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New study warns "that protracted PhDs and lengthy postdoctoral stints are holding back even the best scientists from 'achieving independence and tenure'."

Author argues that "universities should have more flexible rules that allow them to promote people quicker if they prove to be 'really outstanding in their early steps' [...and that] funding should shift to younger scientists,"

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Cleaning my academic CV. I sort of forgot that I wrote three papers with just my two supervisors.

I was funded on an interdisciplinary grant, and both didn't really know the topic.

The first true feedback I would get after submission to the journals. Luckily they trained me well, being critical of my own work in the context of the literature and having me seek out other opinions.

Seems wild I pulled this all off.


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Happy to host Polina Rusanova, between Oct 2023 and Jan. 2024, for her #PhD internship. Her thesis title is "Moving towards a sustainable use of #fisheries resources: Nutritional quality, #contaminants, #bioactive compounds, and new bycatch based #food", Università Di #Palermo, Italy.

In our lab, she will investigate the #gut #microbiome of natural #Norway #lobster, #Nephrops norvegicus, populations.

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I am a PhD candidate in Tartu, searching for the imprints of dynamical friction in different environments, and how through this there might be a possibility to constrain the properties of dark matter and other dynamics in galaxies. Supervised by Rain Kipper.

I am very interested in galactic dynamics, computational astronomy and lately I am exploring superbubbles in NGC628 as seen by JWST-MIRI.

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Hey @kateriniovi, welcome to Mastodon and the Fediverse 👋

Don't forget the hashtags, such as etc...

You might also add @academicchatter and @astrophysics groups to your followings and cc'ed them for a broader diffusion.

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It breaks my heart thinking about all the who were ready to start their new or in foreign countries and now they have to give up because they cannot travel from many more countries other than and

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Critically acclaimed horror film of the 2010s or your PhD program? 😅

"You find yourself in an opulent but sinister setting that possesses subtle but undeniable links to antebellum slavery. Everyone who has been there longer than you seems to have completely lost the will to live. You are warned by at least one of them to get out. You try to comply but powerful forces keep pulling you back."
h/t @danmacdonald

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Are you an academic researcher, PGR, or post-doc who is feeling overwhelmed and burnt out? Here are some tips (courtesy of the wall in my office) on how to improve your physical, mental, and social well-being!

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Currently writing an article that should be 8,000 words. I am now at 17,000 and I, as a beginner in professional academic writing, need some advice. I know I am the kind of person who thinks through writing. This means that I have probably written a lot that can be cut and left out.

But how do I learn to write reasonably lengthy papers? I swear I thought my topic and questions could be addressed in 8,000 words. I had an outline ... with word counts per section. Still, it went completely off the rails.

Will this get better at some point?

@academicchatter @phdlife @phdstudents

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Any tipps for survival and priorities in the writing phase of a PhD? I have to write a monograph, finished data collection and now go into in-depth analysis/ writing the thing. I have a bit more than 1,5 years of funding left and am trying to sort planning/ priorities out.
@anthropology @sts #anthropology #academicparents #phdlife

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Things I didn't realize about the :

(This will be a very long list by the end of the year if I keep it up. We'll see.)

  1. Your statements are basically done after the first few deadlines. I always thought I'd customize extensively for each school.


On a week like this (with so many apps due Sep 15), you just don't have time. You have to trust that you already put in the work with your base template. It's a mental shift from fellowship apps.

@academicchatter @sociology

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@academicchatter @sociology

Things I didn't realize about the :

  1. There's a stage where you keep having nightmares about your job talk. 😳

I'm told these will decrease once I've actually finished writing the talk. But feel free to chime in if you disagree (I'm skeptical).

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@academicchatter @sociology

  1. A few weeks ago someone told me your first practice job is always trash (so don't stress and rip off the bandaid).

I gave my first practice job talk yesterday. Calling it trash might be a little too self-deprecating... but let's just say I've got a LOT of revisions to make. Whew.

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@academicchatter @sociology

Things I didn't realize about the

  1. Going back to the , I like Betty Lai's advice emphasizing the need to tell a story with your talk.

I generally enjoy presenting my research to an audience (mostly as an escape from writing), but the job talk is a completely different genre. Still learning the rules but getting better.

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@academicchatter @sociology

Things I didn't realize about the

  1. It's more confusing than I expected to decide how much to share abt your progress. Interviews, rejections, etc.

I'm on the market w/a good friend (see no. 8). We share pretty openly w/ea other.

Beyond close friends, it's trickier. Some people are discreet & respectful. Others are nosy & even judgmental.

You have to figure out your own comfort level.

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@academicchatter @sociology

18b) If I had to take a stab at thinking through what might have helped:

-Limit feedback on your first practice job talk. You don't need everyone's advice all at once; you need a manageable amount.

-Spend time with friends who genuinely hype you up. There's never enough time but getting outside of your own head is important.

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@academicchatter @sociology

Things I didn't realize about the :

  1. An offer is great, but then you have a decision to make. Fast.

And I gather that it's not uncommon to have to make that decision before you hear about other options.

Generally, I try not to post about a stage (i.e., job talk) until a few weeks after I've experienced it. Time to process and such. But this one is in real-time. And boy it's tough.

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Having my quality-assuring 80 percent seminar today. Swedish doctoral students have the privilege to a final seminar before the public defense. The opponent today will be Anna Čermáková (Lancaster Uni). She will pose all the hard questions that I have to consider before rewriting and delivering the final thesis version to the printers.
Of course I'm a bit nervous, but I also look very much forward to a critical discussion.


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kkormas, to phdlife avatar

Identify trusted publishers for your
Through a range of tools and practical resources, this international, cross-sector initiative aims to educate , promote and build trust in credible research & publications.

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There is a concern that those with graduate degrees are leaving Canada to look for better opportunities elsewhere, contributing towards a "brain drain".

A new survey has been made to better understand the issue: If you are a current graduate student in Canada OR a graduate in the last 10 years please complete this 5-10 minute survey

If you aren't eligible, please share so this can reach those it applies to :)
@academicchatter @academicsunite

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