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finished yesterday, 3 days of the most recent research by ca. 320 scientists from several countries. Next one in 2 years from now!


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: On June 25, NASA’s turned to famed ringed world for its first near-infrared observations of the planet. The initial imagery from JWST's NIRCam (Near-Infrared Camera) is already fascinating researchers. Saturn itself appears extremely dark at this infrared wavelength observed by the telescope, as methane gas absorbs almost all of the sunlight falling on the atmosphere. However, the icy rings stay relatively bright. Credit: NASA/ESA/CSA/STScI/Andrea Luck

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It breaks my heart thinking about all the who were ready to start their new or in foreign countries and now they have to give up because they cannot travel from many more countries other than and

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US student, 14, wins award for developing soap to treat skin | Cancer | The Guardian


> Heman Bekele was inspired by workers laboring under the sun, and wanted to help ‘as many people as possible’


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Want to avoid potential predatory publishers showing up in your google scholar search results?

Add, for example, "-source:MDPI" after your search term.

You can remove multiple publishers this way. E.g. "emotion recognition and externalizing -source:MDPI -source:hindawi"

Thanks @danmacdonald for the tip

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Misleading arguments: spreading like a 🔥

For a German anti-fake-news blog, I've refuted three common but nonsensical arguments designed to deny an impact of on .

You can see the full article here (in German):

In the following responses you'll find the basic points summarized!

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Great to see that the report from ORF (austrian television) picked up on the point I highlighted in the interview (in German) that we need to include indigenous environmental knowledge when looking at migration and in the context of environmental change



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NWS continues to flout ADA and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act...after the breaches have been repeatedly brought to their attention

Don't tell me ableism in STEM is no big deal. What the hell use is your if you refuse to communicate important data (weather alerts, warnings, disasters) accessibly? Eugenics, is what it ends up being.

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You may think "eugenics" is an exaggeration here, but if you're a public agency disseminating information people need to make decisions about their safety and the safety of their homes in a form that can only be fully read by abled people, in the midst of #ClimateEmergency, then you're not just ableist but eugenicist. #DisabledAndSTEM #SciComm

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While on the subject, AAPD has a call out for testimonials to the US Dept of Justice as to how web inaccessibility affects you. Comments need to be received by Oct 2: https://aapd.quorum.us/campaign/51385/


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The strain on scientific publishing 📄:

The publishing sector has a problem. Scientists are overwhelmed, editors are overworked, special issue invitations are constant, research paper mills, article retractions, journal delistings… JUST WHAT IS GOING ON!?

Myself, pablo, @paolocrosetto and Dan have spent the last few months investigating just that.

A thread🧵1/n


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"The prevalence of bad science can be expensive and carries a significant cost for those attempting to build upon it, both in terms of financial resources and wasted effort [...] In addition to wasting time and resources, bad science can also have serious consequences for public health, safety, and the environment."

..."incentives for early career scientists to work on fixing the scientific record are limited."

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I think this is the first review of Rosalind's Siblings I see! From Clara Ward.

"Suffice it to say this anthology offers twenty more unique points of view, each brimming with literary and societal insights, a surprising number sharing both tea and comfort." 5*


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🔭🧬🔬 Arranca la segunda jornada del con la mesa "Ponga usted a un comunicador o una comunicadora en su organización" con🗣️Angela Monasor, Rubén Permuy, Núria Saladié y moderada por Concepción Sanz.😉


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En mi mini charla sobre ‼️Mastodon y ciencia‼️ en fue “curioso” comprobar (en vivo y en directo) como prácticamente nadie conocía esta plataforma…

🤔¿Pasará lo mismo con o las otras alternativas para la red del pajarito?

Espero haber despertado un pelín la curiosidad en alguna de las personas que estaban por ahí… 🤪

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