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Games for Health Journal

📆 Free articles through Oct 18

📚 Biofeedback-Based Videogames: Fostering Emotion Regulation at a Diverse Community Summer Camp

📚 Iterative Design, Feasibility, and Preliminary Efficacy Testing for the Development of a Cooperative Card Game Intervention to Reduce Loneliness and Foster Social Connection

📚 Cognitive Behavioral Immersion for Substance Use Disorders: A Feasibility and Pilot Study of a Peer-Based Coaching Program in the Metaverse

📚 Effect of Exergaming on Quality of Life, Fatigue, and Strength and Endurance Muscle in Cancer Patients: A Randomized Crossover Trial


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"Increased heat and humidity potentially threaten people and societies. Here, we incorporate our laboratory-measured, physiologically based wet-bulb temperature thresholds across a range of air temperatures and relative humidities, to project future heat stress risk from bias-corrected climate model output."

Vecellio, D.J. et al. (2023) 'Greatly enhanced risk to humans as a consequence of empirically determined lower moist heat stress tolerance,' Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 120(42). @science

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New blog post on loneliness and time spent alone in daily life!

This provides insights into how loneliness and time spent alone change in relation to gender, age, and relationship status (single v partnered).

One finding: it's not about gender. It's about age and relationships.

We also found that the relationship between being alone and loneliness is different across the lifespan.


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New post on my Substack, Sociological Infatuation.

What is the sociologist's duty in a world of publishing cartels, paywalls, and AI generated gibberish taking over the internet?


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🇫🇷 Rabinovitch Oded. 2023 The ‘system of the world’ and the scientific culture of early modern France. Notes Rec. @science @earlymodern

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(1/n) Heads up/PSA/reminder for stats folks.

Almost misinformed my PI about a key variable the other day after stumbling into this little bit of computational profanity:

#rstats #data #datascience #research #stats


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This confirms it's not a syntax issue:

#rstats #data #datascience #research #stats

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(3/n) @academicsunite #rstats #data #datascience #research #stats

It's worth noting that both #dplyr and #datatable will save you from this. I prefer the #tidyverse.


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"This research addresses this unique component of science attitudes—spirituality of science: feelings of meaning, awe, and connection derived through scientific ideas."

Preston, J. L., Coleman, T. J., & Shin, F. (2023). Spirituality of Science: Implications for Meaning, Well-Being, and Learning. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 0(0). @science @psychology

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Hi there future PreDoc-Interns, we just wanted to remind you that the deadline to apply for our program is on the 15.10!

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🇪🇸 Aragoncillo-del Río J, Alcolea-González JJ, Luque L, Castillo-Jiménez S, Jiménez-Gisbert G, et al. (2023) Human occupations of upland and cold environments in inland Spain during the Last Glacial Maximum and Heinrich Stadial 1: The new Magdalenian sequence of Charco Verde II. PLOS ONE 18(10): e0291516. @anthropology @archaeodons @science

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Lucarini G, Guagnin M, Shipton C, Radini A, Alsharekh AM, et al. (2023) Plant, pigment, and bone processing in the Neolithic of northern Arabia–New evidence from Use-wear analysis of grinding tools at Jebel Oraf. PLOS ONE 18(10): e0291085. @anthropology @archaeodons

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Mahmoud Abbas et al., Human dispersals out of Africa via the Levant. Sci. Adv. 9, eadi6838 (2023). DOI: #OpenAccess #OA #Research #Article #Anthropology #Human #Migration #Science #Academia #Academic #Academics @anthropology @science

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⭐ Scholarship: deadline today

Gender Studies, Gay/Lesbian, Minority Psychology research grant funding. Offered by the Texas Psychological Foundation.

🎓 For Texas students. Know one or know somebody who knows one?

❤️ Please share!


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Very proud to have contributed to the #paper led by Tamara Ben-Ari et al. from @labos1point5 analysing the ~ 130 000 #academic #travels from ~160 #research units in #France over 2019 and discussing their #carbon emissions. Most importantly, the paper reports various #mitigation strategies and quantify their potential for reducing their #CarbonFootprint.

#sustainability #SustainableResearch @academicchatter #academicchatter #AcademicLife #academicmastodon

read more:

Mitigation potential of modal shift from plane to train as a function of distance. Vertical lines correspond to median time travel by train and rectangles express the uncertainty related to train speed, with 150 km/h±60 km/h. The three numbers indicate key routes in France with 1: Paris-Toulouse, 2. Paris-Montpellier and 3. Paris-Nice, contributing respectively to 14%, 7% and 16% of total domestic GHG emission from air travel.
Percentage of total (plane, train, car) travel-induced GHG reductions from single or combined options. Colors represent the intensity in GHG mitigation potential with yellow options offering the greatest potential. Each column corresponds to a specific modal shift policy, characterized by a threshold distance(and average travel time), below which a complete shift from plane to train is assumed. Modal shift options are always applied first. Each line corresponds to a specific air travel moderation policy applied at research unit scale. Moderation options are expressed in missions (equivalent to a round trip) and modal shift are considered per segment (equivalent to a one way trip). Options which correspond to actual per-capita per-year research unit median are presented at the third modality in each moderation option (i.e.,1 conference every 3yrs, 1 trip every 4 years, 5,800 km and 1 trip per yr).

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New blog post on my recent paper on loneliness. We used the Electronically Activated Recorder (EAR) to get a gold standard observational measure of spending time alone in daily life. We compared this to self-reported loneliness. Punchline is the graph I included at the end of the article.


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And the fun continues! Day 2 of the Physics behind the Nature of Reality seminar.


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It can happen to the best of us.

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"Saying NO !" decision tree for

I just found this awesome flow chart providing an accurate decision tree on when and how to say at work.

I'm gonna print it and stick it on my office door !


credits: Gabriel Bosslet

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Good morning , I'm just leaving this amazing resource that was shared yesterday on the birdsite for all that want to expand their knowledge and references with non-Western or not Western-led perspectives.


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🇳🇱 Hanneke van Asperen (2021) Disaster and Discord: Romeyn de Hooghe and the Dutch State of Ruination in 1675, Dutch Crossing, 45:3, 241-262, DOI: @histodon @histodons @earlymodern

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"We model the impact of the number of native speakers, the proportion of nonnative speakers, the number of linguistic neighbors, and the status of a language on grammatical complexity while controlling for spatial and phylogenetic autocorrelation."

Olena Shcherbakova et al., Societies of strangers do not speak less complex languages. Sci. Adv. 9, eadf7704 (2023). DOI: @linguistics @anthropology

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Whenever I explain my at Google into mobile text editing, I'm usually met with blank stares or a slightly hostile "Everyone can edit text on their phones, right? What's the problem?"

Text editing on mobile isn't ok. It's actually much worse than you think, an invisible problem no one appreciates. I wrote this post so you can understand why it's so important.

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