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Just another weekend in the Mediterranean...

People move, get over it. If not, you will keep killing them

#AbolishFrontex, #FreeMovement, #Refugees, #Migration, #NoBorders, #Libya @immigration

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New book recommendation: We Are All Migrants. A History of Multicultural Germany. Sadly, the author, Jan Plamper, died of cancer two weeks ago. May he rest in peace. @histodons @migrationresearch #germany #history #migration

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New Western report published. It talks of regularisation procedures across the region and how they are an illusion.




Executive Summary

One feature of ‘modern’ border regimes is the supposed right of states to control entry into and residence in the territory they control. This control is written into law through legislation and regulation that governs who can be in the territory and the process to be followed to establish this entitlement. As so often is the case, this ‘neutral’ bureaucratic mechanism masks enormous suffering, exploitation and violence. It also hides the complete illogic of the border and its brutal, arbitrary reality.

In this report, we explore the bureaucracy of the border and the (im)possibility of regularising your status from the point of view someone prepared to move without a state’s permission. In particular, we look at the way the Kingdom of Morocco has used regularisation campaigns to further restrict people’s mobility and how that contributes to the exploitation Black Africans. We note similar phenomena in Algeria and also discuss the effects of the externalisation of the European Union’s borders on the migrant population there. Finally, we explore parallel dynamics on the Spanish side of the border. Regularisation remains a phantom light for many and the complex bureaucracy serves mainly to facilitate exploitation and marginalisation.

We also report on changes of practice by people on the move. Especially noteworthy is a massive uptake in departures from Senegal and the displacement of people back North from Western Sahara to the Nador region, an exodus from Tanger to Tunisia, and the ongoing phenomenon of ‘ghost ships’ transporting the Harraga from northern Morocco to Southeast Spain. Finally we give details of at least 1476 people dead or missing from 74 incidents.

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This sort of nonsense really annoys me:
Rejection would leave a central plank of Rishi Sunak’s re-election platform in tatters, potentially rendering him unable to fulfil his pledge to “stop the boats”.
( It is from the guardian)

Everybody knows that there is no connection between having the power to send people to Rwanda and people choosing to cross the channel in inflatable boats. Just because some Tories claim that this is the point of the policy and that it will have that effect does not make that true.

You know that. I know that. They know that. They know that we know that. The policy exists to be a spectacular manifestation of their racism and their cruelty. I'm fed up with bullshit. Let's be honest about what is happening. We'll at least know what the stakes are.

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"The present study has highlighted the gene-culture co-migration with the demographic movements that occurred during the past two millennia in Central and East Asia. Additionally, this work contributes to a better understanding of the distribution of immunogenic erythrocyte polymorphisms with a view to improve transfusion safety."

Petit, F., Minnai, F., Chiaroni, J. et al. The radial expansion of the Diego blood group system polymorphisms in Asia: mark of co-migration with the Mongol conquests. Eur J Hum Genet 27, 125–132 (2019). @science @biology

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How did Lemmy World become the default instance?

World was already the biggest by far when I first started lurking back in July, and it’s just getting more dominant. Before, there was quite some diversity in the distribution of generic communities, but nowadays the vast majority of posts that reach the top are from over there....

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I had a look at how Mastodon does it, it’s not that much fancier to be honest, just a “The account has moved”, and following the new account needs to be done manually by followers.

Anyone viewing your profile can see this notice and will know to follow you at your new account. Following redirected accounts is not possible.

Edit: even the moving feature does not move the posts

Your posts will not be moved, due to technical limitations.

I’m not aware of any federated service where complete migration is possible, do you have any in mind?

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This week I've been mainly reading, no. 112.

Paul Lynch's winning Prophet Song (2023) warns us about the precariousness of liberal society. The mother's relentless interior monologue explores how we might react as a society breaks down from authoritarian rule to civil war & eventual of victims. While one might argue that this is a developing country story reset in merely to enhance Anglo-saxon empathy, this resetting is what emphasises its warning

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The constitutional law blog is a good read if you're into that sort of thing. Here in a nice article on Judicial Review:
I do wish that commentators would stop ignoring the massive racist elephant in the room.

