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So is this the deal with the new @eLife system:
1- you send your preprint
2- it is reviewed (if they so choose)
3- you eventually upload a final “version of record”
4- you send that version (+reviews) to another journal for publication

Has anyone tried that step 4? Do the “other journals” accept to publish something that’s already been reviewed & published by eLife?

Of course, you could skip step 4 but does having an eLife paper under the new system “count” for your CV?

Marie_Ranquet, to histodons French
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#Publication des actes du #colloque tenu aux #Archives nationales en 2021 "Les archives iconographiques et audiovisuelles de la Reconstruction en France, de 1940 aux années 1960", sous la direction de Boris Labidurie et Christel Palant

Librement accessible et téléchargeable dans la collection des publications des Archives nationales sur Books.openedition :

@archivistodon @histodons @ZoomHistoire

spatial_history, to histodons German
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La ciudad y el territorio en los mapas: sobre la historia de una diferenciación espacial, in: Documents d'Anàlisi Geogràfica 69, 3 (2023), 481-500, DOI: https://doi.org/10.5565/rev/dag.850

The article deals with the history of a spatial differentiation that is becoming less and less important in the present: the urban-rural divide. - First signs can be traced in a Paris map of Delagrive, early 18th c.

@histodons @earlymodern
Map: Gallica @ BnF

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