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I learned something wonderful today.

The @zotero citation manager automatically alerts you if you cite or have a paper in your database that has been retracted.

Thanks @kdund for following this up!

Very important tool as the numbers of research papers retracted are increasing over time (it seems).


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folks, I’m looking to ditch Google workspaces due to privacy. I’m using the awesome @protonmail now for mail, calendar and drive plus the bonus of a password manager. I have a few options for photo backups and I’m going to use jitsi for chat and video calls self hosted version. Now what I’m struggling to find is a decent alternative to Google docs, sheets and slides. I really don’t want to use next cloud but does anyone have any suggestions

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1973 the first digital art contest was going on between Richard "Dick" Shoup and Damon Rarey at the SuperPaint computer system. While Damon was ahead in the competition, in the aftermath all graphic designer have won.

Shoup's computer used a pixel framebuffer with a graphic tablet and icon based menu with HSB color selection. IT was proof of the pixel concept like was for a decade earlier. paved the way for 's , over and until @art became with @GIMP and professional like @Krita

This is a tribute to them and what their achievements made possible for all of us. Needles to mention again that vector designs and layouts are made in with @inkscape, isn't it?

1973 SuperPaint was the first pixel-based image editing computer system with framebuffer and menu icons
Original photo of SuperPaint with menthol cigarettes next to the terminal and contest stats on the chalkboard.

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Even when development started in summer '79 it took twice as long as Apple expected, not only because they had to get rid of Jobs first. So LISA wasn't launched earlier than 1983 with 1Mb RAM for almost U$D 10K. The project was a $50 million investment for Apple Inc., and kept losses low since it sold almost 5K units annually. After 27 months it was in-house competition that buried the Lisa computers, litterally. In the end it was a zero sum game for Apple, but a huge step for modern graphic user-interfaces and more personal computers.

#vintagecomputer #GUI #OS #1983 #SteveJobs #daughter #retro #Mac #40th #ITAnniversary for #Apple #Lisa, not to mention the #FreeSoftware #GPL and the #50th for #XeroxAlto #Ethernet . Obviously, screenshots with #Xray + #OutlineOverlay are not taken of #Adobe #Illustrator or #Serif #AffinityDesigner either, but might give some idea of the contained detail level. The #vector #illustration of Lisa is another #npr #cgi @art work made with @inkscape

Please donate whatever you #CAN for #FOSS and FREE #CAD #CAM for Xmas, Jesus!? Shouldn't we take better care of #software #developers than some "holy churches"?

Retro computer perspective on Apple Lisa. Vector illustration made in Inkscape
Outline Overlay Inkscape screenshot of Steve Jobs & Apple Lisa illustration

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This illustration from David Revoy (@davidrevoy) is stunning in both composition and aesthetic. It’s his rendition of a character from the book “Ada & Zangemann,” a tale of maker/code culture and the fight against oppression and authoritarian control.

More on David:

More on the book:

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The Indy was SGI's entry-level 3D workstation for CAD and 3D animations in 1993. This beautiful computer was actually the first shipped with a webcam and had video I/O ports built-in.
Since 2023 isn't over yet, there are a few days left to celebrate IT's 30th Anniversary and to realize that @Blender was developed on one of them.

Made with @inkscape not or . @art

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Does AWS worry about the poor business model of many open source projects? Nalley sighs. [...]

“Inside AWS we have the concept of strategic open source projects. [...] We don’t want to learn that this thing that’s really important is maintained by a guy living in a basement on public assistance. That is not acting in the best interests of our customers.”

AWS exec: 'Our understanding of open source has started to change' • The Register

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is currently available for 45 instead of 75 bucks and version 2.3 now comes with a spiral tool. Congratulations!

Somehow I can't remember when that function was added to Inkscape, can you?
Maybe that's because V0.45 already got it built in? However, congrats Serif for catching up.

Spiral functions been quite useful to trace the history of TV and especially the Nipkow disc. FYI The @art of Paul Nipkow and his was made with like @inkscape not or

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bruh, the old board of members were better. I really hope goes in non-profit direction.


