library_napper, avatar

Fucking blatantly supplying arms yo commit a genocide. The history books will remember this, Biden.


Good thing we got rid of the president who doesn’t respect democracy by voting blue no matter who


It’s not binary. Trump tried to overthrow democracy. Biden legally skipped congressional review.


Right, tell me more about how trump would’ve been better…

blazera, avatar

Biden giving weapons to israel:^

Biden giving weapons to Ukraine: uwu the republicans wont let me


Does Israel even need these shells or this just performative? It does not look like anything is practically hindering their Gaza operations besides dense urban environment and hostile population.

Ukraine is stuck with a stalemate due lack of artillery shells, not much will move until that changes.

Questy, avatar

Look, those kids aren’t going to kill themselves.

davel, avatar

If congressional review is optional then it never had teeth in the first place.

plinky, avatar

Gotta kill more people for the blood god of empire



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