arielkroon, to academicchatter avatar
bibliolater, to science avatar

🇮🇷 "The results show an autochthonous but non-homogeneous ancient background mainly composed by J2a sub-clades with different external contributions. The phylogeography of the main haplogroups allowed identifying post-glacial and Neolithic expansions toward western Eurasia but also recent movements towards the Iranian region from western Eurasia (R1b-L23), Central Asia (Q-M25), Asia Minor (J2a-M92) and southern Mesopotamia (J1-Page08)."

Grugni V, Battaglia V, Hooshiar Kashani B, Parolo S, Al-Zahery N, et al. (2012) Ancient Migratory Events in the Middle East: New Clues from the Y-Chromosome Variation of Modern Iranians. PLOS ONE 7(7): e41252. @science

AnthonyHarold, to bookstodon avatar

Day 2 of my was quite productive. After a hard first day of writing & researching for my book The Closed Tunnel, I was able to write freely based on the curated material.

I suppose is one of the hardest parts of creating . I don't trust the first or even the fourth source I see on the web. My background in physics and the industry helps me to at least have an idea if an article is crap or not. 😄 @scifi @bookstodon


bibliolater, to science avatar

"We present 14 new ancient mitogenome sequences from pre-Phoenician (~1800 BCE) and Phoenician (~700–400 BCE) samples from Lebanon (n = 4) and Sardinia (n = 10) and compare these with 87 new complete mitogenomes from modern Lebanese and 21 recently published pre-Phoenician ancient mitogenomes from Sardinia to investigate the population dynamics of the Phoenician (Punic) site of Monte Sirai, in southern Sardinia."

Matisoo-Smith E, Gosling AL, Platt D, Kardailsky O, Prost S, et al. (2018) Ancient mitogenomes of Phoenicians from Sardinia and Lebanon: A story of settlement, integration, and female mobility. PLOS ONE 13(1): e0190169. @science


bkeegan, to academicchatter avatar

Our department is hiring a tenure-track assistant professor with a focus on accessibility and design!

Please share widely — job market students, junior faculty, and industry folx all encouraged to apply!


Her_Doing, avatar

@bkeegan @academicchatter

Hi! Can you edit to add hashtags like , , , , , & anything else you think might apply?

You'll get a lot more eyes on it than just through boosting! 👀

antoniolieto, to cognition Italian avatar

Glad and honored to be among the invited speakers of IJCLR 2023, the 3rd International Joint Conference on Learning & Reasoning, that will be held at the University of Bari

I'll be in the "Cognitive AI" track

@academicchatter @cognition

kkormas, to phdlife avatar

It breaks my heart thinking about all the who were ready to start their new or in foreign countries and now they have to give up because they cannot travel from many more countries other than and

@phdlife @PhD_Genie @phdstudents

bibliolater, to science avatar

"We have combined a detailed, high-resolution mitogenome analysis with summaries of autosomal data and Y-chromosome lineages to establish a settlement chronology for the Indian Subcontinent."

Silva, M., Oliveira, M., Vieira, D. et al. A genetic chronology for the Indian Subcontinent points to heavily sex-biased dispersals. BMC Evol Biol 17, 88 (2017). @science

bibliolater, to science avatar

Silva, M., Oliveira, M., Vieira, D. et al. A genetic chronology for the Indian Subcontinent points to heavily sex-biased dispersals. BMC Evol Biol 17, 88 (2017). @science

bibliolater, to archaeodons avatar

"Here we employ a sample of ancient Near Eastern cities dated between about 6000 BC and AD 1000 using settled area as a proxy for city population and relate this to estimates of regional population and prevailing climate to examine their long-term relationship."

Lawrence D, Philip G, Hunt H, Snape-Kennedy L, Wilkinson TJ (2016) Long Term Population, City Size and Climate Trends in the Fertile Crescent: A First Approximation. PLOS ONE 11(3): e0152563. #OpenAccess #OA #Research #Article #Archaeology #Ancient #FertileCrescent #NearEast #Turkey #Population #Climate #Academia #Academic #Academics @archaeodons

bibliolater, to science avatar

"Our study demonstrates a direct genetic link between Mediterranean and Central European early farmers and those of Greece and Anatolia, extending the European Neolithic migratory chain all the way back to southwestern Asia."

Hofmanová, Z. et al. (2016) 'Early farmers from across Europe directly descended from Neolithic Aegeans,' Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113(25), pp. 6886–6891. @anthropology @science @archaeodons

prachisrivas, to academicchatter avatar

Honoured to be joining the International Advisory Board of the Oxford Review of Education. It's a treat to serve the Oxford Department of Education, my old home, in this way.

