/kbin project management costs, financing, future plans (

I wrote the first line of code for /kbin on January 14, 2021. Around this time, I started working remotely and decided that the time I used to spend commuting to the office would be devoted to /kbin. Throughout this entire period, /kbin has been a hobby project that I developed in my free time. It was also when Lemmy started... lifecycle: from 181 unique visitors to 2.9M in three months.

/kbin server update - or how the server didn't blow up (

Currently, on the main instance, people have created 40191 accounts (+214 marked as deleted). I don't know how many are active because I don't monitor it, but once again, I greet all of you here :) In recent days, the traffic on the website has been overwhelming. It's definitely too much for the basic docker-compose setup,...

kbin Enhancement Suite: a community-curated script manager that lets you customize your kbin experience (

A couple of weeks ago, @shazbot made this post about a project that they were working on. Since then, @shazbot, @ori, @minnieo and I have been hard at work, and we are excited to finally announce the official release of kbin Enhancement Suite (KES)!...

/kbin logotype

A small FAQ to hopefully help new users to kbin (updated June 11 17:00 GMT) (

I wanted to post this here since I want to help as much as I can in my own way to people coming here for the first time. I hope it is useful and helpful! I tried to assume low knowledge with the Fediverse in my responses which I collected here from a different post and assembled into a single article....

While larger, more general communities are thriving on the Fediverse - I'm missing out on the niche communities (

Gaming, news, tech, general literature. All of these are somewhat thriving, with a steady influx of posts and comments. At the same time, the userbase is sorely lacking for more niche communities. In my case it'd be stuff like poetry, yoga, religion, linguistics, meditation. Or many other communities I'd doubt they'd form a... is blocking all requests from /kbin Instances (

I discovered yesterday evening that is blocking all inbound ActivityPub requests from /kbin instances. Specifically, a 403 'access denied' is returned when the user agent contains "kbinBot" anywhere in the string. This has been causing a cascade of failures with federation for many server owners, flooding the message...

/kbin logotype

"Antiwoke" magazin on posting bullshit like "how to end Wokeness" and "Time to reject the extrem trans lobby harming our society" How to report ? he is the moderator of that magazin. (

@ernest how do I report a Magazin on ? There is a usere called "ps" who is posting to his own "antiwoke" Magazin on Please remove this and dont give them a chance to etablish them self on When I report his stuff it will go to him because he is the moderator of the magazin? Seems like a...

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