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Farmers Receive No Response One Week After Oil Spill Was Discovered by Navajo Citizen, Impacting Navajo Grazing and Agricultural Land in Shiprock, New Mexico

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In late , 1786 Western began an armed .
Learn more about in this Madison Moment, Episode 4, by From Memory Films, courtesy of The Montpelier Foundation.

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Computer science can help farmers explore alternative crops and sustainable farming methods: Many experts argue that further expanding modern industrialized agriculture—which relies heavily on synthetic fertilizer, chemical pesticides and high-yield seeds—isn't the right way to feed a growing world population.

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@ktoddbrown @danai @academicchatter As an academic working with students on animal health & , and also doing research projects on with and , I feel your pain, but am really fascinated by the idea of your project because I love working with multiple stakeholders and getting practical ideas into the real world 😄

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