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"Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is stressed that artificial algorithms attempt to mimic only the conscious function of parts of the cerebral cortex, ignoring the fact that, not only every conscious experience is preceded by an unconscious process but also that the passage from the unconscious to consciousness is accompanied by loss of information."

Athanassios S Fokas, Can artificial intelligence reach human thought?, PNAS Nexus, Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2023, pgad409, @science @engineering

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"This article seeks to understand mercantilism not as an elite philosophy, but as a process of interaction between private interests that stretched beyond London across England and the wider world, in which contribution to the public interest was asserted primarily by the capacity of a trade to support domestic employment in an increasingly global economy."

Hugo Bromley, England’s Mercantilism: Trading Companies, Employment and the Politics of Trade in Global History, 1688–1704, The English Historical Review, 2023;, cead177, @histodon @histodons

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"Here we focus on pseudo-profound bullshit, which consists of seemingly impressive assertions that are presented as true and meaningful but are actually vacuous"

Pennycook G, Allan Cheyne J, Barr N, Koehler DJ, Fugelsang JA. On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit. Judgment and Decision Making. 2015;10(6):549-563. doi: @psychology

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"Our project is revealing a new perspective on how these sites, contrary to previous assumptions, seem to have played a significant role in the configuration and evolution of trading networks throughout the Roman period."

Quevedo A, Hernández García Jde D, Gutiérrez-Rodríguez M, Moreno-Martín FJ, Mukai T, Capelli C. Impact of trading networks on a small island at the end of Late Antiquity: Isla del Fraile. Antiquity. 2023:1-9. doi: @archaeodons @antiquidons

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"This article outlines a chronology for understanding the cultural importance in Britain of this voyage, from the New England chroniclers to the postcolonial critiques of historians today. In between, it offers a thematic analysis of the different groups which could use the story in their construction of morality and identity, from Romanticists and abolitionists to Anglo-American diplomats and civic boosters."

Edmund Downey, Tom Hulme, Martha Vandrei, The Mayflower and Historical Culture in Britain, 1620–2020, The English Historical Review, 2023;, cead152, @histodon @histodons

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"In his Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics, Wittgenstein claims, puzzlingly, that ‘the proof creates a new concept’ (RFM III-41). This paper aims to contribute to clarifying this idea, and to showing how it marks a major break with the traditional conception of proof."

Sorin Bangu, Wittgenstein on Proof and Concept-Formation, The Philosophical Quarterly, 2023;, pqad111, @philosophy

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"The authors present new archaeological discoveries from western and northern Mongolia, dating to the fourth and fifth centuries AD, including a wooden frame saddle with horse hide components from Urd Ulaan Uneet and an iron stirrup from Khukh Nuur. Together, these finds suggest that Mongolian groups were early adopters of stirrups and saddles, facilitating the expansion of nomadic hegemony across Eurasia and shaping the conduct of medieval mounted warfare."

Bayarsaikhan J, Turbat T, Bayandelger C, et al. The origins of saddles and riding technology in East Asia: discoveries from the Mongolian Altai. Antiquity. 2023:1-17. doi: @archaeodons @histodon @histodons

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"Medieval hospitals were founded to provide charity, but poverty and infirmity were broad and socially determined categories and little is known about the residents of these institutions and the pathways that led them there. Combining skeletal, isotopic and genetic data, the authors weave a collective biography of individuals buried at the Hospital of St John the Evangelist, Cambridge."

Inskip S, Cessford C, Dittmar J, et al. Pathways to the medieval hospital: collective osteobiographies of poverty and charity. Antiquity. 2023;97(396):1581-1597. doi: @archaeodons @science

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"The present study has highlighted the gene-culture co-migration with the demographic movements that occurred during the past two millennia in Central and East Asia. Additionally, this work contributes to a better understanding of the distribution of immunogenic erythrocyte polymorphisms with a view to improve transfusion safety."

Petit, F., Minnai, F., Chiaroni, J. et al. The radial expansion of the Diego blood group system polymorphisms in Asia: mark of co-migration with the Mongol conquests. Eur J Hum Genet 27, 125–132 (2019). @science @biology

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Brozio JP, Stos-Gale Z, Müller J, Müller-Scheeßel N, Schultrich S, et al. (2023) The origin of Neolithic copper on the central Northern European plain and in Southern Scandinavia: Connectivities on a European scale. PLOS ONE 18(5): e0283007. @archaeodons @science

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"In applied linguistics generally and bilingualism research in particular, psychological variables remain a much under-investigated sub-category of individual differences compared with cognitive ones. To better understand the under-researched psychological effects of bilingualism, this study investigated well-being, a psychological construct, based on a big-data survey."

Wang, J., & Wei, R. (2023). Is bilingualism linked to well-being? Evidence from a big-data survey. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 1-11. doi: @linguistics @psychology

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"We argue that the site of Tainiaro was most likely, although not certainly, a large Stone Age cemetery of the fifth millennium BC. If correct, it would be among the largest such sites to date to this period known in northern Europe."

Hakonen, A., Perälä, N., Vaneeckhout, S., Laurén, T., & Okkonen, J. (2023). A large fifth-millennium BC cemetery in the subarctic north of the Baltic Sea? Antiquity, 97(396), 1402-1419. doi: @archaeodons

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"We analyze the average sonority of basic words of nearly three-quarters of the world’s languages, and confirm a positive correlation between sonority and local temperature. Our findings suggest that lower temperatures, over the course of many centuries, lead to decreased sonority. Our research provides further evidence that climate plays a role in shaping the evolution of human languages."

