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I learned something wonderful today.

The @zotero citation manager automatically alerts you if you cite or have a paper in your database that has been retracted.

Thanks @kdund for following this up!

Very important tool as the numbers of research papers retracted are increasing over time (it seems).


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Collaborators of Francesca Gino (accused of fraud and now suing Harvard) have been working together to verify findings.

"The mass self-auditing effort [...] has already initiated the retraction of at least one paper that Gino collected data for,"

“Like all scholars, I am interested in the truth. But auditing only my papers actively ignores a deeper reflection for the field,” - Gino responded

by @stephaniemlee

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Putting their money where their mouth is, the EU decides to make academic publishing open source:
"utilizing existing open-source software has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although some risks are associated with this approach, our research has identified a few mature existing solutions that could be further developed to support the future ORE platform."

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Kudos to the (@thecrick) for its policy on and ,

In addition to supporting , content , and reforms, it applies licenses to all research carried out at the institute.

h/t @sallyrumsey

@academicchatter @openscience

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Pls Repost

Jülich Speaker Series

SPEAKER: Dr. Esther Plomp

TOPIC: Ten simple rules for starting FAIR discussions in your community

DATE: 5 Dec 2023, 2pm CET


@fzj @HelmholtzOpenScienceOffice @academicchatter


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We are hosting a panel in the conference's Track: "Hack the Hackathon: Challenges of Inclusion, Participation, and Fairness.
The conference is taking place May 6 - 8 2024 and, of course, in Graz, Austria.

You can find our call for abstracts (and others) here:

Or download it directly as pdf here:

You are invited to submit your research and share it with your colleagues. Hope to see you at the venue!


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Very happy to attend to @imarfisi (Accreditation to supervise students) defense!

You can attend online (switch off your cam' and mic'):

@sgeorge @siksal

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It's already the last part! @imarfisi is focusing on what's coming next. And it is about .

@edutooters @sgeorge @siksal @lpoisson @framaka @lelibreedu

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How can advocacy for a search engine monopoly be reduced (by practical editorial changes) in the English-language ?

This is a fundamental meta-academic question (reviews of knowledge) for which practical participation - with evidence and arguments - would be better than postmodernist gobbledegook or neoliberal empty rhetoric.


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New study shows that "academic researchers [are] demoralised by a culture that disincentivises sharing and collaboration, encourages questionable research practices, and increases the risk of bias."

"...writing research under the pressure to find 'impactful' results [make me feel] like 'I'm a novel writer instead of a researcher'" explains one interviewee.

Summary of survey (N > 400):
h/t @HughShanahan

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It breaks my heart thinking about all the who were ready to start their new or in foreign countries and now they have to give up because they cannot travel from many more countries other than and

@phdlife @PhD_Genie @phdstudents

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🔔 NEU 🔔 Alle 10.310 Urteile des Bundesfinanzhofs (BFH) ab Januar 2010 stehen jetzt als Datensatz zur Verfügung. Der BFH ist das oberste deutsche Bundesgericht für und

✅ Formate: PDF, TXT, CSV, HTML


Alle Downloads:


@rstats @law @politicalscience @sociology

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🔔 NEW Dataset 🔔

Download 10,310 full-text decisions (2010-2023) of the Bundesfinanzhof (BFH), the German Federal Court of Finance, as a high-quality dataset here ⬇️

✅ Formats: CSV, HTML, PDF, TXT

Dataset download:

source code:

@rstats @law @politicalscience @sociology

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A whistleblower has revealed a prolific paper mill:

The paper mill proposes "special issues to hundreds of journals from major publishers. The whistleblower estimates that around 5% of the journals accepted these proposals. Once in control of these specials, [the paper mill] team included fraudulent or irrelevant studies that cited previous papers on the same topic." This artificially inflates paper mill affiliated authors' citations.
#OpenScience @academicchatter

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🔔 Update 🔔 Curious about my tech tools and workflow? I've updated and greatly expanded the annotated list of favorite open source tools on my website:

Includes both general tools (browser, e-mail, OS, editor) and data science specific tools (R, R packages, reproducible science).

German translation coming soon!

@rstats @histodons @politicalscience

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The Socio-Environmental Knowledge Commons (SEEKCommons) project is dedicated to building pathways for horizontal collaborations across , , & socio-environmental researchers and community organizers

The SEEKCommons Fellowship is an initiative to bring graduate students & ECRs w new perspectives & voices to socio-environmental research with open technologies

Deadline: Oct 15!

@sts @academicchatter

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:question_block: :question_block: :question_block:

Where can I find a list of #academic #journals with #diamondopenaccess (#psychology #health #medicine ) model [except DOAJ]?

e.g., Clinical Psychology in Europe




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In France we have a law since 2016 that brings down the embargo period for open publishing down to 6 months (or 12 for social sciences) no matter what you signed.

Also, the CNRS is pushing for everyone to publish the preprint version in CC-BY before they give up your copyright.

Finally you need to publish on HAL if you want your papers to count towards your annual report.

Is there any other laws / initiative like this on other countries?

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@solalnathan @academicchatter Yes.

This is described in legal terms as 'secondary publishing rights'.

In addition to France, they have them in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain & Italy.

See the table at the end of this PDF:

I do wish UK-based scholars had secondary publishing rights! #OpenScience

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