Very much looking forward to working with editors Jo-Anne Baird and Velda Elliott and other Board members.

Consider the ORE for your next education research paper.


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Global Gateway is our strategy to connect countries and regions by encouraging public and private investment.

On 25 and 26 October, leaders from the and across the globe will take part in the Global Gateway Forum in Brussels to debate:

By focusing on transformative projects, we can deliver a more sustainable future – in Europe, Latin America, South-East Asia, and Africa.


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"Sixty-three skeletons from the Pre Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB) sites of Tell Halula, Tell Ramad and Dja'de El Mughara dating between 8,700–6,600 cal. B.C. were analyzed, and 15 validated mitochondrial DNA profiles were recovered. In order to estimate the demographic contribution of the first farmers to both Central European and Western Mediterranean Neolithic cultures, haplotype and haplogroup diversities in the PPNB sample were compared using phylogeographic and population genetic analyses to available ancient DNA data from human remains belonging to the Linearbandkeramik-Alföldi Vonaldiszes Kerámia and Cardial/Epicardial cultures."

Fernández E, Pérez-Pérez A, Gamba C, Prats E, Cuesta P, et al. (2014) Ancient DNA Analysis of 8000 B.C. Near Eastern Farmers Supports an Early Neolithic Pioneer Maritime Colonization of Mainland Europe through Cyprus and the Aegean Islands. PLOS Genetics 10(6): e1004401. @science @anthropology

bibliolater, to science avatar

🇮🇪 "The Neolithic and Bronze Age transitions were profound cultural shifts catalyzed in parts of Europe by migrations, first of early farmers from the Near East and then Bronze Age herders from the Pontic Steppe. However, a decades-long, unresolved controversy is whether population change or cultural adoption occurred at the Atlantic edge, within the British Isles."

Cassidy, L.M. et al. (2015) 'Neolithic and Bronze Age migration to Ireland and establishment of the insular Atlantic genome,' Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113(2), pp. 368–373. @science @archaeodons

bibliolater, to science avatar

🇵🇱 "Results showed that the level of differentiation within Polish population is quite low, but some differences were indicated. It was confirmed that the Polish population is characterized by a high degree of homogeneity, with only slight genetic differences being observed at the regional level."

Grochowalski, Ł. et al. (2020) 'Y-Chromosome Genetic analysis of modern Polish population,' Frontiers in Genetics, 11. @science @anthropology

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This tweet from @ekfarran really deserves a spread …

Our second annual update of "Open Research across disciplines" is out: Better still,
have transformed it into a fabulous set of accessible webpages, with additional case studies and more:
(And so is this site of course )
@edutooters @education @edutooter

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🇲🇽 "Most sequenced individuals had admixed Indigenous American, European and African ancestry, with extensive admixture from Indigenous populations in central, southern and southeastern Mexico."

Ziyatdinov, A., Torres, J., Alegre-Díaz, J. et al. Genotyping, sequencing and analysis of 140,000 adults from Mexico City. Nature (2023). #OpenAccess #OA #Science #Research #DNA #Genetics #Mexico #Academia #Academic #Academics @science

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A new method for the dramatic training of classical singers, based on the principles of historical acting and rhetoric and shaped by modern pedagogy. It is available in open access and can be downloaded for free from the Oxford University Research Archive here: @opera @history @histodons @academicchatter @classicalmusic

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Doing research that uses ZIP Codes as the smallest geographic identifier? Want to use them longitudinally? Better watch out for missing data or measurement error due to changing boundaries.

Luckily, my colleague Allison Helmuth (at Rice) and I put together this cool data crosswalk that covers 1990 - 2020...

Apologies for posting this twice, but somehow I deleted my link to SOCIOLOGY in the original post...

@sociology @sociology @academia_carnet #research #data

mfi, to academicchatter German avatar

Do you collect bloopers from your #PhD / #research project?

I just tried to google a paper via its #DOI and google helpfully offered this:


eo, to actuallyautistic avatar

I wonder if there is any research on children of autistic parents, both autistic and not. It would be a touchy subject to pry open, from several perspectives on ethics. But I am both an autistic father and a son of an autistic father, so… I've been wondering.

StevenSaus, avatar

@eo @actuallyautistic

I've found that as a quick litmus test is whether or not the tone of the study is centered on the needs of the autist or on the needs of those around the autist. (The latter includes "we must cure them" attitudes.)

There's a clip from Chris Packham in the blog post I wrote (link below) which really kind of illustrates the difference.

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TITLE: YouTube Pseudo-Psychology, Algorithm Traps, and How I Got Set-Up
to Look Like I Cheat

My wife and I share a YouTube Premium subscription. A few weeks ago I
was scrolling through YouTube recommendations when I came across a video
on different male personality types.