Tianheng Wang, Søren Wichmann, Quansheng Xia, Qibin Ran, Temperature shapes language sonority: Revalidation from a large dataset, PNAS Nexus, Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2023, pgad384, @anthropology

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"We analyze the average sonority of basic words of nearly three-quarters of the world’s languages, and confirm a positive correlation between sonority and local temperature. Our findings suggest that lower temperatures, over the course of many centuries, lead to decreased sonority. Our research provides further evidence that climate plays a role in shaping the evolution of human languages."

Tianheng Wang, Søren Wichmann, Quansheng Xia, Qibin Ran, Temperature shapes language sonority: Revalidation from a large dataset, PNAS Nexus, Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2023, pgad384, @anthropology

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"The present article is then concerned with the standardisation of the apostrophe in the English orthographic system in the period 1600–1900 and pursues the following objectives: (a) to study the use and omission of the apostrophe in the expression of the past tense, the genitive case and the nominative plural in the period; (b) to assess the relationship between the three uses and their likely connections; and (c) to evaluate the likely participation of grammarians in the adoption and the rejection of each of these phenomena in English."

CALLE-MARTÍN, J., & PACHECO-FRANCO, M. (2023). ‘The night before beg'd ye queens's pardon and his brother's’: The apostrophe in the history of English. English Language & Linguistics, 1-20. doi: #OpenAccess #OA #Journal #English #Language #Linguistics #Philology #Grammar @linguistics

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"The following review of the archeological and document evidence indicates that three events occurring in the first half of the first millennium BC trigger the emergence of a specialized and integrated classical economy after 500 BC: (i) growth in demand for silver as a medium of exchange in economies in the Near East; (ii) technical breakthroughs in hull construction and sailing rig in merchant shipping of the late Bronze Age; (iii) perfection of ferrous metallurgy into the European hinterland."

Grantham, G. (2021). THE PREHISTORIC ORIGINS OF EUROPEAN ECONOMIC INTEGRATION. Social Philosophy and Policy, 38(2), 261-306. doi: @economics @econhist @philosophy

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"The early alphabet developed in association with Western Asiatic (Canaanite) miners in Sinai (or, at least, was taken up by them) during the Middle Kingdom in the eighteenth century BC. We suggest that early alphabetic writing spread to the Southern Levant during the late Middle Bronze Age (with the Lachish Dagger probably being the earliest attested example), and was in use by at least the mid fifteenth century BC at Tel Lachish."

Höflmayer, F., Misgav, H., Webster, L., & Streit, K. (2021). Early alphabetic writing in the ancient Near East: The ‘missing link’ from Tel Lachish. Antiquity, 95(381), 705-719. doi: @archaeodons @histodon @histodons

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"The Syriac language has, among all the Aramaic varieties, by far the largest number of terms for ‘comet’ or ‘meteor’. Is there a simple explanation for this fact?"

Stefanie Rudolf, “A great star falls”—cometology in Syriac language and literature, Journal of Semitic Studies, 2023;, fgad041, @linguistics

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Und das nächste , das uns ne fürs geschickt hat. Das sind eindeutig die Tage an denen ich es hasse in zu sein.

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"The investigation shows that the Kvens constituted a group of Finnish speaking people existing in continuity from the Viking Age. Their core territory was situated in the upper Gulf of Bothnia area. When this was integrated into the Swedish kingdom the inhabitants were designated Finns by the Swedes."

Lars Elenius (2019) The dissolution of ancient Kvenland and the transformation of the Kvens as an ethnic group of people. On changing ethnic categorizations in communicative and collective memories, Acta Borealia, 36:2, 117-148, DOI: @histodon @histodons @medievodons

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"This article offers the examples from Sintashta SM and Kamennyj Ambar-5, along with Bayesian modelling of radiocarbon dates from KA-5's kurgan burials, as new information for debate over both the timing of the introduction of light vehicles on the Eurasian Steppe and, more generally, technological innovations across Eurasia."

Lindner, S. (2020). Chariots in the Eurasian Steppe: A Bayesian approach to the emergence of horse-drawn transport in the early second millennium BC. Antiquity, 94(374), 361-380. doi: @archaeodons

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"We focus specifically on the ongoing debates relating to (1) the independent invention and innovation of different metals and metal production techniques; (2) the analysis and interpretation of early metallurgical production cores and peripheries, and their collapses; and (3) the relationships between metals, metallurgy and society."

Radivojević, M., Roberts, B.W. Early Balkan Metallurgy: Origins, Evolution and Society, 6200–3700 BC. J World Prehist 34, 195–278 (2021). @archaeodons

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Honoured to be joining the International Advisory Board of the Oxford Review of Education. It's a treat to serve the Oxford Department of Education, my old home, in this way.

Very much looking forward to working with editors Jo-Anne Baird and Velda Elliott and other Board members.

Consider the ORE for your next education research paper.


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🇩🇰 "We propose that the interdependent relationships between mobility, pastoralism and barrow-building in the third millennium BC produced a cosmological complex which endured as the social backbone of the Nordic Bronze Age (c. 1700–500 BC) in western Jutland."

Haughton, M., & Løvschal, M. (2023). Ancestral commons: The deep-time emergence of Bronze Age pastoral mobility. Antiquity, 1-18. doi: @archaeodons

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"In this article, after briefly describing the meaning of the notion of truth, I have tried to analyse the relation between value and science in detail and provide an explanation for the present-day hypertrophic, rigid, and not reality-bound value system and its ideological penetration into science and medicine."

Bikfalvi, A. (2023). The Notion of Truth in Sciences and Medicine, Why it Matters and Why We Must Defend It. European Review, 31(5), 498-509. doi: @philosophy @philosophyofscience @science

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