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Author of The Taoist Hedgewitch, Ancient Antifascist, and Seer.
Random content about finance, current events, technology, climate, herbalism, gardening, and of course witchcraft. Sometimes I share prophecies and personal insights.
I am a priest of Baphomet, the Goddess and the Fey, I dance with Pan day by day. That's all I have to say.
it/they because I'm barely human and share myself with spirits.

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moira, to MUD
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The Place Where Nothing Will Grow gets more attempts at a few kinds of moss (some planted properly, some transplanted with mild care, some frankly just tossed to see what happens) since the ferns are doing fine and the first moss attempts are actually spreading a little.

hopefully at some point it will not be terrible!

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@moira I don't live in Seattle but that is by far the poorest soil I have ever seen that didn't have like concrete spilled into it or something. If that doesn't work out have you considered doing any but what you have been doing to it?

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