When the Government moans about judicial oversight it is really moaning about judicial oversight of its immigration decisions. Almost all of the JRs that it has to fight are immigration related. It could just stop making terrible, unlawful decisions to beat on 'foreigners'.

Almost all of its 'ouster' clauses, restricting review, apply in immigration law contexts. Removing protection from arbitrary executive power to 'foreigners' is racist. It is not surprising that this is how the law works but it should be called out at every opportunity
#LawFedi, #Migration, #NoBorders @immigration

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Der Begriff wird im Fluchtkontext zur Farce, wenn es auch für Leute, die Schutz bekommen, keine Möglichkeiten zur "regulären" gab. Statt zu schaffen, wird Flucht . Gastbeitrag von Pro Asyl.

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In case you missed on the subject of migration to

"The Ebb and Flow of Trinidad and Tobago's Migratory Legal System: Impact and Challenges on Venezuelan Migrants"

You can watch the recording via YouTube:


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Hey -

Virtual presentation tomorrow at 1900 Eastern on Indigenous refuge in early Canada by historian Jean-François Lozier (Canadian of History):

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by Bridget Anderson - Imagining a world without borders. @migrationresearch

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Music, Migration, Belonging/s in 21st-Century Europe

@ University of Music and
Performing Arts Vienna

Registrations has just opened!

Full programme here =>

More information here =>

#Ethnomusicology #Musicology #Migration

CC @ethnomusicology @musicology

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Veteran academics have grown used to pulling up the stakes of our yurts. In 1998 I noted in an online keynote address from Japan to the U.S. that EdTech early adopters were like so many masterless samurai roaming from site to site, so I founded the World Association for Online Education.

Like the migration from X to Mastodon, I anticipate a #migration from commercial to open source research repositories. Slideshare was acquired and monetized, although we did not sign up to have our IP sold. AcademiaEdu has gotten more restrictive to non-payers and non-members, while greater prestige alone might not sustain non-member access to ResearchGate. The reach those two offer for free is unsurpassed at this time.

However, in principle, and as circumstances change, a respository such as Humanities Commons @hello becomes more attractive.


Latest: "Dual Nationality in Japan: Learning to Love Ambiguity" - download from


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"Sixty-three skeletons from the Pre Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB) sites of Tell Halula, Tell Ramad and Dja'de El Mughara dating between 8,700–6,600 cal. B.C. were analyzed, and 15 validated mitochondrial DNA profiles were recovered. In order to estimate the demographic contribution of the first farmers to both Central European and Western Mediterranean Neolithic cultures, haplotype and haplogroup diversities in the PPNB sample were compared using phylogeographic and population genetic analyses to available ancient DNA data from human remains belonging to the Linearbandkeramik-Alföldi Vonaldiszes Kerámia and Cardial/Epicardial cultures."

Fernández E, Pérez-Pérez A, Gamba C, Prats E, Cuesta P, et al. (2014) Ancient DNA Analysis of 8000 B.C. Near Eastern Farmers Supports an Early Neolithic Pioneer Maritime Colonization of Mainland Europe through Cyprus and the Aegean Islands. PLOS Genetics 10(6): e1004401. @science @anthropology

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And it's out 😃 My colleague Ondřej Pekáček and I have put out our first article on the representation of in the news 2015–2023, using NER and collocations, and looking at presences and absences in the 2015 vs. 2022 periods. First (as here) on paper, but will be soon.


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Dear reserchers out there working on migration in the context of environmental and . I have just started a group on here on mastodon please join to share content about this topic

@migrationresearch[email protected]

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Are you working on "Geographical perspectives on climate and environmental "?
Here is an interesting call for presentations (CfP) for a session at the International Geographical Congress 2024 in Dublin next year (24-30 August) with @hasterly

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The next AusClio workshop will be Nov 6 in Adelaide discussing papers on girls' education, missionaries and women's rights in Korea, religion & conflict in China, nation-building & migration in Palestine, land redistribution & mobilization for China's civil war & US immigrant networks. Detail at
@econhist @economics @immigration @devecon @religion

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