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Congratulations to @sina_jb! After being a valued colleague at the @IKMZ for many years, she takes a professorship for and at the Department of Communication and Media (DCM) at the University of Fribourg. She will also become Director of the Institute for Digital Communication and 👏🏻
Sina, we'll miss you – and wish you a smooth start in your new position in February '24!



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Wie steht es um in der ? Das fög (Forschungszentrum Öffentlichkeit und Gesellschaft) untersucht das jedes Jahr – und hat nun die aktuellsten Ergebnisse veröffentlicht! 📣

Dazu beigetragen haben wieder mehrere IKMZ-Forschende, u.a. @markeis, Daniel Vogler, @LinardsUdris, @mss7676 und @qryffel. Ein Schwerpunkt: die Wahrnehmung und Akzeptanz der Verwendung von im . Hier geht's zu den Ergebnissen: https://www.ikmz.uzh.ch/de/news/news-institut/2023/presentation-jqm.html
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Come work with us: We're looking for a in ! 📣

✅ Permanent position at postdoctoral level
✅ 100% paid
✅ workplace is

Deadline for applications is 30.11.2023, earliest starting date is 01.03.2024.

More information: https://jobs.uzh.ch/offene-stellen/lecturer-in-digital-health-communication/72464094-3ce5-483e-a687-cb50cd8dbd6e

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in “the Age of ”: What do we know about it and how can we study it?

The @IKMZ will host a that addresses these questions:

📍 Takes place on 6-7 June 2024 in at the @uzh

🖥️Conference website: https://ikmz.uzh.ch/en/aiscicomm24

🗓️Opening of submission site 15 Nov 2023, deadline for submissions 5 Dec 2023

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Out now! A new special issue in , edited by @markeis and @mss7676
The special issue revisits sphere theory, asking about how to conceptualize public sphere(s) in the age. It contains several great contributions by excellent scholars who analyze the role and future of public sphere theory. Find it here: https://academic.oup.com/ct/issue/33/2-3

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