have dropped a bit from 450,000 but the whole market has since COVID and the war in Ukraine.

The register also makes claims about my competitors:

Woocommerce - I have spoken with woo commerce a while ago and it seems u are confusing woocommerce with wordpress. Wordpress has over 1 million sites but they are a blogging platform. Woocommerce has very low numbers.

Same with Squarespace.

Magento has 160,000 live sites which is half of OpenCart and they got bought for 1.6 billion.

Shoppify overtook OpenCart in Sept 2017 after getting billions in investment. They are also not open source and you can't access their code base!


Also If anyone is looking for a good story I know a very good one that involves child traffickers, judges and police. It will make your blood boil!


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Yeah, this won't mean anything unless it can be mass produced

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This is something that the Government of India has been pushing for too. Get distracted for a minute, and this might happen in your country too before you even realise what is happening.



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