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Which FOSS degoogled Android rom would you recommend?


(you can recommend googled roms, just let me know it is)

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The German government launches openDesk, a collection of Open Source software modules important for day-to-day work in the public sector

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Just listened to a very interesting talk on Linux & IBM, excavating the corporate underwriting of development, by Davide Carpano at UCSD Science Studies. This is a published companion piece, "Chromium as a tool of logistical power: A material political economy of open-source"

@sts @communicationscholars

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If you haven't yet listened to the interview I did with @kirschner —president of the @fsfe you gotta check it out! Lots of good discussions about & more!

Watch it now:

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Kennt jemand eine brauchbare Fahrtenbuch App für Android? Meine Suche lief ins Leere…

Does anybody know a usable Android app for a driver's logbook? My searches went empty…

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Element has a new home and will be adopting AGPL license for Synapse, Dendrite and associated server side projects.

"Future code contributors to Synapse will need to sign a contributor license agreement (CLA) based on the Apache Software Foundation’s CLA, giving Element ownership of their contribution so we can use it to help fund Matrix core development in future."

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My Mastodon instance,, is shutting down on 3 December. Time to quickly find a new home in the fediverse.

tallship, avatar





are Excellent #Fediverse servers to check out :)

#tallship #FOSS #DeSoc


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60th Anniversary of CAD
1963 was developed by Ivan Sutherland on the computer at . It was proof of concept together with the first vector graphics of Z64
Notice the fine details and meta levels, still using monochrome CAD outlines for this digital @art work while emulating paint effects in colorful retrospective and virtual tribute tooted into the Fediverse.

Made with on @linux OS and @inkscape in particular. @fsf @fsfe

Ivan Sutherland portrait with x-ray outlines
Outline vectors of Sketchpad and Inventor Ivan Sutherland

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The NGI Zero coalition is well-represented at the , November 15-16 in Brussels/online.

@gotosocial, @peertube, @renchap of & @ps will contribute to the track. @fsfe offers a workshop on licensing and copyright and @TauriApps joins the impact track. And there are many more. Check out the full list of NGI0 speakers at

The NGI Forum is the annual event of the @EC_NGI's Next Generation Internet initiative.

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Is there an open source database software for books in one's library? That I could deploy on some {Fruit}Pi machine?

I'm getting to a point where I'd like something to help me manage my books.


schizanon, to gaming

I have a lot of , some , some . I find that I often go to use my and the buttons are mapped wrong for whatever reason.

Does recommend any software for managing button mappings? Mostly interested in Windows but cross-platform is always nice. Would be cool to not have to reconfigure every time I set up a new PC!


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It's an exciting week here in #OpenSource author land. Yesterday was the fifth birthday of my first book, and today my second is available in beta/early release! 🎉

Introducing Business Success with Open Source!

Is your company using open source in any way? (yes, it is)

Does it want to do that in a way that improves the #business while also being good for the #FOSS ecosystem? (yes, it does)

Then this is the book for you! Check it out!


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Support to, run, copy, distribute, study and modify for on the with a boost and follows!

  • Snikket @snikket_im
    Easy-to-use privacy-friendly XMPP messaging platform.
  • Semaphore @semaphore
    Accessible, simple and fast web client for Mastodon.
  • Pulsar Edit @pulsaredit
    Community-led Hyper-Hackable Text Editor.
  • AltStore @altstore
    A home for apps that push the boundaries of , no jailbreak required.

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Oh wow the open-source license I wrote is still out there!

#OpenSource #OSS #FOSS #FLOSS

adamsdesk, to random avatar

Celebrate 40 years of with a boost and follows on for on the !

  • Bonfire @bonfire
    A federated social network to organize your digital life in community.
  • OnlyOffice @ONLYOFFICE
    Open source office and productivity suite.
  • G'MIC @gmic
    A full-featured framework for image processing.
  • lichess @lichess
    A free/libre open-source chess server.

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of , & founder Richard @rms Stallman.
3rd update on our of him back in the days when he promoted in offline traffic.
graphic tribute to GNU via @art @artbot
Thank You all for boosting. V :ac_love: U

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