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I’m on immutable fedora and the experience has been great. Aeon is similar, I can recommend it any day over a traditional install


Der wichtigste Ersatz ist vermutlich die Gallery und da ist Aves ganz gut


Thy for the heads up.

Sad to see it go


In der Folge belief sich der Jahresüberschuss im Geschäftsjahr 2022 auf 12,5 (4,0) Mrd. €.



Why are they high priority then? 😅


A lot of people only play games on their computer, hence running linux doesn’t make sense if they can’t play games on it

arappathor, to dach German

HLI: Interlaken heißt so...

... weil es liegt.


Wow! Genius!

The longest current OpenStreetMap username (

The longest current OpenStreetMap username is “bwdlqwbdjlbqlwdjbqlwjdbqljwbdlqwjbdlqwjdblqjwbdlqjwdbqlwjdblqwdblqjbdlqjwbdljqbwdljqwbdlqbwdbqwdblqwdlqwbdlbdlqbwldbqlwbdlqbwdlqbdlqbdljwbdlqwbdwlbqlwdblqwbdjlqwbdjlqwbdljqwbdljqbwdljqbdlqwbdlqbdljqbdljqbwdljbqldbqlwdbljqwbdljqwdbqlwdbqlwjdbqlwdbqlw”.


I guess that’s not true anymore.

There’s bwdlqwbdjlbqlwdjbqlwjdbqljwbdlqwjbdlqwjdblqjwbdlqjwdbqlwjdblqwdblqjbdlqjwbdljqbwdljqwbdlqbwdbqwdblqwdlqwbdlbdlqbwldbqlwbdlqbwdlqbdlqbdljwbdlqwbdwlbqlwdblqwbdjlqwbdjlqwbdljqwbdljqbwdljqbdlqwbdlqbdljqbdljqbwdljbqldbqlwdbljqwbdljqwdbqlwdbqlwjdbqlwdbqlwa


That’s my alt acc


There are flatpaks and firefox decides to publish debs.

Recommend security-first basic Linux Apps! (

As part of the effort of making a “Chromebook-like” secure, autoupdating, cloud-native, “unbreakable” (but still free and privacy-friendly) Distro, I would like some of your recommendations on especially secure software, that could replace common ones like File managers, Archive Managers, PDF reader, Image viewer etc....


Doesn’t podman solve that issue?


Afaik the problem is solved within the code. I remember having compiled the app myself. It’s just a matter of time that it’s solved.

BUT it’s weird that this is so low priority to all gnome devs. It seems like noone cares about the correct weather. The source of weather is also not really perfect.

OpenSUSE Leap 15.5 -> Tumbleweed conversion

Thinking of trying to morph my Leap workstation into Tumbleweed (and potentially Slowroll once that project matures enough). I’ve seen that you can do it . I reckon I can rollback relatively easily via the BTRFS snapshots if it goes sideways, but just curious to see what others’ experience with doing so has been.


Why not moving to microos? I’ve moved to fedora silverblue from fedora and it’s been a well rewarding journey. I see no big difference to microos


I have no deper knowledge of it, sorry


What’s your concern with element?

I mainly see a funding issue for but that’s also because the people behind it always offered the service as element, not as matrix.

But what’s the bigger problem with it?


Sure, it raises a lot of questions but they can’t or can not yet be answered negatively.

Which law enforcement agencies? That’s not neccessarily bad. Tor is/was funded by the CIA.


The CLA isn’t that great I agree, yet there are other implementations and anyone can set up another server.

The Unity Desktop Environment an Underrated Masterpiece (

Why is the unity is underrated when its what i use right now with Ubuntu Unity and its actually really great experience for my 2021 HP Stream 11 Laptop and i hope you all to share your experiences using the unity de in Debain Ubuntu Arch Fedora Gentoo Opensuse Etc thanks for your Amazing community my Wonderful Friends


Ai doesn’t make those errord


Which OS do you run? Android just isn’t enough anymore these days.

Did you try material files?

3rd party apps are somewhat funny on android since every app is 3rd party on another android os device.

I am connected to my nextcloud and my proton drive via the “built in” files app from grapheneos.


I’ve got a Pixel 6 but another OS


What’s an ultra hdr image? Avif? Jxl?


Looks like google doesn’t introduce a new file ending / format. You’ll never know if you’ve got a normal jpg or that hdr thingy. I wonder why they do that intermediate step to avif.

