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Brozio JP, Stos-Gale Z, Müller J, Müller-Scheeßel N, Schultrich S, et al. (2023) The origin of Neolithic copper on the central Northern European plain and in Southern Scandinavia: Connectivities on a European scale. PLOS ONE 18(5): e0283007. @archaeodons @science

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"We focus specifically on the ongoing debates relating to (1) the independent invention and innovation of different metals and metal production techniques; (2) the analysis and interpretation of early metallurgical production cores and peripheries, and their collapses; and (3) the relationships between metals, metallurgy and society."

Radivojević, M., Roberts, B.W. Early Balkan Metallurgy: Origins, Evolution and Society, 6200–3700 BC. J World Prehist 34, 195–278 (2021). @archaeodons

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