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Treated myself to my own printed copy to celebrate thesis revisions from the viva being accepted 🥳
@phdstudents @thesiswhisperer

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Sharing this open position at the University of Aberdeen, UK 🔥
Apply Raman spectroscopy to cores and experimentally burned samples to reconstruct fire intensity changes throughout the past millennia- sounds like a great project!

@paleofire @wildfirescience @ecology

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advert for in and in

Sex and the epigenome: Fully funded PhD to investigate how reproductive mode influences epigenetic inheritance. Based in Nelson, New Zealand. Position open until filled.

@jobsecoevo @academicjobs

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Call for #PhD fellowships in the @sfb1412 „Register“ in 2024.
Do you want to work for a year in a #register related project in Berlin?
The fellowship can be used to carry out a self-contained research project on the topic of the CRC (SFB).

Please share!
@linguistics @academicchatter @phdstudents

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Good thread @mattblaze on PhD application processes for potential candidates.

It is written with STEM in mind but applies to social sciences as well. All disciplines, really.

My 2 cents: Individual profs don't usually make acceptance decisions on their own. They don't have power on admissions policies, scholarships, or visas.

Universities need to be more transparent on the actual process of acceptance.


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Cleaning my academic CV. I sort of forgot that I wrote three papers with just my two supervisors.

I was funded on an interdisciplinary grant, and both didn't really know the topic.

The first true feedback I would get after submission to the journals. Luckily they trained me well, being critical of my own work in the context of the literature and having me seek out other opinions.

Seems wild I pulled this all off.


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Happy to host Polina Rusanova, between Oct 2023 and Jan. 2024, for her #PhD internship. Her thesis title is "Moving towards a sustainable use of #fisheries resources: Nutritional quality, #contaminants, #bioactive compounds, and new bycatch based #food", Università Di #Palermo, Italy.

In our lab, she will investigate the #gut #microbiome of natural #Norway #lobster, #Nephrops norvegicus, populations.

@phdlife @PhD_Genie @phdstudents
#phdlife #studyabroad #AcademicMastodon @academicchatter

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Fully funded PhD opportunity at the University of Cambridge:

PhD studentship for 'Multilingual teaching, learning and assessment of English in India's primary schools'

Deadline: 5 December 2023

@academicchatter @phdstudents

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It breaks my heart thinking about all the who were ready to start their new or in foreign countries and now they have to give up because they cannot travel from many more countries other than and

@phdlife @PhD_Genie @phdstudents

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I'm trying to commission an illustrator who will turn somebody's PhD (on the subject of history solidarity / peace / anti-nuclear warfare in the 1980s) into a comic book strip / big cartoon-y poster. Not sure sure where to go looking - any ideas?

@histodons @academicchatter

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Falling behind: postdocs in their thirties tire of putting life on hold
by Linda Nodrling for Nature

@PhdLife @academicsunite

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Online event for students offered by University: "Doing a PhD Whilst the House is on Fire. How to navigate academic development at a time of unprecedented crisis"

Date: 7th of November 2023 from 13.00 - 16.00 (CET)

Sign up deadline: 6th of November 12.00 (CET)


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Do you collect bloopers from your #PhD / #research project?

I just tried to google a paper via its #DOI and google helpfully offered this:


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I'm in a tough point in my journey as changes in supervisory team are slowing things down and leaving me with a lot of uncertainty, while of course, I have like 1K of deadlines approaching.
So, for the first time in my life, I'm publicly admitting my mental health is in need of a boost, so please send good vibes :)

Cute pictures to remind me the beauty of our world are also welcome!
I start:
Here is my little cat Caffè tacitly reminding me the subtle art of not giving a f*


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Conversation this morning: I'm so tired I can't write my PhD, but I can't rest because I feel guilty for not working... when I am dead will I still feel the need to be productive all the time? @academicchatter

Alexlee, to academicchatter avatar

The university of brighton is being destroyed... i am quoted in The Canary about my experience as a PhD researcher and academic support worker


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York University's Science and Technology Studies grad program is accepting applications from potential MA and PhD students:

I'm affiliated with the program -- let me know if you have questions about it!

All students get funded. The program is particularly interested in recruiting Canadian students in the MA program. (International students are also very welcome to apply!)


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Youtuber Journalism Research

Hello everyone, please support my Visualise Your Thesis entry by watching my video on this link. People's choice award is based on number of views, so please feel free to watch many times 😁

@phdstudents @commodon

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The Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto offers fully funded PhD student positions to study with me 🙋‍♂️ on themes in , IT for , , , Computing within Limits, & responsible tech, & sustainable software engineering. Apply by Dec. 1: (PDF:
@academicchatter @seresearchers

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Currently writing an article that should be 8,000 words. I am now at 17,000 and I, as a beginner in professional academic writing, need some advice. I know I am the kind of person who thinks through writing. This means that I have probably written a lot that can be cut and left out.

But how do I learn to write reasonably lengthy papers? I swear I thought my topic and questions could be addressed in 8,000 words. I had an outline ... with word counts per section. Still, it went completely off the rails.

Will this get better at some point?

@academicchatter @phdlife @phdstudents

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Things I didn't realize about the :

(This will be a very long list by the end of the year if I keep it up. We'll see.)

  1. Your statements are basically done after the first few deadlines. I always thought I'd customize extensively for each school.


On a week like this (with so many apps due Sep 15), you just don't have time. You have to trust that you already put in the work with your base template. It's a mental shift from fellowship apps.

@academicchatter @sociology

writingmonicker, avatar

@academicchatter @sociology

Things I didn't realize about the

  1. Going back to the , I like Betty Lai's advice emphasizing the need to tell a story with your talk.

I generally enjoy presenting my research to an audience (mostly as an escape from writing), but the job talk is a completely different genre. Still learning the rules but getting better.

writingmonicker, avatar

@academicchatter @sociology

Things I didn't realize about the

  1. If you don't already have one, consider finding a therapist you like before the job market starts.

Sincerely, someone who doesn't think she has the energy to search for a new therapist right now but could probably use one

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