Maybe because they are not yet ready and confident that avif may replace jpg right now.aybe it’s the first step towards avif.…


I’ve been using gnome for the past year on my laptop and on my desktop I’ve been using kde. I haven’t used my desktop in a few months and I missed kde. I moved from silverblue to fedora kinoite on my laptop and I don’t think that it’s been two weeks but today I went back to gnome because the overview is much more polished than kde’s. It just works. Gnome always breaks extensions when they update a major version but I’ve seen so many “extensions” on kde now which are all not updated anymore and break stuff that I might actually think that gnome’s way is kind of good. Maybe it was just the fedora version which lead to so many bugs but the experience I had in the past week wasn’t so good.


do you work with udica?


why is that relevant?

fedora kinoite


Thx for your answer, I found the workflow for podman. With a new distro came the change to selinux and podman which is why I had no experience with docker and selinux either. Now, it works as expected. Thx!


The longer you use linux excluslively, you don’t think about windows or mac. You think about fedora or suse, kde or gnome, yay or apt, distrobox or toolbox.


What’s your goal? Markdown / latex may work better for your use case than word.


come on :D I provided ressources to markdown, not latex. markdown is easier than word.

Does this exist?? Messaging platform with a panic button from any member.

Basically I am looking for a messaging platform like signal or? but with anonymous signup, perfect forward secrecy, capable of video chat, sending photos the usual uses in today’s life. But with a panic button. So that any party member could use said button to wipe all other members devices of any data instantly inside the...


You can use matrix/element and if someone loses her phone, you can remove her from the room. The room will disappear from the other phone if it’s connected to the internet


You don’t have to selfhost. You can use anyone’s server. It’s all e2e. The social graph may be visible. Selfhosting is easy. Look for an install with docker.


I don’t care about social graph being visible so long as there isn’t identifiable info during sign up. well said

you can also look into hosted services like EMS but I don’t know if you have to provide identifiable info.

But what if matrix was self hosted on a hostile network.

it’s all encrypted on the client -> e2e. even if it was http and no SSL

Say matrix was running from a hotel WiFi.

you have to provide a domain, I’m not sure how easy it would be to run it without and only locally on a LAN. IT’s possible but the experience wont be good. you also can’t federate. It’s much easier to use a hosted server.

How would one secure the service.

the same way like you’d do it with a publicly exposed host.

BUT I think I’d go with p2p matrix before going the LAN route.

Here’s a p2p matrix built ……/1uK_BcHGiAYHkN6OAA7P73obAquwShRg5

look into the matrix room for more info

GravitySpoiled, (edited )

I don’t get it. What’s the spirit of ubuntu? Is the underlying OS based on ubuntu instead of fedora?

What’s the actual difference to fedora silverblue?

Half the answer to “why did you make your own linux?” is that it’s awesome being able to revert back to the original fedora OS.

Because it follows a cloud-native approach, the end user has the flexibility to rebase back to the stock Fedora or any Universal Blue image. It’s more like having someone install, configure, and maintain a polished Fedora setup for you.

And the other half doesn’t provide any info either

Bluefin utilizes Fedora’s OCI features to compose and build an OS image. This process is overseen by a well-structured community that is committed to automation and sustainability. The end result is akin to a configuration management tool like Ansible or Salt, but without the typical challenges associated with maintaining a custom distribution.


GravitySpoiled, (edited )

I think it boils down to: “because we can”. “We can automatically build our own setup on github and that’s what we do”

Installing tailscale, zsh, fish, vscode, extension manager, codecs, etc. out of the box isn’t enough for a new distro. Especially because you break the signing of fedora by doing so.


Tbo, I lost interest in it.

I’ve spend a good amount of time on it trying to figure out what the project is about. Even after clarifying the confusion and multiple people asking for clarification from your side and multiple upvotes, there’s nothing from your side. You reference to something that has been saying nothing for many people.

You didn’t even clarify the magical wonders of ubuntu in your project. I kind of feel insulted if I think properly about it.

Delete following part of your post


A familiar(ish) Ubuntu desktop for Fedora Silverblue. It strives to cover these three use cases:

For users it provides a system as reliable as a Chromebook with near-zero maintenance, with the power of Ubuntu and Fedora fused together. For developers we endeavour to provide the best cloud-native developer experience by enabling easy consumption of the industry’s leading tools. These are included in dedicated bluefin-dx and bluefin-dx-nvidia images. For gamers we strive to deliver a world-class gaming experience via Flathub or bazzite-arch “Evolution is a process of constant branching and expansion.” - Stephen Jay Gould This image heavily utilizes cloud-native concepts.

GNOME Software with Flathub: Use a familiar software center UI to install graphical software System designed for automatic staging of updates If you’ve never used an image-based Linux before just use your computer normally Don’t overthink it, just shut your computer off when you’re not using it Should I trust you? This is all hosted, built, and pushed on GitHub. As far as if I’m a trustable fellow, here’s my bio. If you’ve made it this far, then hopefully you’ve come to the conclusion on how easy it would be to build all of this on your own trusted machinery. :smile:

The difference between silverblue and your image is that silverblue is signed by fedora and yours isn’t. There’s no reason for anyone but you to use the image. Even if I were to us tailscale and fish, I’d be better off with silverblue.

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