"Sure", I thought, "I'm a therapist -- why not check it out". So I
watched the video as it invited me to try and decide which type of male
I was as they described them. I noticed they made the "Sigma Male"
sound the most attractive -- which was a bit odd -- but I thought little
more about it.

A few weeks later (tonight), up popped a video on 10 characteristics of
a "Sigma Male". I was curious, so I watched it. They spent the whole
video making "Sigma Males" seem like super heroes. Suspicious now, I
went to the channel these videos were coming from to look around.

I was displeased to see that 10% of the videos were on male personality
characteristics, and 90% of the videos were dedicated to how Sigma
Males Get Women.
Video after video of how to bag yourself a blonde or
brunette. Yuck.

You can guess where this is going -- now our shared YouTube
recommendations list is full of how-to videos on attracting hot women.
The uncool thing is I have never watched any such video to deserve
this. The really uncool thing is my wife will be spotting this
tomorrow. Happily -- she is very understanding and not the jealous type.

Besides -- she can always look at my view history. I'll also be sending
her this message. :)

Is there actually a valid psychological theory outside pop psychology
including "Sigma Males"? When I Google it, I get lots of pop psychology
websites, including something called the "Incel Wiki".

Now I do feel slightly ill.

-- Michael


I sent the original note above out a few days ago on a national psych   
listserv and it engendered some relevant psychological discussion on how   
AI and algorithms effect the mental health of our clients.

Happily my wife thought the note and situation above hilarious (I   
thought she might).

Part of what was so troubling to me here was the clear funneling process   
being executed on vulnerable young men on YouTube:

STEP 1: Grab guys just interested in learning about themselves. (Or   
psychotherapists interested in personality systems.)

STEP 2: Make "Sigma Males" sound like the most attractive type so they   
are identified with. (Lonely geeks are recast as desirable lone wolf   
types with all the skills of alpha males.)

STEP 3: Game the YouTube algorithm so the next recommendations are how   
"Sigma Males" get women. (I decided to bail at this point so I am not   
going to view what is being recommended. Judging by the fact that "Sigma   
Male" connects in Google searches to Incel websites, I shutter to think...)

[It's possible that "Sigma Male" is a term from a legitimate personality   
system, but if so, its been at least partially co-opted by pop psychology.]

A discussion commenter stated: /"The mental health challenge is to help   
people become aware of how AI is taking over their lives so that they   
can manage the AI rather than have the AI manage them."/

My new resolve to periodically create new YouTube profiles to get out of   
old tracking algorithms is one example of an adaptation.

*People need other ways to escape tracking to get out of boxes* -- like   
the old BBS (bulletin board systems) that let you read (or not read)   
every community comment from every poster without algorithms tailoring   
your newsfeed.

*People need tools to recognize when they are being herded into specific   
ways of thinking.* Like many of our political silos. Like my original   
example above of an interest in male psychology potentially leading to   
Incel-like "education" on how to be a "Sigma Male" who gets all the women.

*Businesses need some government regulation in what tracking they can do   
-- in all environments, but especially the free ones.* People may need   
to return to PAYING for their information sources so they themselves are   
not the product.

Ironically, it was GOOGLE, whose "I'm feeling lucky" button below the   
search engine field used to take users to a random website somewhere on   
the Internet.

*We are now in need of actively maintaining personal ways to randomly   
escape our information bubbles so as to better recognize them.**  
-- Michael

*Michael Reeder, LCPC  
*Hygeia Counseling Services : Baltimore / Mt. Washington Village location*  
*410-871-TALK / michael(at)*

#psychology #socialwork #psychotherapy #research #incel #AI   
#artificialintelligence #youtube #mentalhealth @[email protected]   
@[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected]   
#Algorithms #personalitytests @silos
admin, avatar

TITLE: Return of the "Sigma Male"

A brief update to the story I posted last January (see above) on "Sigma Males", YouTube Algorithms, and the funneling of lonely young men into unhealthy modes of thought.

My wife found the attached photo gem on social media. Its of an entire romance book series entitled "The Sigma Menace: The Complete Series".

The text of the graphic also says: "In this irresistible collection, wolf shifters break all the rules in the name of passion, love, and claiming their destined mates!"

Great... Do men read romance novels, or has this contamination spread to women too now?

"Sigma Male" is a bogus pop psychology concept linked with incels and -- perhaps more positively -- helping lonely young men feel better about themselves. But... they are irresistible loners and entitled to women... Not happy to see it going kind of mainstream.

@psychology @socialwork @psychotherapists @psychiatry

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